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I do it for

by WordFlow

I do this for the outcast
Arms crossed, eyes downcast
Torment not the fault of his future
Nor his past
gotta be a straight-shooter
But you also gotta last
you have the power
A late blooming wall flower
I do this for the rebel
In the eyes of the businessmen he sees the devil
Head banging to the bass, toes tapping to the treble
Sign in the air, "all men are born equal"
It's in the constitution, do we need a sequel?
He was born in the ghetto,
He sees the truth behind the falsetto,
High honors, couldn't afford to go to school,
Thought he could make more money otherwise so he copped a tool.
His mother had cancer,
To him, no one was more important,
So he thought crime was the answer,
To paying for the overpriced treatment,
Starting dealing,
Robbing, and stealing,
Until the treatments didn't work and his mom was still dying,
So through the tears he was crying,
He saw that they needed to stop the lying

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Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:35 pm
Spideog wrote a review...

Hi, this was really good, flows very well. When I was reading it kept coming across as a song/rap but not complaing, it just flowed all together so well. Keep it up :)

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