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I Am Not Talented

by Sassykat

I am not talented.

I am simply being as truthful as I possibly can be with what feels right and is available.

You never realize, though, how hard it is to be completely honest until the truth you're telling is being told for the first time ever...

And then a moment later it might not be true anymore and you have to start over.

Because you can't leave the truth unsaid.

Truths untold or half-told are as bad as lies, and lying is a sin, and so must I be punished.

When the colors in my head start singing, my "gifts and "talents" become my captors and hold me and shake me and I cannot breathe properly until I've told the truth.

I'm threatened with insanity unless I'm obedient, and I'm a good little girl so I do as I'm told.

And so I write, and so I sing.

I simply tell the truth.

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Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:30 pm
ConverseFireGirl wrote a review...

Well, to have written this, you are pretty darn talented. :P

But this is a great piece of work. Short, to the point, and brilliant.
It reminds me of a quote actually:
"If I had remained invisible, the truth would stay hidden. I couldn't allow that."
But onto the work!

I can see zero errors in the punctuation and grammar so thumbs up on that.
Like Laure said, this is a dark piece, and you've done what most writers wouldn't do which makes this piece totally stand out of the crowd.
This piece is really nice, so I have come to the conclusion during this review that I shall follow you! As it is well deserved.
I apologise for no criticism too, I can't find anything wrong! :(

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Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:14 am
Laure wrote a review...

Oh wow, this is brilliant. What you've written is very powerful and truthful and I doubt few people would have had the courage to write it. Is true the, when they say a gift can become a curse that captures you forever. In this, you've managed to capture this feeling exactly.

Within each word,I could almost feel the hesitation, the darkness behind it. You have written what I guess other people wouldn't dare to write and you've done a very good job too.

Keep calm and keep writing! :D


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