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Surrender by Sonya Hartnett

by Sophie

D :shock: D (DUDE)!!!!

Amazingly written, my friends continue to exclaim "It's like poetry". Hartnett uses imagery (particularly colour), raw human emotion, and pure trickery to spin a web of deceit against the reader. I really don't want to give much away, so i'll just say this: The twist at the end was so clever because she used the voice of *He Who Does Not Really Exist* as a part-time narrator. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed that book.

We sat there, the end of our first book group meeting of the year, with our traditional brown paper parcels in front of us.... Actually, if I'm not much mistaken it was a white paper for a change!... Full of cake and coffee and somehow leaking off the subject of child warfare to "Kurt Cobain - suicide? Or murder!". As we unwrapped the parcels in a flurry, many of us (esp me) begged for a depressing book. We opened the first page and what did we read as the first line? "I am dying." From that moment on I was hooked.

A psycological thriller, written like a poem, not depressing in the way it gets you down, and makes you wanna throw the book across the room in laughter at the end as you realise you've been tricked. Unbelievably believable and yet surreal. Awesome read. For once I literally could not put it down.

Please say someone else has read this book? If not.. DO!!

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