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E - Everyone


by Stripelife1

Before you read my poem, i want you to know that it's about my life story in a single poem. I am a self-harmer. But i am trying to quit for my little sister. Please don't judge me. You can give advice, but i'm really proud of this poem, and it takes a lot to let you guys read it. So here it goes!

She was miserable,

with unwanted cards.

Why Her?

Why was it always Her?

Her life all changed

after one parent left,

because they never cared

that her life would be a wreck.

She took on bullies,

monsters and such.

But once again

lost everything she loved


of what would come,

she pushed everyone away,

further than her arm.

She was alone,

because no one cared,

to look back and see,

what this girl had bared.

Soon she couldn't stand it.

She hated herself.

She hated the world.

She hated the demon within herself.


It wasn't the answer.

She knew

too many had already died.


she picked up a knife

with one last hopeful attempt

to save her life.

Turning her arm,

she slit her wrist,


making a fist.

Stunned, she watched

the blood ooz out,

feeling the pain,

without a doubt.

Half scared,

half proud,

she brought out some water,

to clean the wound out.

While cleansing the wound,

she used such care,

giving herself the love

that otherwise wouldn't be there.

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Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:00 am
Lee0z wrote a review...

You're a very brave soul.

Rhyming constantly would be something that would make this poem even more wonderful, but make sure the words fit.

Your description of cutting is very beautiful. The giving herself love and care bit is so emotionally beautiful too, sorry i'd find another word, but beautiful seems to fit best.

Because you know what? You're beautiful, clever and artistic, you've put pen to paper which I find very difficult to do when my depression is more severe. So amazing work!

Little one, you can always message me for help or support, I'm someone with severe depression and psychosis and I know what you're going through.

~ Lee

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Stripelife1 says...

Thanks. yeah, i think that's one of the main reasons i did it. after i started drawing blood, i loved the part where i cleaned it up and took care of it afterwards.

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Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:18 am
Fizz wrote a review...

Your courage in posting this is genuinely inspiring. It has made me think about posting about some of my more personal writing.

I just wanted to say some things about the poem, which I do think you should be proud of.
I think that if you are going to use rhyming, you should use it consistently, because the parts in which you rhymed flowed beautifully and read really well. It's a strength you should capitalize on.

I also feel like you could write in some longer lines, because it can become an obstacle to flow and clarity when you have a lot of short lines.

Aside from all of that, I just want to say that you are so incredibly worthwhile, and deserving of all the love in the world. I hope you're doing ok, and if you aren't, I hope you seek help. I've been there too, I'm a long time self harmer, and recently spent a lot of time in psychiatric hospitals. So I know how brave it is for you to post this.
So much Love.

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Stripelife1 says...

yeah, i always get really scared when my parents threaten to hospitalize me. I haven't been hospitalized so far, but im still scared. Thanks for the advice.

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Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:33 am
Liaya says...

Hey, hang in there. You're precious and you're going to find people who think the same around you. The poem is very good; thank you for sharing it. That's very brave of you because this is so personal. This isn't a review, though. This isn't about the poem, it's about you.

I understand depression. It's something I've struggled with a lot in my life. I know some days it may be the hardest thing you do and it might feel super-fake and useless, but keep smiling. Once you've reached the step where you can share what's happened or what your feelings are (like you are now) I think that's about the best thing you can do. One by one, I think they'll help melt away all the hurt and sorrow and whatever else you may be feeling.

At least, it did for me. No one had any idea I was depressed, and that wasn't good because then no one could help me. But once I opened up, just smiling and finding nuggets of optimism probably saved my life. I wish you the best of luck.

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Stripelife1 says...

Thanks. I know there's one person who cares about me, my little sis. thats why i have to quit for her. i think the main reason i dont tell people what i feel is because i don't wanna hurt them. most of my poems, i won't let anyone read. like only 1 person that i know personally has heard this poem, and that's my counselor. anyway, thanks!

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Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:14 am
ofmiceandshailla wrote a review...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I really like this poem. Also I'm really proud of you for sharing a poem with such deep meaning behind it. I struggle with depression an also and I used to self harm (about a month clean). I know it's hard to stop once you start but if you ever need anyone to talk to or extra motivation or something like that I'm here. Again I love this poem it was wonderful. c:

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Stripelife1 says...

Im about a week clean so far, and i haven't had any urges since i decided to quit, and i through my razors away. but i've tried to quit before, and i know how hard it is not to once those urges start. its gonna be hard, but i godda do it for my lil sissy. but the fact that my grandma's got brain cancer and blood clots and all kinds of things and is in a hospital isn't helping much. Thanks!

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Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:56 am
spacesoldier wrote a review...

I feel it's not right to judge people until you judge yourself so I'm not going to judge you and I understand how you could turn to the knife instead of suicide I personally...tried to kill myself by taking a lot of pills...and that didn't work out because my little sister ratted me out and I'm not really glad that she did...but now I have my poetry so I guess I'm better then I was anyways I think your poem is great it's filled with emotion and struggle so it was good to me because that's what I like in a poem I like how it tells your story as well because it gives the reader some idea of what life is like through your eyes thanks for giving my mind something to think about tonight ^^ your talented keep writing! Oh and your poem is wonderful :) sorry I couldn't write more but my internet keeps going off so I would if I could...have a nice day/night

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Stripelife1 says...

Thanks. I accually had a period of time that i wanted to kill myself, but i didn't try cuz i didn't want to hurt my little sister. I feel like she's the only thing that's keeping me alive.

spacesoldier says...

I know my little sister and my little brother and my big sister keep me here...I don't want them to lose their sister because I can't keep myself together hehe I'm thankful that I have them to keep me going

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Stripelife1 says...

yeah, my lil' sis is the only one who treats me the same after knowing how screwed up i am. i love her more than anything and would do anything for her. even quit cutting, and staying in this world no matter how miserable it is.

spacesoldier says...

I agree though I really do hate this world... x.x but don't we all...

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Stripelife1 says...


I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts.
— Orson Welles