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That drawing is off limits!! Ink sans X reader oneshot.

by Wolfy931

            "Hey watch'a drawing?"a voice said making you slam your sketch book shut,"N-nothing significant Ink nothing at all..". "Aw come on (y,n) your a good artist lets see,its probably really cool", he garbed it and started looking trough it. Your face flushed as you tried to stop him,"W-wait d-don't oh no.." You had found yourself absentmindedly drawing the other day and you had drew something of you and him,it was embarrassing and you had kept it hidden from your other drawings but just now decided to get it out to compare to your other artwork. 

     His face seemed to light up as he paused at that one page, your heart sank. you didn't know how to reply, at least he knew you had liked him now," I-i um...yeah..". I looked down as his eyes met mine the atmosphere was unpredictable. He walked towards me laughing handing it back to you,"looks like Error had a point!~" You gave him a puzzled look," what dose that mean?!?!". He pushed you against the wall smiling," It means you like me correct (Y,n)?" You gulped nodding slowly,he grabbed your chin making you look him in the eyes.

      Your chest tightened as he leaned into your ear whispering,"You know You captivate me everyday right? Every since  you stepped through that portal with Error I could of sworn i nearly died." You let out a sharp intake of breath as he when't in to kiss you or so you thought. His teeth touched your forehead and he smiled," well I guess I have a human girlfriend now!" "What in gods name was that I-I thought-" you stopped yourself mid sentence. His smile widened," You thought what? You want me to do what i was in that drawing?~" "Er..." I was speechless as he pulled me into a kiss that left me breathless nearly falling over.

   A loud glitchy laugh sounded as Ink let out a growl of frustration," Go away I'm busy Error!"  You smiled slightly as he started to tease Ink and chase him around the void. This was your life putting up with these two's antics and you couldn't be happier.


                              (I do not own Ink or under tale in general I also don't own Error.)

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