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​Growing acceptance of web media

by Shubham

In an age of modernity by web media to rise above traditional mass communication - the communication medium to provide mobility has reached new dimensions. The effect of influential reports published as usual - is the predominant way of reaching people. Put in the simplest terms, India's dream to save digital means of realizing the positive web media. It is only a means of communication not only growing rapidly but is lifesaving for a new generation of communication medium. The secret of its growing importance of acceptance - Easy availability, and freedom of Abhivykti more on each.

The comparative viewpoint, the ban on newspapers and TV channels have foot geographical boundaries. Unavailability of detailed information in newspapers is also due to term limits. Here due to lack of space also gives detailed information on each topic. Unique contribution of technological development in all this is undeniable -

"The technology associated with the media, has become comfortable anywhere, any time, any chance someone could make use of it."

Today we are mobile at any time, at any place, at any stage can Luft news is Internet access. The existence of mobile web media has been instrumental in setting up remote areas.

"You can keep all your thing, now free from expressions

All this has been possible, with the advent of web media "

The Web has emerged as a reflection of media freedom of expression, it strongly their ideas each person has the opportunity to demonstrate. Through it we are able to present your ideas to free expression. To get your article published in a newspaper, we must resort to correspondence, which is very complex and slow process. But web media it simple, fast and effective is as shown. This information system gives us a feel of importance. The living example is provided by our government website 'www.mygov.in' by giving their suggestions on government policies on which we prove direct participation in governance.

Now all the newspapers and TV channels to conduct their website. Get detailed information on each topic is supposed to be. Beyond the traditional information system is the availability of each topic here, whether sports, entertainment, science or even if tourism.

See if its commercial importance, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau Internet Vijapan 60% of the market is growing rapidly. has become. Internet advertising accessible to advertisers in such a medium. Yet today it is increasing acceptance can not be ignored.

Web media themselves "important tool of Globalization" is administered as a prestigious recognition. Today he's the busiest man in the complexity of life saved is only a mouse click.

"As the media of the web, spread the light of knowledge, awakened by the revolution in communications, information made it easy."

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Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:57 am
Dracula wrote a review...

Hello and Happy Review Day!

I thought it would be helpful for you if I said what points really stood out for me. That way you can decide if you want to add emphasis on certain topics, or if you're happy with the information I got from it.

-The internet (and news distributed over the internet) has helped connect rural areas to cities and the rest of the world.

-The internet is an easy, prime way to share and read news stories. There may even be bans on physical newspapers and television channels.

-The internet gives freedom of expression in all areas, especially to advertisers.

There you go! I hope this was at least a little bit helpful. :)

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Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:06 am
haywireimagination says...

I would first like to say that this is a very interesting subject to write about. I feel that you are very serious about this subject. I think that honestly you should keep writing about this subject. You are very informative.

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Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:07 pm
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Craz wrote a review...

This is Craz, and I'll be reviewing your article~

First: Your sentence structure. I could not get past the first sentence and I had to sound it out a few times before its meaning came across. It is not your vocabulary that threw me off. Mostly, it was that awkward break that killed your paragraph flow. I would suggest cutting out the first section of your hook sentence and keeping the second half. You do it again in the second sentence and to fix it you will need to cut out the break. For the fourth sentence of the introduction replace the break with "is".

I think these breaks come from the misinterpretation of caesura, which is the natural grammatical pause in speech and writing, but it is most commonly used as a tool to create dramatic effect. An example of this would be a television show where just before the host announces the winner it cuts to commercial.

Second: Those bold "quotes"? I cannot tell if these are quotes from another source or if they are points that you are trying to make. If they are your own words you need to attach them to a paragraph and get rid of the bold. If they are quotes, you need to do this anyways and embed them into your sentences. For instance, Shubham argues that web media is more useful than regular media because of "easy availability" and the "freedom of Abhivykti". Notice how the quotes are short and flow with the sentence. I not only point out the significance of the quotes, but I also state who said it.

Here is a very useful template that you can use to structure your body paragraphs correctly:

Introduction: What is this paragraph about again?

Data: A reliable source that can back your point of the paragraph.

Warrant: Reinforce the importance of the data.

Warrant: Go into more detail about the data.




Tie-in: Tie the paragraph to the next to create a good flow.

And repeat with the next paragraph.

I'm sure that if you follow this paragraph structure template that it will fix a lot of your main problems.

Three: Your good points. Your vocabulary creates ethos: the credibility of the author. It communicates to the readers that you are informed and educated. The article is heavy with logos: the appeal to logic, which you create with facts. You reference a government site, which gives you loads of credibility and solidifies your claim. Your thesis states the points you will make in the article and it isn't dreadfully long, like most people think the thesis has to be.

Shubham says...

@Craz your review is useful for me..........

Craz says...

You're welcome.

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