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Dear Anonymous (part 1)

by Xreigon

Dear my supposed Secret Admirer,

I HATE YOU!!! You stick these beautiful love letters in my locker, all signed (misteriosly) mysteriously. How dare you!! I read these, read them again, and again, only to get angry that you didn’t have the guts to put your name on here! I rip it up but then tape it back together, just to read it again. You evil person! You put my heart on the chopping block and cut it into a million pieces. I scan the guys at school, hoping to see you! Just a wink or something would be enough. I have wondered if you are a cruel joke that someone is playing on me, but then I read your letters and I decide against it. They’re too beautiful. *Sigh*

Please give me a sign.

You have got to be one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. I stay up all night wondering if I will find another one the next day. I couldn’t keep living if you stopped writing. I read these letters and I long for you to wrap your arms around me and hold me close. I want to gaze on you and see your loving eyes look back at me. Why do keep me in the dark? Are you worried that I won’t return your (afectons?) affections?


No wait…I don’t. You vile creature, messing with my heart and pulling me in a thousand different directions. How can you do this to me?! What do you think, I won’t care to know who you are, just happy that you (condescended) condescended yourself to write? Well, I am mad. Go away. Never write again.


Forget I said that. I can’t not have your letters. They hold me together in this difficult time. You must be an angel to weave words this way. How do you do that? Keep me holding on to every last word. Even after they are gone. I have (memorized) memorized every word, every letter you write. Never stop.

Why am I even writing this? I don’t know…maybe to show you that I get your letters, or to say that I do like them.

( Sincerely,) (With love,) From,

Ariel Baycome

(I guess you already knew that. Whatever)

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Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:30 am
tylerthomas wrote a review...

First off, love the contradiction here. Like a pendulum with a bouncy ball at the end. Meaning to say when she hits the highest point of a mood swing she quickly shoots to the other side. I like how even when she is angry there is a hint of love and when she is on the other extreme on love there is this underlying mood that makes you want to keep your distance when ever she is within the reach of a fork...or a spork for that matter. Just saying.
The only complaint I have is that at the beginning you say supposed secret admirer. I feel like you already know that it's not supposed, it's definite.

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Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:57 am
dark wrote a review...

Of course sinceother's have already pointed out the mistakes here, I will simply go over the small, teeny tiny things, okay? Let's get this started.
Wow, now this is crazy. The emotions are completely crazy. One moment, she's angry for receiving these letters, the next she's love struck. Kudos, Xreigon! In my eyes, The Great Emotion Confusion is the centerpiece of this love letter craze.
Keep ow'n writin'!
~The dark one.

Xreigon says...

Essentially, she doesn't really know how she feels. She is annoyed at him, but at the same time, she likes that he likes her, and she loves his letters. I tried to convey this through the various emotions that she expresses.

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Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:59 am
KittyCatMeow wrote a review...

I need more points for Christmas in July. Here's a review for that.

Dear Anonymous, Your Secret Admirer, Unknown and other unnamed people,

Only the first name makes sense. Otherwise, everything else should be explained to me or having it rewritten (or maybe deleted).

I read these, read them again, and again, only to get angry that you didn’t have the guts to put your name on here and rip it up, then tape it back together and read it again.

I don't understand the last part of the sentence. You wrote, "-guts to put you name on here and rip it up, then tape it back together and read it again." Read it again? Like revising?

I am also interested in why you keep switching back from a girl loving someone to hating them. Wouldn't she just erase it?

That's it. Just keep writing more parts. I love it! This has such a great future!

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Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:10 pm
Xreigon says...

The things in parenthesis are supposed to have a line through them, but when I switched it over from Word, it took them out.

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