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Master of Murder by Christopher Pike

by Supermal

[pre]Master of Murder by Christopher Pike is a brilliantly written novel and is easily one of my favourite books. Christopher Pike's books are appealing to mostly teenagers but a few adults also. He once said his books weren't written for teens, but about them. In this book, Marvin Summer is an eighteen-year-old senior in high school but is already America's bestselling author of teenage fiction. The only person who knows about Marvin's secret identity is his little sister, Anna, but what will happen when someone else knows? Will Marvin get caught up in a whole new mystery? I like this book mostly from the thrill I got from reading it. Every page was filled to the brim with intrigue and mystery. For example: "He was almost through his pile of envelopes when he came across a fan letter that had been mailed from Sesa to his publisher in New York. He could tell by the Sesa postmark. There was no address. He was surprised. Sesa was a small town of only ten thousand. It was true he got letters from all over America- the whole country for that matter- but even with the volume of mail he received, the odds of his getting a letter from his hometown were slim. He fingered the letter before opening it. "What's the matter?" Ann asked, looking up. "Someone from Sesa sent this." "What does it say?" "I don't know." Ann was intrigued, "Open it. Read it." Marvin tore open the envelope. The note was only one sentence long, typed on clean white paper in capital letters. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE." I would recommend this book for anyone 12 and up, looking for an easy read.[/pre]

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Mon Sep 10, 2007 5:44 pm
Rydia says...

I used to love Pike! He's brilliant at writing books for people in their early teens and you should certainly check them out. In fact, I might re-read a few old favourites and see if I still like them.

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