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by anu

Once I believed that it was so good when

Someone else had reasons to be proud of you

And equally distressing when your actions

With every attempt made their face blue.

It seemed such a hopeless stage to me

Unless I realised it was not to be

That life is to live for yourself and

You don’t have to be perfect for others to see.

They will be complaining behind your back

Cheering and praising in front

They blame your for every fault

And take credit for every marvellous stunt.

Sometimes we forget for whom we live

And let others decide who we should be

Life is ors ,decisions should be ours

We should be us as we’re free.

It is not a strength but a weakness

To have a kind heart that cares the most

In this unkind world where its’ peoples’ habit

To make others miserable and then to boast.

So let aside your imperfections and take pride

Then see how happiness comes and remains by your side.

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Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:47 pm
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Uni wrote a review...

Hey there! Uni here for a review.
How are you doing? Hope you are fine.
Sorry for not reviewing this earlier!

I'm so excited to be back and start reviewing your story! Hope you're doing well today or tonight, depending on what side of the world you're on.
Not a very long poem but deep emotions, I must say. I can relate to the poem very well. And I know most of us can relate to the words and feelings you have put in this literary work.

Self-perception is the way we think of ourselves. It includes the way we look, walk, talk and do anything! Unfortunately a big problem with teens is that their self-perception is very poor. In other words, they often under estimate themselves! They don’t know their true potential. It can be your smile, your warm personality, your good looks, your ability to make friends easily, your special talent or anything else. Once you have the list in front of yourself, read it and try to realize that there is something special in you for which people appreciate and applaud you! Everyone has something special and so do you! All you need to do is realize that and change your weakened self-perception! Once you do that, the world will seem a better place to live!
Overall, I loved your poem and I hope you'll post more of these.
Have a good day.

anu says...

Thanks .... for the review and for teaching us the lesson on self perception.

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Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:25 pm
syndrome wrote a review...

The good thing about free verse poetry is, it lets one express themselves to their heart's content and it feels so neat doing it. The poetry conveyed neat message about loving oneself despite what the world says and i don't really know how to do it yet but, I'm pretty sure everyone who does, are living the dream life.
There was a little typo issues in the end, i hope you'll have a look there. Other than that, it's a neat poetry, I like it. Precise and conveys the message.

anu says...

thank you.Will be taking care of typo issues next tme

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