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Without Charity by Michelle Paver

by bubblewrapped

I dont have much time so I'll be brief- I love this book! LOL. Its a great historical romance (no, really, its better than it sounds) about family secrets and the pressure of society on young women during the 19th century. Has anyone else read it?

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Tue Oct 04, 2005 6:17 am
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bubblewrapped says...

I'm just going to start "The Shadow Catcher" at the moment. Cant wait! Anyway, now that I have a little more time I'll elaborate;

By Michelle Paver

When Sarah first saw Harlaston Hall, its grandeur unnerved her. How could this great mansion have anything to do with her family, and in particular with her grandmother Charity? Reluctantly, Sarah had taken on the job of writing up the history of the hall, mainly so that she could get away from London and the misery of her broken love affair. But as she became immersed in the poignant story of the house, and in particular of Robert, the last Lord Harlaston, it became vital that she uncovered the truth...

From present day London to the windswept Lincolnshire fens, from the battles of the Boer War ot the rigid hierarchies of a small village in Edwardian times, this sweeping novel tells a breathtaking story of a family and its long-buried mysteries.

I adored this book so much I bought a copy. Every character is well characterized, down to the itty bitty details that you hardly notice but which say so much about the writer's committment to her work and the depth to which she has explored her characters personalities. Description is neat and conscise without being abrupt, gives a great picture while allowing you to use your imagination. The plot too is fantastic, part mystery, part romance, part ghost story (sort of), part historical. If you want to read some great writing, I suggest you read her books.

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Sun Oct 02, 2005 12:15 pm
Nox says...

I haven't read this book but I will look it up. I love Michelle's Wolf Brother and Spirit Walker.

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