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My Favorite Part of Halloween

by TyaW

My favorite part of Halloween is not the candy, though I will indulge if given chance. Nor is it costumes, though I have spent quite some time putting them together over the years. Nor is it movies, or haunted houses, or tales told in the dark. No, I think my favorite part of Halloween is the smell.

Now Summer has her smell, and Winter has his. But Fall is different than any other. Fall is deep, and rich in scent, with just enough warmth left to bring it all out, and just enough chill to spice it. It smells of piles of dead leaves and cold breezes, and the heater turning on. Of old coats and cold rain and school.

Halloween has that smell and more. It has the smell of black tape and sugar and footsteps on the ground. Only a few more flavors, but it is only a few that are needed to achieve succulence. It is a smell that I look forward to all year, and miss right after it’s gone. For alas this smell is not one that lingers, not like Summer’s heat and Winter’s chill. This smell lasts a week, maybe two, as long as the jack-o-lanterns are still out, at least. Then it’s gone, wasted over by old man Winter’s frozen embrace.

What would I give for that all year round. 

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Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:34 pm
CrystalRose wrote a review...

I like this, i never thought of Halloween or autumn as a matter of fact in this way. This surprised me and its a good kind of surprise which has kind of made me realise the smell of things around me.
Well done this is detailed and makes me think of Halloween and autumn, i wish it was that time of the year right now.
I like that you refer to the seasons in gender, there is no mistakes that i can see or that i know of. keep up the good work :)

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Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:45 am
TysonJames wrote a review...

I think that you have put in your opinions in a very mature and unprecedented manner. I really suggest you to include some more details about you experience, and actually , none of your sentences have particular grammar mistakes. Don't think that I am writing to offend you... just suggesting to make certain changes to your work so that you can get more appreciations than criticisms. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write this review. well done!

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Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:38 pm
Radrook wrote a review...

Thanks for sharing. Your enthusiasm for the season of Fall comes across loud and clear. I also will that it would be that way all year long. I like the personification of Winter and Summer via the use of "he" and "she". I was waiting for a "she" or a "he" for Fall as well as a follow-through. as in : "But Fall, she is different than any other, she smells of piles of dead leaves and cold breezes, and the heater turning on. Of old coats and cold rain and school." LOL!

Just a few minor Suggestions:

Using either "aroma" or "odor" once in a while would be nice.

Punctuation suggestions:

Old Man Winter

19. Capitalize personifications.

Mother Nature, Old Man Winter, the face of Death.


A comma separates "alas" from the rest of the sentence.

Example of "alas" in a Sentence:

Juliet's pitiful lament, “alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead!”.

TyaW says...

I've never actually thought of fall and spring as he's or she's, only an it. THanks for the grammar though, I suck at grammar.

Radrook says...

Well, you did give them gender in the following way:

"Now Summer has her smell, and Winter has his"

So I was just going along with that.

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Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:45 pm
DeerInBacPac wrote a review...

Hello, E.E here for a possibly quick review and maybe some utter nonsense! Grim is here as well, drinking hot cocoa and being a slacker. *Grim looks over, glaring* So, lets get started. :D

*Sees that they are not the only person who notices that each season has a different smell. A different atmosphere and flips table while Grim sits in the back round, loudly sipping cocoa and holding back the urge to hit me in the face with a bag filled with bricks and butter.* I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Sorry, but all caps were needed.

Since I established the utter nonsense, lets get down to business then I (in which I hope you don't mind), I will tell you how Fall/Autumn smells and feels to me. Fall is my favorite season, if you haven't noticed by now. Okay, first thing I noticed is that I did not notice any grammar or spelling mistakes so good job on that part. Now for what I think about fall!

Now, I think to fall smells like, the bright orange and reds leaves that fall when it is there time. It smells like roasted and salted pumpkin seeds while the rich smell of chocolate cake fills the air. It smells like home. It sounds like the crinkle of leaves against the ground and children laughing behind mask and others crunching on sweet'N'sour candy. It sounds like family's crowded around a table, laughing and arguing. It looks like children dressed like stormtroopers and cyborg ninjas. It looks like a full moon gleaming in the sky while some sit at home, watching horror flicks. It is home.

Otherwise I loved the story and keep up the good work! Happy Halloween! I need to go now, Grim has some more dead to reap and I ran out of cocoa for him. Cheerios and fruit loops to you!

zaminami says...


And also I've noticed that too high five

Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe.
— John Milton (Poet)