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Wonderland Wanderlusters #FriendshipPoems

by ariah347

In Wonderland's realm, where dreams run free, 

A whimsical bond, my friend and me. 

Through tea parties and enchanted sights, 

Half of my life, we've shared these delights.

In curious forests, we have both roamed, 

Seeking adventures, a world of our own. 

Side by side, through the Cheshire's grin, 

Finding wonder in every tale we'd spin.

Amongst the toadstools and daisies fair, 

We'd wander with mirth, without a care. 

Through the Queen's garden, roses in bloom, 

We'd dance and laugh, banishing gloom.

With the Mad Hatter, we'd sip and chat, 

Losing all track of time, just like that. 

And as the White Rabbit would dart away, 

We'd follow, eager to join the fray.

Down the rabbit hole, hand in hand, 

Together, exploring this wondrous land. 

With the White Rabbit, we'd often race, 

Chasing moments, our hearts would embrace.

In the Jabberwocky's shadowy lair, 

Facing our fears, we'd boldly dare. 

Protecting each other from every fright, 

In Wonderland's embrace, we'd find our light.

Through ups and downs, we'd navigate, 

The maze of life, our bond innate. 

Like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, 

United we'd stand, forever as one.

As the stars would twinkle up above, 

friendship, an enduring treasure trove. 

In Wonderland's embrace, hand in hand, 

My best friend and I, together we stand.

In the Queen's court, we'd hold our ground, 

With loyalty and love, we were crowned. 

Facing the Red Queen's fiery ire, 

In unity, we'd never tire.

With the Caterpillar's wisdom profound, 

In every challenge, we'd astound. 

Through trials and riddles, we'd find our way, 

Encouraging each other every day.

In the Mock Turtle's sorrowful tales, 

We'd find solace when hope pales. 

And in the Gryphon's spirited flight, 

Our spirits soared to great heights.

Through whimsy and magic, laughter and glee,

Together we'd dance in jubilee. 

In Wonderland's embrace, a bond so pure, 

A friendship for ages, strong and sure.

As the sun would set in Wonderland's sky, 

We'd bid each other a fond goodbye. 

But in our hearts, forever to last, 

A friendship that's boundless, steadfast.


Side note: this poem was written for my friend who is not on YSW [I am actively encouraging her to join!! :D]

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Sun Aug 27, 2023 2:25 am
CarrotWrites wrote a review...

WOW. I have to say, that this is one of my favorite poems I have seem on YWS. I really wish I could have a friend who would journey with me throughout wonderland. I couldn't enjoy your details more, whether it's Cheshire's grin, or "Gryphon's spirited flight". And the rhyme! Trust me when I say, this could not be better. Reading this, I feel pulled into the scene, as if I was in Wonderland with them. I always had an obsession with fairytales, and it's something that makes me feel very at peace. This poem combined fairytales with friendship, wonderment, and wonderland.
I could read this a hundred times and never get bored of it. You have a great talent in poetry, and I think you should definitely keep writing.

ariah347 says...

Aw... this literally made my day! Thankyou soo much %u2661%u2661%u2661%u2661

CarrotWrites says...

Haha, no problem! It's my very pleasure to have read this masterpiece, no kidding!:)

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Fri Aug 25, 2023 11:22 pm
adelaide459 wrote a review...

I have one thing to say. THIS POEM IS BEAUTIFUL! I grew up reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and so I love anything and everything related to it. This poem beautifully describes two friends on an exciting adventure through such a crazy but beautiful land. I can picture in my mind each line as I'm reading it almost like I'm watching a story unfold. this is an amazing piece filled with so much emotion and description and I genuinely love it.

ariah347 says...

Thank you! It makes me happy when anything I write reaches people, but especially this piece. Alice is my all-time favorite character and story. I collect things from the animated Disney version. I am constantly referring to it in my writing and hoped that I didn't overdo it here LOL. Wishing you well wherever you are in the world%u2661%u2661

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Thu Aug 17, 2023 11:15 pm
emilia9ludenberg wrote a review...

Hello! Here to leave a review.

First of all, this was really very sweet; friendship poems always make me smile, particularly if they have an interesting story line, character development, and a slightly different... I don't know, atmosphere/message overall. And this poem has all of these! I love Alice in Wonderland and brings me great nostalgia, so this setting was wonderful for me to peruse myself in- and the title is very fitting too. And on most lines there is always tangible and whimsical imagery, one of my favourite parts being:

"In the Mock Turtle's sorrowful tales,
We'd find solace where hope pales."

Specifically I loved this section because it just feels so reassuring and provides me with a sense of solace. Also like the use of the word "mock" in the sense that it not only means to make fun of/look down upon, but also that it is to sculpt; in this case, the turtle being sculpted and merely a marionette, almost, for its own negativity, which draws an interesting comparison to "where hope pales."

The rhyming scheme is simplistic yet consistent throughout, in a way which adds to the rhythm and flow of this poem, as well as simultaneously feeling natural, not forced, and feeling as if it conveys the meaning of the lines, rather than just being an unnecessary prop.

This has genuinely helped me for future writings hopefully, the main things being: to write positive things sometimes, and to try to be simplistic, fun, and invoke a sense of rhythm without it being forced.

I could go on, but it would take a while; but thank you so much for sharing this anyways, genuinely.

Keep on writing! :)

ariah347 says...

Yay!! I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for this sweet comment :) :) :) :)

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Wed Aug 16, 2023 3:07 am
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Myah06 wrote a review...

Hi! I'm here to leave a comment/review!

This poem is so cute and super well written! I adore the Alice In Wonderland theme!

It's great how this can be taken at face value with the whimsical language as some Wonderland adventure, and can also be interpreted as a metaphor for two friends going through life.

From being young children among the daises living without a care and time flying by, to chasing the White Rabbit to join everyone else and being thrown down a rabbit hole of new experiences and facing fears. To tackling challenges and gaining wisdom, to experiencing the sorrows of life...all while having the encouraging and comforting presence of a best friend!

I have no critiques, I love the language you chose here as well, it adds to the whimsy! Such a fun read! Get your friend on YWS, we'd love to have her!


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