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by SonAmy2468


a sonamy fanfiction

Chapter 1

“What are you trying to say, Sonic?” Amy asked. Sonic smiled sweetly and replied, “I love you Amy Rose..” Amy’s eyes grew wide and a warm tear rolled down her cheek. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to say that,” Amy whispered with her head lowered.

“I’ve just never really understood the feelings I had for you, when I was just a boy. I always tried to just get away, but I always ended up missing you and I came back,” Sonic said, cupping his hands on Amy’s muzzle. “ Oh, Sonic…,” Amy whispered.

Amy then threw her arms around Sonic and hugged him tightly. Surprised, Sonic jumped. Then, Sonic slowly wrapped his arms around Amy’s waist. A few moments later, they looked into each other’s eyes. Still holding each other, Amy and Sonic kissed.

Just then, Amy felt a drop of water on her head. She pulled away from Sonics lips, and looked up. Right that instant, rain poured down on the two hedgehogs. “Come on, let’s find some shelter,” Sonic said pulling Amy across the empty street.

“My house is close by,” Amy said pulling Sonic the other direction.

“I’ll take us take there,” Sonic replied lifting Amy up off her feet, and speeding down the street.

“Whatever you say,” Amy giggled, kissing Sonic on his cheek.

Amy giggled again when she saw Sonic blush lightly.

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