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A Collection Of Poetry And Cute Animals

by RavenAkuma

"A fun collection of short pieces, paying tribute to some special Akuma family members. They always make me laugh, so I hope they do the same for you guys. Although, I am not the best photographer, so please forgive the graininess of some of these photos. I hope you enjoy!"




I am the real alpha

I’ve earned my place

I’ve been here the longest

And I am the strongest

I am not the “cuddly-cute” type

I am closer to a wolf than your pet

Notice my one-eyed glare

Feel it from down the hall

I am plotting while you sleep

To sneak an extra treat…





I think I’m the alpha

Nevermind that I’m afraid of a crack

In the hardwood

And I let my little sister

Pull my cheeks until my eyes droop

I am the alpha!

Just look how wolf-like I am

Cuddling quietly on a soft blanket

Chewing one kibble at a time

And too afraid to go out at night





I am the alpha, I am powerful!

You look down on me

As a feeble little puppy

They named me after a delicate flower

But I am the Big Bad Wolf!

I could catch a rodent on a whim!

Tear a chicken to shreds!

Cat claws cause me no harm!

If only the humans would let me

I would be the fiercest hunter in these woods!





I am the Princess Duchess!

A perfect Juliana sow

The Big Bad Pig to Three Little Wolves

I have to make rounds every day

To make sure everything is in place

I keep the animals in check

And make sure the humans are on schedule

Because if my snack is late

Or my blanket is not heated

I will squeal until you beg for mercy!





I am a little brother

A small and stocky shepherd

I have a duty, unlike the huskies

I take my chicken friends out to play

And make sure they are safe

I like to do it to my human friends too

I protect them from those dang cats

I chase them away, even the small ones

I just can’t herd my big piggy sister

She scares me until I quiver!





I am an elegant feline

A well-groomed calico

Despite my age, I am limber

I don’t like to share my humans

Especially not with other cats

Dogs? Don’t like them

Pigs? Not a fan of them either

I can tolerate a ferret or two

I can cuddle with a rodent

But never, ever will I tolerate a stranger!





I am egg

Only a kitten of a tiny breed

A former stray, from an AC unit

Now a wild card, inside and out

I admit, there aren’t many thoughts

Behind my strange little eyes

I just like shiny things

Playing with doggy friends

Chasing my grumpy kitty sister

And eating my treats upside-down!





I’m the fun one!

Named after a rockstar

For my deep black hue

Like the Prince of Darkness

And my urge to bark at the moon

I am sweet to my human

I will play, squeak, and even wag my tail

But if you take just one wrong step

Or bug me when I don't want it

You will see my "rockstar" attitude!



Precious, Cubby, Beans


We are the chaotic trio!

The Cinnamon type, Precious

Old but keen, she is the mastermind!

The Sable type, Cubby

The curvaceous one, who stashes our loot!

The Panda type, Beans

The white-faced menace, with a killer war dance!

Unleash us from our keep, if you so dare

You’ll find us everywhere you step

But you’ll never find your keys again!





I am just a lizard

A happy little reptile

I am named after a dragon

But I do not like gold or people

I only like my crickets

And tasty fruity treats

I’m nice but don’t think much

I like to climb and jump

I like glass too

But I’m scared of my reflection

Is this a review?



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Stickied -- Mon Apr 08, 2024 6:47 pm
RavenAkuma says...

(For reference, in case there's confusion:)

All huskies = female
Duchess = female
Kubo = male
Lulu = female
Eggsy = male
Ozzy = male
Precious = female
Cubby and Beans = male
Smaug = male

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Wed Jan 24, 2024 8:04 pm
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EllieMae wrote a review...

Time for a Black Cat Review!!

MEOW! Hello, friend! My name is Ellie and today I will be reviewing using my very own Black Cat Review Method! It is very similar to the incredible YWS S'more Method but I have Halloween-ified it and made it spooky! My little black cat friend, Vladimir, wants to offer his opinion on your amazing literary piece:

Mystical Witch Hat - What I See, Observe, and Interpret

Vladimir could not resist reviewing this wonderful collection, hehe. Can I just say, I LOVE THIS oh my goodness. This was the cutest thing I have ever read on YWS. This collection was lovely. I enjoyed getting to know all of your extended family members greatly.

Rogue is the alpha and I love his one eyes smile XD. It seems that Kita tries to act tough but is actually just a big floof. Poppy's flower costume is perfect for her name, hehe.

But I am the Big Bad Wolf!

I could catch a rodent on a whim!

Love this use of comparing her to the Big Bad Wolf. And I love continuing this theme with Duchess.

The Big Bad Pig to Three Little Wolves

I have to make rounds every day

Overall, I love this collection of poems! I love the pictures as well. I think that it makes the pieces even more engaging, to be able to see these cuties as I read! Lulu and Eggsy are so cute, oh my goodness! I wonder how old Lulu is?

Vladimir’s Advice - Suggestions for Improvement

Here is a suggestion:

You will see my "rockstar" attitude!

I notice you use quotations, but a suggestion is that you could use italics on the word rockstar :)

Also, the title made me think that this was going to be about furry's. Like anthropomorphic animal characters. Just letting you know because maybe a different title would convey a different expectation, hehe.

Jack O’Lanterns - My Favourite Parts and Praises

You write in a very easy-to-follow, story-like way! I really enjoyed how engaging the entire piece was, from start to finish! The pictures were adorable. This really made me smile! Thank you for making my day better!

Black Cat Cuddles - Concluding Ideas and Thoughts

Have a lovely day!

Sincerely, your friend,
Ellie (and Vladimir)

Spoiler! :
PS: Vladimir says hello to Egg and Lulu

I hope you have a spook-tastical day, filled with black cat mischief!

RavenAkuma says...

Hello, glad you enjoyed! Lulu is now 8 years old, so she's a senior kitty lol. Thanks for your advice, and for taking the time to read/review!

Also, I love your review format lol ~

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Tue Jan 23, 2024 1:46 am
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dragonight9 says...

This is not really a review but I'm so glad you decided to share your extended family with us.

I loved your descriptions of each of them, with special adorability points to Poppy, Eggsy, and the chubby beans.

I can totally see the family dynamic here and it sounds a bit rowdy but a lot of fun.

Hope you're having a great day/week!

RavenAkuma says...

"Rowdy but fun," you are spot-on in that assumption lol. Thanks for reading! :)

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Sun Jan 14, 2024 4:27 pm
TheRebel2007 wrote a review...


Hi there, The Rebel here for a short review. I am just gonna share what I loved about your family members.

Rogue: Ah yes, the canine who looks the closest to the first pet ever domesticated by humans. I love how, although every other canine claims to be the alpha, he is said to be the alpha in the very first line of the collection, although Poppy claims it more "boldly". Sure, he doesn't look cuddly, but he is cute too.

Kita: The multiplicative inverse of Rogue! I can literally imagine his voice when he says that he is the alpha yet he is genuinely afraid of hardwood cracks XD. He adorably claims that he is the alpha - and he would have been, indeed, the alpha of cuteness.

Poppy: Poppy seems to me like someone merged Rogue and Kita and added a pint of self-confidence and pride. I also love how he is dressed in a poppy in the picture. He looks like he can take your soul and he claims the same in his poem, "boldly", if I daresay.

Duchess: Duchess sounds like the perfect antithesis to the three "big bad wolves". I love how she sounds like a shepherd tending to sheep and cattle when her master is gone. She is pompous and yet manages all the other members of her family - she deserves her name. Finally, SHE IS ADORABLE.

Kubo: Kubo looks like the older brother who takes care of his friends and siblings, but can't handle her sister. I love how he likes to "protect" his human friends from cats. I wonder how you handle cat and dog fights. As always, cute.

Lulu: Ah yes, the typical tsundere feline. She sounds to me like the perfect example of the house cat stereotype - possessive, elegant, grumpy, cute, and judgmental of strangers.

Eggsy: I liked the little backstory of Eggsy. She likes treats - as any feline should - and likes to play with her adorable doggo friends. She gives off an aura of innocence with her shiny eyes and adorable nimbleness.

Ozzy: Ah yes, the Prince of Darkness of the Black Sabbath (IIRC). The fun "Madman" who barks at the moon under Black Rain but is still completely Down to Earth. I am not good with animals, but is that a chinchilla or a rabbit? He's cute nonetheless!

Precious, Cubby, Beans: I have got just two words for them: ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

Smaug: I love the fact that Smaug from The Hobbit is scared of its own reflection XD. It's kind of interesting that a lizard likes glass, the ones who live over here love hiding behind stuff on walls. Despite those ravenous reptilian eyes, he is cute in his own way.

I am sorry that I didn't say much about your poetry and only awed over your family - but honestly, there's not much to say, it's perfect. I have no criticism. And I am NOT sorry for that.


RavenAkuma says...

I'm glad you had fun! It's not very "serious" poetry anyway, so no worries about the lack of specific poetry reviews. Ah, and Ozzy is a chinchilla, just a little stockier than normal lol. Thank you for taking the time to read and review, much appreciated! :)

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