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Review of The Foreigner

by aouther2b

Georgia meets England in The Foreigner

Kooky Brits and redneckin’ Georgians meet at Godinez Fundamental High School’s production of The Foreigner. A stellar cast of seven astounds audiences, leaving them either falling back in their seats with laughter, or on the edge of them, waiting to see what will happen next. The impeccable comedic timing and hard working stage crew help in making a successful and enjoyable show.

Charlie Baker (Raymond Villa), is a shy British man who finds himself in Georgia with his friend “Froggy” LeSeur (Wendy Regaldo). He meets the inn keeper Betty Meeks (Alejandra Garcia) and overhears very private conversations between Catherine Simms (Maliya Jones), Reverend David Marshall Lee (Josue Diaz), Owen Musser (George Morales), and Ellard Simms, (David Agosto) all while pretending to be unable to understand a lick of English.

Raymond Villa does a great job at distinguishing between his role as a prim, proper, and very timid British man, Charlie, by simply showing his nervousness in the way he shakes and moves about the stage, and in his role as an awestruck and impressionable foreign man, Char-oh-le when he widens his eyes as people attempt to talk to him, as a man who supposedly doesn’t understand them.

Cast mates, Froggy, Betty, Revrend David, Catherine, Ellard, and Owen, add to their stage presence with great comedic timing and strong accents. All though at times it was hard to understand some of the thicker accents, it added to their character’s development and believability. The cast flowed smoothly through each line without needing to pause, and recovered quickly from any mishap onstage. Adding to the overall experience, the stage crew headed by Rosendo Arzate, scene changes were quick and quiet.

For those who attended this show they got to see a remarkable production put on by remarkable students.

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Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:11 am
AlyKat wrote a review...

Alrighty. I'll start by telling you one of the most important things. Play titles need to be italicized. Instead of mentioning the actors names after their characters in the second paragraph, have a separate paragraph for that. Having the names there makes it uninteresting to read. You're third paragraph is literally only a sentence. If you're writing a news piece,it'd be ok. If that's your aim then you need to have all of your paragraphs be shorter and slightly choppy.

Your second paragraph is very confusing. You need to describe the scenes more clearly. Your third paragraph is also confusing. It's a run-on sentence. You need to split it up. Replace "great" with a synonym.

In your fourth paragraph, "Adding to the overall experience, the stage crew headed by Rosendo Arzate, scene changes were quick and quiet." You need to change this up. You need another comma at least, or you need you need to change it around. "The stage crew, headed by Rosendo Arzate, added to the experience with swift and soundless scene changes."

Your last sentence is the same thing. It starts off a little awkward. You want a review to be easy. "Those who attended the show saw a remarkable production put on by students and teacher(s)." That last 'teacher' is important. I guarantee the drama teacher or another teacher was director. You need to give them credit also either that way, or by mentioning the play was directed by them.

Before you turn anything in or post anything, read it aloud a couple of times. It needs to roll off the tongue with ease. If you think it's alright, have someone else read it.

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Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:18 am
deleted3 wrote a review...

Shall I review your review? This is well written, the grammar, spelling and choice of words are right on point, and your writing has a good flow. I could see the play in my mind's eye, and I would definitely watch it if they came to my neck of the woods! You struck a healthy balance between capturing the readers' interest and not revealing too much. I'll bet the cast and crew were extremely grateful for your reviewing services.

I must say there was a slight confusion at the beginning, when I got the impression that the Brits and Georgians were meeting at Godinez High School to watch the play. It was only after some reading that I realized that the Brits and Georgians were characters in the play. That is a minor issue though, and it's up to you if you want to clarify it or leave it as it is.

Well done! Keep writing.

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