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Torn Chapter 2

by SonAmy2468


Chapter 2

Sonic and Amy quickly ran into the house. “It’s raining cats and dogs out there!” Amy exclaimed, “I’ll go upstairs to change into my pajamas. Do you want to change into anything?”

‘Nah, my clothes aren’t really that wet. They’ll dry pretty soon,” Sonic replied. Amy walked up to Sonic, and stopped right in front of his face. Her lips were so close, that Sonic was very tempted to kiss her but held back. “I will be right back,” Amy whispered in his ear.

Sonic couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He wrapped his arms around Amy’s waist and locked his lips to hers. Amy then wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing back. After a few moments had passed, they let their lips separate. Amy slowly turned and walked away. Her long pink hair swaying at every step. He was so very tempted to run to her , grab her, and kiss her for hours. But he just stood there and sighed.

After Sonic watched Amy walk upstairs, he sat down on the couch. “ Let’s see what’s on the T.V.,” Sonic thought to himself, “ Maybe it will distract me from Amy…” But Sonic knew that nothing could distract him from Amy. He has loved her since they were kids. And when he is battling Eggman, Sonic always worries if Amy is okay.

Just then, Sonic’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard Amy come down the wooden staircase. Amy went over to the couch and sat down next to him and asked, “ What’s on?” Sonic then grabbed Amy by her waist and pushed her down, with him on top of her, mumbling, “ Do we have to watch T.V.?”

Amy giggled and whispered, “I guess not, but what do want to do?”

Sonic smirked and said, “ I was thinking of this….” Sonic then leaned down and kissed Amy on the lips. Sonic felt Amy’s hand go through his quills, which made him kiss her more aggressively. After a few moments, Sonic slowly glided his hands under Amy’s t-shirt. He felt her stomach, which made him wrap his arms around her, with his arms still under her shirt. They continued to kiss passionately until they both fell asleep, right next to each other.

The next morning, Amy awoke to find Sonic by her side with one hand wrapped around her stomach. Amy giggled which made Sonic open his eyes. “Good morning, beautiful,” Sonic mumbled. Amy’s face flushed with scarlet red and replied, “Thank you, Sonic. And good morning to you too.” “Do you want anything to eat? I can make breakfast,” Amy asked.

“ It’s okay, I’m not very hungry right now,” Sonic answered kissing Amy on the cheek. Amy smiled and looked at the clock on the wall. “Oh my God! I’m gonna be late for my job!” she exclaimed quickly getting up.

“Your job? When did you start working?” Sonic asked watching Amy getting dressed in a hurry. “When I left my parents, I got job and had enough money to buy this place,” Amy explained still getting dressed, “The job I picked was singing at a pub for entertainment.”

What? Amy you work at a bar?” Sonic exclaimed.

“I’m not serving beers or anything like that, Sonic. I just sing there for everyones entertainment.” Amy said walking out of the room.

“Wait, Amy!” Sonic called getting out of bed, “ Do you mind if I come along and watch you sing today?” Amy stopped at the door, looked back at Sonic, and replied, “ I would love if you came.”

Sonic got out of bed and came over to Amy, saying, “Well let’s get ready then.”

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