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The Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan

by Snoink

Book: The Pilgrim's Progress

Author: John Bunyan

Genre: Christian

Rating: 10/10

It took me a long time to figure out if this was really a 10/10 book or not. You see, those books are the books that have an absolutely earth-shattering effect on me. So did this really do it?

When I first thought about it, the answer was a resounding no. I remembered the language, yes, and I remember how difficult it was and how it never seemed to end (in this case, that was a good thing) and though it was a very enjoyable book, I thought it might be better to put an 8 or a 9 instead. Then I started thinking about it.

Many people think that 1984 or The Giver is the influence for my stories. That simply isn't true. This book has had the greatest influence. It was the first book that taught me about symbolism, about metaphors, about passionate lyrical prose. All the characters (if you can call them that) are symbolism for common things. There is "Worldly Knowledge" a very smart guy that, when you examine him closer, knows nothing. And then there is Hope and Faith, who guide our hero, Christian, along.

Did I mention that this was extremely symbolic?

The more I write, the more I find myself trying to imitate his style and easy use of symbolism. There's only a handful of books that does this for me, and his is one of them. A great book that has stood up on its own for several centuries.

But a word of warning! It's beautiful prose, but unless you like Old English, you will hate this.

And for those who don't like Christians talking about their faith, don't even TRY to attempt this book... Read the bible first.

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Thu Nov 10, 2005 1:18 pm
Areida wrote a review...

I wouldn't say it had an earth-shattering effect on me, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. I actually have another idea for a novel dancing around in my head because of it...

The things that stand out most to me about it in hindsight are probably when Christian and Hopeful (or Faithful? I get mixed up) are captured by the Giant Despair and the very end when Christiana goes home. I really think that was my favourite part, but then they proceeded to do the exact same thing with about seven of the other pilgrims. Bunyan should have just ended the book there.

Overall, I did like it, especially considering it was school-required reading.

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Thu Nov 10, 2005 12:13 pm
thegirlwhofateloves wrote a review...

I keep meaning to read that, it's on my bookshelf and everything. Mainly because I feel I should because that dude was from my town or something. We've got a statue of him and everything!!! And a museum, too I think. So if you want to know more about Mr Bunyan, come to Bedford my lovlies!! lol

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