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by Tenyo

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Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:57 pm
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silvermoon17 wrote a review...

Here for a review..
Anyways. I really like the style and all.. it gives this distorted feeling of a place so close to our reality.. but watch out, since some words are too much in the *darker* parts, so we can not really read what you wrote. I like the way the words go from one way, to the other- there are no laws in the style, and that’s part of what makes it unique. I noticed tho (what a deathly place it would be) which, as you probably noticed by now; should’ve probably been (what a deadly place it would be) but the future is used kinda incorrectly.. maybe you could’ve done (what a deadly place it is) or (what a deadly place) or even just (it is a deadly place). I would’ve said that you used the other way round for the rhyme.. but it’s seems.. yes.. it seems there are no rhymes.. so I guess it’s a mistake. I’d also appreciate, as I said; rhymes- and maybe also imagery/description/comparison/(must I go on?) since Winterfell is not only a place filled with dead people, it’s a place with hIsToRy and BeAuTy and MeMorIeS to it. You talk of spoilers.. I mean, yeah; Winterfell does get invaded at the end of the season (I think), but you never refer to the movie itself (which is a good thing, it keeps active the tone) but I still think saying this contains spoilers- was worst than useless.
Innovative and creative idea tho

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Sun May 12, 2019 4:14 pm
Zenith wrote a review...

Hey Tenyo! Zenith here for a short review.
Though considering the fact I haven't watched Winterfell, I may not have deciphered some reference to the show you have made. So I'll tell you what general idea I have got from this. The poem(that's what I am assuming it to be for the moment) first begins with a somewhat funny note and eventually turns dark. The poem is written in a conversation format which I think works in its favor. The name winterfell is in the beginning made to look ridiculous through the question asked by the one of the speakers. But then the other person contradicts him by connecting winter to the cold and barren nature of death. This easily changes the underlying tone of the poem giving it a sinister vibe. It gives me the feeling of some kind of conversation exchanged between two children who don't really have any idea about the approaching havoc. And what I think makes it even more spooky is the font, arrangement of the words and the overall greyish and black color theme. The letters in some places are kind of faded giving the feel of secrets lurking in the darkness. Overall I think it's really cool.
So what I'm guessing from this work is that Winterfell is a dark and mysterious kind of show.
Great job! Keep on writing.

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Sat May 11, 2019 11:43 am
Dossereana wrote a review...

Hi @Tenyo, I am here to do a quick review on your poem here. At least I think it is a poem.

So I like how you put all the lines to gather you have really done, a nice job. I was really happy ready this. And in some ways I thought that this work was a little funny but at the same time it was General.

One thing I can say that bugged my a little, is the color of the background here and the words, as you can see the words are black and the background is kind of black and gray and a little white. The words also seem to have not been wrote very well, so it is hard to read it. Because it blends in with the background all most. But that is all the things that I really think you could change, so it is not a big thing and you can just pas over it.

So that is all that I can say about this. If I was come acrose as being to harsh or not so nice then I am very sorry so pleas forgive me for it, I do not mean to. So keep up the great poem writing I will just say, I think you did a great job, when it comes to the words of it. :D So have a great Day/Night.

@EagleFly Out To Seek And Kill

Tenyo says...

Thanks for the feedback! I was wondering about the colours. My screen has a pretty high colour contrast so the red and blue hues are easier to see, but if it's still difficult to read then I probably need to adjust it.
I'm glad you found it to be a little bit funny. The topic it's based on was really dark, and I'm glad that the whimsicality of the text came across.

Dossereana says...

:) also the color is not shoing red or blue, it is only shoing black and gray.

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