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The Stars Above - Summary

by ah1705

In Elysium, you have no freedom. Where you work, what class you will live in and who you will love is all Selected for you by the government. Eighteen-year old Cassiopeia Lorena dreads her final Selection, she knows that she will never be paired with Orion Mastra, her childhood sweetheart, but instead sent to the city. As she awaits an unknown future, Cassiopeia copes with tragic changes as well as startling news. When she finds that nothing is as it seems in an unjust society, she is faced with life changing decisions: Will she choose to fight Elysium or will she agree to abide by the laws?

This is pretty much what I'd say to a friend if they were asking what I'm writing (which they don't because I lie to them and tell them it's for school). I wanted to try to stay away from giving away a lot of surprise elements like that she has the gift to control thoughts and that she doesn't get sent to the city but instead is offered to join the Elysium Guard where she then becomes a pawn to overthrow the government. I also considered adding this in to the summary as well. Suggestions?

Also, I'm aware that this echos Matched and Hunger Games because it has a strong female character that goes against dystopian, but that's where the similarities end. I'd really appreciate a few comments and replies, thank you so much!

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