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Slayers: The Ruby Eye

by WinterGrimm

The first of fifteen novels that inspired the anime series Slayers are now being released in paperback form where ever fine graphic novels are available (at least in Amercia). The first book covered the meeting of the characters Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and Zelgadiss Greywards; and their fight against the Demon Lord Shabrinigdu.

This book is the best rpg inspired book I have ever read. With a lightning pace, wonderful characters, and hilarious narration from sorceress supreme Lina Inverse. The story begins with our petite heroine running through the forest pursued by bandits. We find out later that she had robbed the bandits and stolen their treasure, killing half of the bandits in her hail of spell fire. SHe meets up with Gourry who she allows to save her from the bandits (she could have taken them pretty easily, but she thought he was cute so she let him think he saved her.) From there she finds out that there is more to her stolen treasure than a bunch of angry bandits when she is hunted down by the mysterious Zelgadiss, and the enigmatic Red Priest Rezo.

To those who are fans of the animated series I highly recomend picking up this book. Its a very fast, light read that pages counts just shy of 200. The book series is slightly less silly than the tv show. That is not to say that its not as funny, but the humor stems from the characters and the 1st person narration of Lina than the cartoony elements that comprise much of the show.

This book is a recomendation for fans of Slayers, for those who like humor and fantasy, and definently for rpg'ers. Review for book # 2 coming soon.

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Fri Jan 07, 2005 7:42 am
Chevy wrote a review...

I have never read anime books/stories. If they have anything to do with learning Japanese, that's probably why I haven't shown any interest...but anyway, I would like to give realistic a break for a while and see how I do reading something else. If you know of any good anime books for starters...let me know.

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