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Demon vs. the world of love by Unique Arianna Gomez

by ZayZayAG

Demon vs. the world of love

By: Unique A. Gomez

Key Details:

  1. If a demon is mad, they will give off the smell of raspberry-coconut. It’s very faint to humans.
  2. Xavier is 99% demon and 1% human. She’s also a girl.
  3. Xavier is over 1,000 years old.
  4. Xavier has every power imaginable.

Xavier was just like any other girl. She was 5 ft 4, she had midnight black hair, and she was decently popular. She did have a few things different about her. Things like she had 1 blood-red and 1 midnight-purple eye, she always wore all black, and last but definitely not least, she was 99% demon and 1 % human. Most of her popularity was gained out of respect, but some, for some reason, was out of fear. People were terrified of what they thought would happen if they made her mad. “I heard she will set you on fire and send you to hell to work as her servant for all of eternity.” people would say. It was probably the most popular rumor. She never used her powers to control anyone or anything. She did the complete opposite. She used her magical abilities to help so many people. She healed, fixed things, and helped so many. All with the small price of nothing. She only wanted 1 thing, to see others having a good day. “If it was ever between world peace or my powers, I would give up my powers and choose world peace.” Xavier would always say. She had a few passions of her own other than helping others. She loved to draw, write, read, and play music. But, her favorite thing to do was to work out. That was the best way to let her overwhelming hyperactivity out. She loved to work out with the boys the most. She was able to rough-house more with them. The boys also loved having her around. “ Most girls that work out don’t do much. Unless you count sitting and complaining as something. We also can joke with her without worrying about hurting her feelings. Xavier’s a perfect asset to the team. She’s fun but can set the men straight if needed.” said Lucas. He was her best friend since birth. He meant the world to her, and the same went for him. They promised each other that they would always have each other's back. They were always together. It was like seeing hell froze over if they weren’t together. Because Xavier could heal anything, they always had perfect attendance. If they didn't want to go to school, Xavier would make clones of themselves and send those to school. They even made it where no matter what school they went to, they would have every single class together. Again, never separated. Little did they know, their friendship was in for a bumpy ride. One day, the class went into the weight room to do bench press. Xavier’s favorite and Lucas’ least favorite. After a while, Xavier realized something. She had never lifted any amount of weight without her powers in front of the boys. She wasn't scared that they could lift more than her.She knew that would never happen. She was scared she hadn’t tested her physical strength in months. She didn’t know if she could still lift the same weight, which was 150. And if she couldn't lift it, no one would be able to spot her. “ I’m just not gonna lift today. I have a 120% in this class. Don’t have much to lose.” She explained her problem to her coach and he said it was fine. “ You do so much for this school. Time to let you have a bit of freedom.” She smiled and went inside. She, of course, was Lucas’ spoter. He could lift 115-120 pounds. Give or take. After everyone lifted, the coach said Lucas had lifted the most weight out of anyone in the whole school. “ All if you did an amazing job today, but someone in here reached higher than the rest. Lucas has broken the record for most weight lifted in the boy category by lifting 135 pounds. Congratulations!” the coach announced to the class. Everyone was celebrating and congratulating Lucas Brooks when somebody spoke up. “HOLD UP! Xavier never lifted and you didn't say anything because you know you could never beat her.” Liam yelled. He couldn’t stand Lucas because he liked her and he was with her 24/7, and they were twin brothers. “Give her one chance and she’ll destroy you.” Liam said with pride, then winked at Xavier. She rolled her eyes. “Pfft. Like a girl could beat any boy in a strength competition.” Lucas said. Him and his friends started laughing and Xavier became filled with rage. “Liam, put 185 pounds on the bar, now!!!” Xavier yelled, filled with anger. “But, but-” Liam said, with shakes in his voice. “Now!” Xavier yelled.“Got it!” Liam said with slight fear in his voice. Not only did she want to prove girls are strong too, but she wanted to top Lucas big time. She quickly changed and laid under the bar. Everyone warned her that if she could lift, she was done for. She didn’t care. “Maybe I’ll have to sa-.” Before Lucas could finish his sentence, Xavier flicked her wrist and sealed his mouth shut. She put her hands on the bar and asked for a countdown. “3…2…1!”. She pushed up on the bar and was able to lift it. On top of that, she did 25 reps. (Reps are the amount of times you push the bar up and down.) “ Congratulations, Xavier Anderson. You beat Lucas’ record by 50 whole pounds. You're, also, the 1st girl to do 25 reps with more than 125 pounds. Let’s give her a round of applause.” The whole class cheered for her and later carried her around the school on their shoulders, chanting her name. The whole class participated except one person, Lucas. Later that day, Lucas came up to Xavier to talk. Just by his facial expression, she knew he was upset. She thought he was coming to her to vent about someone or something. Boy, was she wrong. “Hey, Lucas. How’s it goi-” Xavier tried to say “Was it necessary to show me up like that?” He said, clearly fuming. “I had to show you who was boss.” she said jokingly. But he didn’t laugh. “Oh, I thought you were gonna have to save me. I thought I was so weak.” she said mackingly. “Well, I hope you're happy because now everyone in our class is making fun of me for losing to a girl. Nice going, Xavier.” he then stormed off and sat next to a girl, Vannesa, her worst enemy . She was absolutely heartbroken. She ran out of the classroom, went to the outside of the bathroom, sat down, and cried her little eyes out, thinking how could she be so dumb and let her anger get to her like that. About after 10 minutes of crying, Liam walked by and saw her. “Xavier, what happened?” he asked softly. “Lucas is mad at me because everyone in our class laughed at him because I beat his record. Then, he went to sit with Vannesa! VANNESA! OF ALL PEOPLE! I miss him so much.” She explained while wiping away her tears. Then, Lucas starts laughing. “What’s so funny about me being upset?!?!”. She was starting to smell like raspberry-coconut. “The fact my plan to get you 2 apart actually worked. I knew I stood no actual chance with Mr. Perfect as my brother around all the time, so I thought if I could separate you 2 and come comfort you, I could have you all to myself.” “WHAT!”. Xavier was beyond angry. At the same time, Lucas was looking for her all over school with no luck in finding her. Lucas soon saw the both and started to walk towards them, but when Liam saw him, he had a different plan. As soon as Liam saw Lucas, he pulled Xavier’s face close and kissed her. Xavier then turned her head to see Lucas’ horrified expression. “Lucas, I can explain. I-” she tried to say. “No. I see. I’m gone for 20 minutes and Liam’s your best friend. And it seems to be more than that. Hope you’re happy.”. Lucas then walked away while wiping light tears from his face. Then, Liam hugged her and asked something she never saw coming. He got down on one knee and cleared his throat. “Xavier, I’ve liked you since the day I met you. You're funny, kind, smart, tough, and you become more beautiful everyday. So with all that said, will you be my girlfriend?” “How could you ask me that when my life-long best friend just left? If you were a good friend, you would try to comfort me instead.”. Just then, Xavier got a text that broke her heart. “‘Dear Xavier, I know that you’re with Anthony now. I’m happy for you. I just wanted to tell you that I’m moving. I think that you’ll be happier without me to bother you two. I’ll still keep in touch and visit. I swear. Hope to see you soon. Your best friend, Lucas.’”. She broke down in tears. She felt like her whole world was falling apart. “Stop your crying. It can finally be just you and me. Together forever.” Liam told Xavier. He went in to kiss her again but she shoved him to the ground. “ My best friend of 13 years just left and you’re only thinking about yourself. Just because you like me doesn't mean we’re together. Or that you're the boss of me!” she said, now composed of 85% rage. Then, Liam had enough and snapped. He lifted his hand and with all his strength, he slapped Xavier hard across the face. “Talk to me like that again. I DARE YOU!” Liam yelled while she was on the floor. Xavier had had enough. She snapped. She was tired of being so nice to others, yet getting so mistreated. She was composed of 110% rage. Her hair began to form the shape of a sea of black fire, her eyes had a pitch-black with flame-like look to them, and her voice went to sounding distorted. She was engulfed by her demon side. “Touch me again. I DARE YOU!” She yelled while starting to levitate just above him. Just as she was conjuring up an orb of energy to throw at him, Lucas turned the corner. “XAVIER! STOP!” Lucas screamed from the top of his lungs. “Lucas! You’re here.” Xavier said. The innocence in her voice arose for half a second, until she caught a glimpse of Liam. Then, her voice went back to being distorted. “Why are you helping him?! He took me from you. He tried to hurt me, you, us! Aren’t you mad?” She said, playing back what he did in the back of her mind. “He did something unforgivable and I’m furious, but he did not do anything so bad to the point where I want you to blast him. He's still my brother and I know the horrible damage you can do and how much worse it gets especially when you’re mad. No one deserves that, not even him!” he explained. “Yeah! You should totally listen to your precious boy toy!” Liam teased. “Lucas, out of my way!”. She then attempted to put him in a shield bubble so she wouldn’t hurt him. “Now it's time to finish the job.” Xavier said while firing up an orb of energy again. Xavier never wondered the whole reason Lucas was looking for her in the first place. It was to return her ring. And not just any ring. It made the person who wore it 100% immune to Xavier’s powers. No matter if it was to help or hurt, meaning the shield bubble wasn’t effective. Just as Xavier threw the energy ball, Lucas dropped the ring and jumped in front of it, taking the hit. As soon as Liam realized he didn’t get hit, he stood up and ran as fast as he could out of the school. “Lucas!” Xavier cried. She immediately went back to normal. “No, no, no! Please, don’t leave me.” she said while waterfalls poured from her eyes. There was nothing known that anyone could do about damage done by a demon in 100% anger mode. “Xavier, I… love… you.” Lucas said, weakly. “I love you, too, bestie.” Xavier said. Then she laid her tear covered face on his chest. She then listened as his heart rate decreased and she thought this was it. She would forever be known as the girl who killed her best friend. All of a sudden, his heartbeat reappears. She lifted her head, wiped her face, and watched his scars illuminate and slowly heal. She was full of puzzlement. Miraculously, her spell book magically appeared in front of her. Xavier watched in awe as a new spell started to write itself in the book, right before her eyes. “The only way to heal any wound done by a demon in 100% anger mode, is tears of pure sorrow from that same demon.” She read aloud. She then felt a hand on her shoulder and heard a familiar voice. “It was all you. Because you cared, you were able to save me.” Lucas said from behind her. Xavier then stood up and looked at him dead in the eye. “Look, Xavier, I’m really sor-” Xavier put her arms out and hugged Lucas tight. He did the same. “Can I ask you something? Why did you kiss Liam earlier?” he asked while still holding her in a firm hug. “Doesn't matter. You’re alive and that means everything to me right now.” she said while wiping her tears of joy from her face. “Can I ask you something else then?” “Sure.”. He let go of her and looked her in the eyes. “Now that I know Liam has a -100% chance with you, will you be my girl-”. Xavier grabbed his face and kissed him softly. “Of course!”. She had never been so happy in her over 1,000 years of life. She fell to her knees, crying tears of joy. “I have a surprise for you.” he said while helping her to her feet. He then grabbed her face and kissed her. The only thought running through her head was how happy she was to finally be with her best friend. But when she let go, both of their eyes, all of a sudden, went pure white. They saw their entire future together. They both had kids and they both lived forever. Xavier and Lucas then fell to the ground and their eyes went back to normal. “What just happened?” Lucas asked while trying to stand up. “You’re… You’re my soulmate, Lucas.” she said in shock. “Is that what the time flashes were about?” Lucas asked, dizzly. “Yes. When a demon finds their soulmate, human or demon, both of them get a short flash of their future together. And if it’s a human, they get the power to live forever with the exception of death from health-related things.” she explained, still in a bit of shock. “Oh. Well, I’m happy to be spending forever with you.” Lucas said. They then went to high school together. When they became seniors, they found out they could be a part of a special part of graduation. “Every couple can sign up for the ‘last love’ part of graduation. They can get gifts for each other, exchange then graduate together.” Lucas and Xavier read aloud. They both signed and spent months picking the perfect gift. When the day finally came for them to graduate, they both were very nervous and hoped their gifts were good enough. The people who didn’t sign up went 1st to get them out of the way. “Ok. Now time for the special ‘last loves’ part of this year's graduation. This is all student couples who signed up for this. They will exchange gifts and graduate together.” the principal said over the loudspeaker. Xavier made sure they were last because she had a huge surprise for Lucas. Tons of amazing gifts were brought out. Necklaces, earrings, custom photos, etc. Then, it was Lucas and Xavier’s turn. Xavier went first. She got his class ring custom made. She got it in silver instead of gold, she had ‘Lucaier’, their ship name, carved into the side of it, and one more big thing. She incorporated a bit of magic in it. If you played or sung Inside her head by Bryce Savage, which was the song they danced to at their first school dance together, it would open in the middle and reveal the very first picture they took when they were 4 years old. And, lastly, it was Lucas. Two of his friends came from behind him and took his robe and cap from him. Under that was an outfit inspired by the outfit he was wearing when he asked her out 4 years ago. A white Nike track suit with black Pumas and a black Underarmor shirt underneath. Xavier then got the idea and, with a snap of her fingers, changed into her outfit from that day, too. A black Yin & Yang shirt with solid black pants and shoes. “Xavier, this has been my favorite outfit because it reminds me of the happiest day of my life.” Lucas said while pulling something out of his pocket. “I wanted to wear it on the day that’s gonna top that.”. Liam then understood what was going on and stood up in shock. Lucas then got on one knee and opened a ring box, revealing her class ring with a black diamond in it and ‘Lucaier’ carved into the side of it. “Will you marry me?” “Abso-freakin-lutely!” Xavier said with tears in her eyes. Lucas put her ring on her finger, grabbed her face, and kissed her. Liam, full of rage, threw his hat on stage and almost hit them. Without letting Lucas go, she caught the hat and floated it back on his head. A few years later, they got married and had 4 kids. Anthony, Lucaier, and twin girls Lexi and Danny. All 4 kids were 50% demon and 50% human, but, fortunately, they didn’t get powers. They lived together and became happier everyday. 15 years after graduation, Liam came back and apologized for everything he did to them when they were kids. They were expecting this and gave him a huge gift. They made him the twin girl’s Godfather. And they lived happily ever after.

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Sat Jun 15, 2024 4:23 am
KateHardy wrote a review...


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night(whichever one it is in your part of the world),

Hi! I'm Kate and I'm here to leave a quick review!!

First Impression

Well this was quite the cute little tale here. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with against the world of love but I think this panned out really quite well here in the end.

Anyway let's get right to: Kate's Line by Line Reactions;

Hmm this one's a little bit tougher to do in my typical line by line style because we've got ourselves this massive chunk of text here just standing boldly there which makes it a little bit harder to try and isolate all of these incidents properly line by line. So instead I'm going to try and give something that's more of an overall look at it all having read through the entire paragraph and I'm going to avoid trying to quote it like I normally would because that would be an absurdly long quote to put in here.

So starting off well, we have our quite familiar Xavier here, and the story that we got to know earlier. I'm assuming given this was slightly earlier, maybe this is a slightly earlier life of Xavier's than everything that we saw leading up to the Queen of Hell moment that we ended up going towards earlier. Well this is certainly a bit of a different life this one although honestly it does seem to have a general sort of model as the previous one that I personally read even though technically that is after this one.

So loving this start here, you can see Xavier being someone that we know her to be, just a friendly force for good. She is a demon and a very powerful one at that, maybe even the most powerful of all the demons given that she seems to possess all of the powers imaginable there but it seems that in every version of her that we see her only goal is always to help people as much as possible. This one goes especially far I think saying she would even be willing to renounce her powers in order to help people.

It really shows the depth of her character and we can see it reflected through her actions too of course with how she once again in school is that one superpowered person who is doing their job and trying their best to just help everyone out and of course we have another best friend forming there too. Looks like every time she does end up a little bit enamored with at least one person there, which to be fair especially in this case turns out to quite literally be here soulmate.

I really love how you get into that tension. Drama in high school especially along the lines of the classic twin brother who doesn't like how well the other brother is doing can sometimes feel a bit forced especially when its over something like a petty grudge in this manner but I think you navigated that really well there, showing us every single little pitfall where one by one the dominoes just fall each one worse and worse to put Xavier in the position she ended up in and mad at Lucas who did at that point treat her pretty badly for being a girl despite all that friendship.

I honestly think my only real critique about that main conflict there is the fact that Lucas was forgiven almost a little too early. I think Liam really actually went through a good character arc there only to be forgiven right at the end but I think Lucas could've done with being put in a little bit more hot water there to be honest given where exactly he was going with that whole thing there.

Well just a suggestion mostly though, I think Lucas does in the end come to a realization on the horrible things he said and the fact that Liam was being very manipulative and did end up sort of forcing Lucas into a scenario like this does count for something for sure. I'm glad that was all able to quite nicely come out there and at a good pace without the truth ending up a little unnecessarily obscured for too too long like it can happen all too often in these things just to drag the drama along.

I really do love that ending. As a big fan of giving everyone a happy ending once they've been through all of the sorrows in the story I really like the cute little soulmate moment where they get to fully enjoy each other and start a family and then Liam coming in having learnt from his mistakes for them to be able to be a proper big family together with Liam able to treat his twin brother properly. I think that's maybe my favorite moment there at the end just tying up that one loose end right at the very end.

Aaand that's it for this oneee!!!


Overall it looks like we're getting things together quite nicely with it all. I think that was a beautiful little ending, really wrapping it up. I think it makes for a really good starting life here for Xavier. I really enjoyed this cute little tale.

As always remember to: Take what you think was helpful and forget the rest!

Stay Safe and Have a Nice Day!


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Sat May 11, 2024 5:02 am
khushi17bansal wrote a review...


Dropping in to leave a quick review here! I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed your story, Xavier and Lucas really seemed destined to be together, their love story was really sweet.

However, I feel like your story could have been much easier to read if there were paragraphs and separations instead of everything being just one big long passage, that makes things harder visually.

There are also a few grammatical errors here and there like,

'Xavier yelled, filled with anger. “But, but-” Liam said, with shakes in his voice.'

Here it should be 'Liam said, his voice shaking.'

"This is all student couples who signed up for this."

There should be a 'for' here, "This is for all student couples who signed up for this."

"They promised each other that they would always have each other's back. They were always together. It was like seeing hell froze over if they weren’t together."

Over here it should be 'seeing hell freeze over'

This is a very small error and you shouldn't worry too much about it, from your writing, you seem to be too good of an author to make such an error so I attribute this to the story being hard to read because of lack of passages, which is easily fixed!

You just need to space things out and read it all once again, I'm sure you will notice these small things then.

I really liked how everybody already knew Xavier was mostly a demon, in stories like these usually the protagonist is hiding something like this, when they are secretly a demon, vampire, magical etc, so I found this very refreshing!

I gathered from the story that Xavier was in high school, yet, you mentioned at the starting that she was 1000 years old, so why is she still in high school? Moreover, after she and Lucas confess their feelings does something change that causes her to grow up and graduate etc?

Also, Lucas knows her since his birth, correct? So, Xavier met him when he was a baby, but how old was she then? Was she too a baby? How does that work?
I feel like there are some kinks regarding Xavier's age that need to be ironed out.

Also, personally, the part where Liam came and apologised after 15 years feels a little off to me. People do a lot of things, some silly, some stupid in school. What I mean to say is that everyone makes mistakes in high school and for Liam to hold a grudge for so long seems a little unrealistic to me.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Xavier's love for working out, it's really original and I love how refreshing it makes the entire story! I also feel like you have characterised Xavier very well, her actions, reactions and her situations seem very much like a high school girl.

Everything expressed is my opinion, accept or reject whatever you want to.

Also, welcome to YWS!!!

I'm new here too, just joined a few day ago, but I still feel like I can welcome you!😀

Take care!!


ZayZayAG says...

Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback. I just wanted to give you so clarrification on Xavier's age. She is over 1,000 years old and, as you'll see in this saga, she is able to re-birth herself in many lives. She goes through all stages of life again and again. Hope this helps!

ZayZayAG says...

Book #2 coming soon!

khushi17bansal says...

Thanks! That does clarify things.

ZayZayAG says...

No problem!

ZayZayAG says...

Do you, by chance, know how I gain points?

khushi17bansal says...

Oh yes, You write reviews for other people's work, and based on the length of your review, you get points. Make sure you hit the grey button below to mark your comment as a review.
You can even go search 'review tips' or 'how to write a review' in the search bar, it will take you to a lot of helpful articles.

ZayZayAG says...

Ok! Thank you so much!

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