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E - Everyone


by Toboldlygo

The group is laughing, joking, chattering. But not me.

The friends go out for lunch together. But not with me.

The teacher calls for us us to pair up. I'm the odd one out.

A new day, a new scenario. Strangers, all of us. People begin to pair off, to talk. I smile at a few people, but they don't notice me. I introduce myself, but they walk away. I finally retreat to the corner and gaze out wistfully.

The group goes out to eat, and I follow along. But as soon as I get up to get my food, they all switch tables. Maybe they didn't mean it, but even so...

What is it like to be part of the group? What is the feeling of having people notice whether or not you're in the room with them? Is it pleasant to be understood?

I wish I knew the answers to these questions. I wish I knew what it's like to have friends. Even one friend, just one, would be so wonderful, so amazing. But I am all alone on the outside.

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Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:02 am
StealTheWorld wrote a review...

There's a typo on the third line. It uses the word "us" twice.

I can really relate to this. It's a bit embarrassing to admit it, but I'm the forgettable type too. I guess it's just easy to ignore my presence because I'm quiet, but would it hurt to notice others once in a while? I, for one, make it a point to talk to those who look lonely.

I'm sure many people can find this easy to relate to because I think everyone feels left out at one point. Who knows? Maybe someone can start a working "friendship day" where loneliness disappears for a few hours.

The writing itself was easy and enjoyable to read. Great job, and I hope you find yourself a bunch of amazing friends :)


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Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:19 am
JAM4242 wrote a review...

Amazing. I feel the same way. Sometimes I don't see why some people are popular and some aren't. It doesn't make sense. I try to make friends, but hey just laugh at me and beat me up. I spend most of my time alone reading and writing. I love the beginning with the NOT ME stuff. Thats clever. Keep writing. It is amazing!

Toboldlygo says...

Yeah, not all of my Emotions stories are based on me, but this one totally is. The table incident actually happened (maybe it was an accident??? maybe???) and the pairing/grouping stuff happens all the time. :/

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