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Turn to God. Turn to us

by YumnaAzeez

Thanks to the joys of the Internet and the technological advancements of the 21st century news travel fast.Everyone has heard about the ongoing issues regarding terrorism in Paris, anti gay laws in Russia and the migrant crisis that the European Union faces.I could be very boring and list out a never ending sum of facts and figures of how serious these issues are and what are dear politicians are doing to solve them.But that is not why I submitted this article under "opinion".

Its funny how an increasing amount of current events have associated themselves with God and religion.ISIS claims that their actions are justified by God and uses Islam to make their political based interests. Homosexuals are being already "condemned" to hell by religious fanatics because of their "despicable" act. Who are we to decide strictly how they will be judged? That is not for us to decide. People are free to have thier own opinion and beliefs.''Pray for France,pray for Syria,Pray for Afghanistan" links spread through the globe like wildfire.Everyone prays but does nothing.

God is our refuge and strength and he will not forsake his creation but he waits for man to come together, to put aside their differences and love one another. We should pray to God to give us the understanding and realization that life is beautiful but short.Turn to God, do what he loves most which is forgive and forget,live in harmony and move on.

As this is a website for teenagers lets all be honest with one another.This world is on the highway to hell.No doubt about that.Funny thing is,it doesn't have to be like that necessarily.we teens are young,fresh,energetic and innovative bursting with new ideology.We got a never back down kinda blood flowing through our veins.We have all seen the racism,discrimination and injustice done to those around us and do we take a moment to stand up for what's right? How many of us has walked past thinking,'' Way too much drama llama going on here".

As John Lennon sang,''I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will be as on''

And to those who fancy a bit of pop and rock,

"Father, Father, Father help us

Send some guidance from above

'Cause people got me, got me questionin'

Where is the love?"

- the Black Eyed Peas

Take a look around you.Do we need a WW3? Haven't humanity suffered already? We are the future.We are hope.

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Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:51 pm
Arcticus wrote a review...

Hey there, Autumns here to review.

Let's start with a brief overview and then move on to some suggestions and nitpicks that I would like to make.

From what I can infer from my understanding of it, you've written this article as a wake-up call to the youth. You call for peace, understanding and criticize those who use religion to forward their own personal agendas.

What this article lacks, though, is a central theme, a binding idea. It starts with commentary on technological advances and the Internet age, moves on to violence and hatred in the name of religion, then talks about the potential for change in the hands of teenagers and youth, then quotes a couple of lyrics and ends with an introspective question. As I said, no binding idea!

It seemed to me as a collection of scattered paragraphs, that although on their own, make sense but don't fit with each other cohesively as a single unit. I suggest you consider that if you want to edit it.

Keep writing!


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Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:18 pm
amelie wrote a review...

Hello! Waffle here for a quick review.

I am not entirely sure if you need to be THAT caucious with the material you are working with, and like you said, we need to stand up and be real here!
However, you can just go through and edit this and add in certain warnings that indicate this is not for all readers.
I liked you message about God. I agree with you on so many angles here with what you said and I appreciate this work.

If we could all just wake up and realize that all this crap going on in the world is not nessasary!!!
Sure this may offend some readers, but I have seen something on here about how the writer was gay, and that is offensive to the overly confident and standing up for what they believe.
Take into account, everyone who is reading this, that we're supposed to all be able to have an opinion and be proud to say it. But, with expressing your opinion freely there is a price to pay; listening to other people try and tell you otherwise.

Anyways, I thought nothing bad of this work and loved reading this! I am not encouraging you to post more on the subject though, because what you said is said and done and the internet is crazy and people are willing to rip things apart and call bull on everything they read that's a little outta line.

Thank you for reading this to the very end.

YumnaAzeez says...

hi thank you for the review.
i re-read it an i get what you are trying to say about the homosexuality topic. what i wanted to convey is that we can't decide where they go after they pass away. i guess i worded it wrong.

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Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:25 pm
deleted21 wrote a review...

Hello novice! Welcome to the site and hopefully you're comfortable here.. :)
So, you've given me an awesome review and I think I should try writing one for you too!

Interesting subject you have got here. World issues and all. First let me tell you what I liked about your article. You've got energy here. Positivity. You've called for unity and said we youngsters are hope, we're future. We need to wake up. Great! I loved those and appreciate you saying that.
Now, you could've been little more careful when you decided talking about issues like Homosexuality. In that line where you've talked about that, don't you think that was offensive? Not necessarily they're going straight to hell. That's disrespectful! I mean, you see, it's a sensitive issue, not this that i'm asking you not to talk about it but if your writing (No matter how right it seems to you) offends your readers a great deal, you better be more careful about that. Yes, you should write about your thoughts but when your writing is viewed by many then it's wise to take care of certain issues.

Now, it'd be great if you could add more about the doings of the terrorist groups and all the attacks. That'd help your readers to understand your point more nicely. I liked, in fact really liked that you questioned that how many of us really care about what's going on when it's high time we cared! Nice ending with the reference of a song. Overall, great! But, like I said, try to be more diplomatic!

Have a great day! x c:

YumnaAzeez says...

thats exactly what i wanted to say. i guess i just structured it wrong. i feel like we are really not the ones to judge. thank you anyway. i edited it in a way. hope it makes a clear sense.

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deleted21 says...

I hope it's not odd to ask but could you remove this
("Homosexuals are being already "condemned" to hell by religious fanatics because of their "despicable" act") line? It just doesn't fit in.. :3

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deleted21 says...

Well wait! O.o you restructured! Sorry, didn't notice! :3

YumnaAzeez says...

yeah i did. I hope it's clear now what i'm trying to say.

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