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Midnight Doctor Ch.1

by Raelyn



The sky would soon be black.

The temperature began to plummet informing us that night was on its way. It was truly bewildering watching the sky on winter nights like this. The sunset was beautiful, but once the sky went dark it took the warmth with it.

I decided to call off the hunt, and let everyone go home to their families. One after another the troops began to mount their beautiful horses and gallop off.

The troops were made up by men that gathered to hunt the evil creatures of the night. Werewolves, vampires, and witches. Since my father was the Anglican pastor I was expected to take on these hunts. Now that his frail old body didn’t allow it. Unfortunately we would resume our expedition tomorrow morning.

I should have joined them, but I couldn’t sleep not on a night like this. I didn’t have a wife or kids to return to either. Of Course I wanted a family, and a companion to share my life with. However I hadn’t found the right woman for me. Every Woman I had met was intrigued by my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin but they never saw passed that. I was waiting to find the woman that soul called to mine as much as mine did to hers.

My father often told me that a woman like that didn’t exist in this world. I knew there was more to love then that.

The uninviting cold weather, howling wind, and pitch dark night should have been enough to make me go home and rest. Despite this I felt that my hunt wasn’t over.

The truth being I hated that I had to take the hunts over for my ruthless killing father. However unlike him I couldn’t bare to kill an innocent life. I mounted my tired horse that was exhausted from the day travel. I pet her assuring her she would get to rest soon. At least I hoped. Logical people would have been afraid to be going all alone in the middle of the night to hunt a monster, that killed many lives. I wasn’t.

I should have been.

I travel far down London England farther and farther from the place I called home. I clung to my coat that barely kept me warm from the night cold, leaving me no protection from the cold wind the cut threw my face like an ice cold slap. I grit my teeth, I didn't know why but I had this feeling like I was moments away from finding them. It was like a calling I had know clue exactly where I was going. My body just seem to gravitate to a direction.

I stopped my horse abruptly deciding to walk by foot the rest the way. My twenty-three-year-old build made it possible for me to go far distances.

I pet my horse informing her that it was her time to rest as promised. Then I was drawn to an unexpected location, the sewers. The stench could burn any nose. However I had a theory that this is where the bloodthirsty monsters lived.

I came to an alleyway looking at the sewer entrance. I stood there holding my body in the shadows of the dark alleyway. I heard quick movement, suddenly there was a man at the entrance of the sewer.

From my stance I could see a shade of deep red eyes. Immediately I knew my statement was correct. I was very still making sure to not make any movement, or sound that would give away my location.

The creature was gone in the blink of an eye moving in such a speed that shouldn’t have been possible. Once he was gone I sighed in relief.

I memorized the place studying the building, and it stone structure. I would be able to bring troops back here to this exact location. There was a distant scream that pierced my ears. That when I ran, faster then I had ever ran before. I knew I had to make it out alive, my information was more valuable than my life. This information could save many lives. As I ran in the pitch dark alleyway to my horse the wind picked up slapping me in the face relentlessly. Then I saw her, she had tucked her hooves underher stark white body. I felt bad to disturb her gentle sleep, but I need to get her out of her if she ever wanted to sleep and wake up again.

I whistle frantically to her, startling her. She was up on her hooves having her protective instincts kicking in.

“Easy there girl,” I reassured her. “It’s just me,” I assured her again. She let her guard down realizing who I was. I mounted her quickly, and we were off.

I didn’t feel the adrenaline leave my system until I was far away. As my horses hooves clicked as the sun rose. I should have been tired but I rushed to find the troops to tell them of my findings.

The sun shines brightly in the sky once my horse and I made it to my home. I took my horse in the stable and fed her then let her sleep.

I made my way to my house that I shared with my father. I should have been tired from my all nighter. But I was buzzing, anxious on what I had seen.

“Aren't you up early Carlisle?¨ My father questioned standing behind and startling me.

¨Yes I guess so,” I didn't want to admit I was out alone in the middle of the night.

¨Carlisle I am very proud of you for taking on all this responsibilities. Taking on the hunts, it has really made me proud” my father said.

I half smiled at him. He was proud of me, but I only took on the hunts because I was obedient. But I hated that my father killed so many innocent lives “clearing the world of sins”.

“Father?” I asked.

“Yes Carlisle,” he replied.

“I found a vampire,” I stated bluntly.

“You what?”Said my father flashing his blue eyes at me in disbelief.

¨I saw one last night, they live in the sewers. I am going to tell the troops and bring them to the same place at the same time tonight,” I explained.

“Son you are brillant how did you even think of that?” He asked still shocked.

“I don’t know I just got this feeling that's where they where.”

“Well go gather a mob and rid this world of sin my son,” he encouraged.

“Well I must wait until night that is when he will emerge. Now all I have to do is wait,” I stated.

“Well what are you waiting for go and gather your men,” he stated.

“Oh my, Carlisle you weren’t out late all by yourself again?” He asked very concerned.

“I couldn’t sleep and I knew my search wasn’t over,” I explained.

“What have I told you Carlisle. I can’t afford that kind of reckless behavior you could get hurt,” he complained.

“More like I could hurt your image,” I said flatley, regretting it the moment it left my mouth.

“Listen clearly sun. I lost your mother when she brought you into this world. So I will not lose you too,” he practically spat. Then he left as fast as he came. I sighed. How would I ever get away from his grasp. Once I married and grew my own family I didn’t want this man dragging my family into his ways. I thought of all those innocent lives. The ones he had took, the ones I watched him take.

It suddenly crept up on me. Maybe it was because the adrenaline and fully left my system, but I was aware of my exhaustion. I looked over at my peacefully sleeping horse. I didn't want to go back into the house though. So I layed on the straw floor next to my horse, closing my eyes.

I was cold and the wind was whipping against my face again. I stood in the same alley way facing the sewers. Then he emerge. With inhuman speed his ruby red eyes caught mine. WIthin seconds his hands were gripping my throat.

“Hello human,” he said in an evil voice.

“Hello monster from hell,” I retorted.

“Your commentary would defend me,but your nothing but a snack,” he hissed. Then he bit into my neck with sharp teeth.

My eyes flew open. The first thing I saw was the brown wood roof of the barn. I wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead. Then I turned to find my horse still sleeping. I pet her white hair trying to shake of my scary dream. I got up off the straw ground, my back was stiff from my uncomfortable nap on the brick floor.

I was suddenly aware of the time. I has hours before night fall. It was time to gather my mob. I decided to walk by foot and give my horse the most amount of time to sleep.

“Carlisle,” boomed Samuel excited to see me.

Samuel and I were childhood friends, both of our fathers were Anglican pastors. However Samuel seemed unaware of his fathers kills of innocent people.

“Good evening Samuel,” I said.

“So carlisle are you ever gonna settle down find a wife?” He asked.

“Waiting for the right women I guess,” I said.

“Well there about a dozen that are hoping there the right one,” samuel laughed.

“Well if it’s anyone I’ve met they’ll be waiting for a long time,” I said with a light chuckle.

“Come on Carlisle your gonna be two-hundred years old if you reject every woman,” said Samuel.

“I don’t… Samuel I need to talk to you about something important. That doesn’t include my love life,” I said sternly.

“What is it brother?” He questioned.

“I found a vampire,” I said.

“No way. Awesome,” said Samuel his mischievous

eyes lit up with excitement.

“Samuel this is not a joke. This monster is fastest thing I've ever seen,” I stated. “We need to gather a mob.”

“Yeah, one with torches and pitchforks,” he said. “That way we can burn the demoned”.

“Will you assist me in rounding up a group,” I asked.

“Of Course brother I will meet you back here very soon,” he assured me.

“Thank you, I am going to get my horse and supplies,” I said.

We went our separate ways. When I arrived back I went straight to the stable. I was shocked to see my horse awake, nibbling on the grass next to the stable.

“Hey girl ready for another adventure,” I asked her like she could answer. I fed her some carrots from my hand. Then I mounted her making my way back to meet samuel. As I made my way to the meet spot the sun began to fall again.

I could smell the burning of the flames before I saw the bright flames. The mob stood behind Samuel sitting on their horses ready to go.

“Carlisle lead us to the monster,” said samuel.

“Lead us to the monster,” the mob chanted. I hate how everyone chanted like animals. Celebrating to go and kill their prey. The monster we hunted tonight took many lives, but we were still taking a life. In away it was the same thing that the vampire did. The vampire did it for survival. We didn’t kill each other for eating a chicken. It shouldn’t have been something we celebrated about. Because we were still taking life. Even if it was evil life. I thought this all over as I went the same route i did the previous night. I got to the spot were we would dismount our horses.

“We walk from here,” I said.

They all dismounted accordingly.

I silently beg for the monster to reveal them self. I held my sword in one hand and a candle lit lamp in the other. If anyone had seen how my blue eyes observed the underground cave they would have thought I was a observing the place. I knew I didn't looked little like a warrior, let alone a soldier.

Then I saw the blur leave the sewer. I charged with samuel

“Show yourself coward,” I demanded.

“I always love a feisty meal,” said a velvet voice coming from behind me. I wiped my head around me but the figure blew passed me again in such a speed I could barely make out the blur. It looked as if it was human but there was no way that a human could move with such speed. Before I knew it the creature had it’s freezing cold hands wrapped around my neck. It sniffed me like I was it’s prey. Suddenly bright red eye were peering into my soul. I shivered at the scarlet eyes that looked the color of blood. I knew I had succeeded in my hunt. The red eyes were as red as probably every victims blood this monster had spilled. I was brutally aware of one thing.

I was going to die.

With this creatures strong grasp and blinding speed I could never get away. A part of me didn’t want to. I would return to my father and meet his glare of disapproval. ‘You what?’ He would demand. ‘Coward, you found the monster and ran away.’ I knew this fate was better. I would be freed from these hunts that had killed many innocent lives. Death would be easy, hopefully painless as well. When the creatures sharp cold teeth bit into my neck, I was instantaneously proved wrong.

It burned like fire, engulfing me every time I moved. The scream that erupted my lungs, did not stop the flames from engulfing me again and again. I wanted nothing more now then to be dead. It was like being struck by lighting, stabbed by a thousand swords, while having boiling hot water thrown at you. I couldn’t think of any pain that could compare. It was as if fire ran threw my veins, and my heart was a piece of burning coal radiating my body. Or if someone covered your body with scalding hot irons. There was a noise in the back of my head, and hissing I felt the sharp cold teeth leave my neck. However the burning remains. It didn’t stop even though the creature had stopped drinking my blood. Why was this happening. Why had this cruel creature not just killed me all the way. Was it such an evil spirit from hell that it would stop it bloodlust just to have it’s victim suffer in this pain. If the burning didn’t stop that meant one thing.

I was becoming that evil creature.

Was I emerging from the fiery depth of hell becoming the demon creature that had drank my blood? Why did this creature make me one of them? I didn’t know any of the answer to my questions. I did know that if my father came and found me, he would destroy me even if I was his only son. Despite the flaming unbearable pain I moved myself. Crawling my way out of the sewer I found a dark alleyway, at least I thought that what it was. The pain made my vision blur so I was certain of nothing. I found a potato cellular and hid myself in rotting potatoes.

I was always scared of dying and leaving this world forever. Yet now I didn't want anything more then for my life to end. More importantly for the white hot flames to leave my body, and to stop burning me. The fire seemed to be sizzling my heart. The acid became my blood and flushed through my veins. The flames filled my throat I wanted to itch it or drinking some water. But nothing could put out these flame. I was very careful to be extremely still knowing that if I moved or said anything I would flare into screams.

Knowing measure of time was beyond my ability with my burning body. I felt like weeks had passed but the sun hadn’t even come up. I heard voices and could smell passing bodies. I was diverted by this scent. It was warm and sweet, yet dull. Probably do to the still sweltering burning in my body. Yet I was still intrigued by the smell. I tried to focus harder on that scent.

“When are we supposed to make our next delivery?” A clearly drukne voice asked.

“I don’t know,” said another drunken voice.

Then bubbled with drunken laughed. I smell the rum that remained on the lips as if it were right under my nose. Then I smelt the metal of the flask. My scene seemed to sharpened by the minute. Then I could smell a new scent, linen I guessed. Then I smelt mud like I was smelling if for the first time. I then was aware of how thundering loud there voices were and they were a far away. My hearing sharpened their feet crunches the leaves. There breaths and the oxygen that filled then emptied their chest. I could hear them walked for so long. The searing burning began to dull. Only to a blaze it was still unbearably but I felt a little less like I had acid in my veins. I tried to relax in the flames, to appreciate there heat like the fireplace on a cold winter night.

Then the burning got worst then it was before.

I bit my lip trying to restrain a scream. It was my worst nightmare. I was certainly entering the fiery hell. Was I paying for the innocent lives my father took.

Then my heart stopped beating all together. My eyes flashed open and I stood up at such a fast speed it shouldn’t have been possible. I sprinted out of the potato cellular. It was mesmerising I passed thru the air at the speed of light overwhelmed at the scents. The smell of fresh pine. Even the cold air had a smell. Then the colors of the sky by the setup of the neighborhood I knew it was three days later. I looked at the leaves on the trees and I could see every speck of green if the time microscopic bugs on it.

Then I smelt that sweet warm smell, and I knew what the scent was. I felt burning in my throat just like the burning that overtook my body. Instantly I sprinted the opposite directions. I sprinted to the nearest river. And looked to the water looking at my reflection.

I was looking into the face of a man I didn’t know.

Sure it had some resemblance of me. My jaw was sharper, my hair more perfect, my skin a flawless pale. To pale like Icy porcelain. The sun crept up on me, and my skin shimmered like a thousand diamonds. Then I met him eye to eye.

They were glowing ruby red.

This was when I realized I had become the monster I was hunting.

I Carlisle Cullen was a vampire. 

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418 Reviews

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Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:45 am
Liberty wrote a review...

Hey Mara!

Hope you're doing well today or tonight. I'm here to drop off a review for you, so let's get started, now, shall we? Right.

Well, I can say one thing for sure: I really enjoyed this! :)

I read this piece from top to bottom, and I admit, it was very intriguing, and had me hooked the entire time. This Carlisle character is very interesting. I wonder what Samuel will think. And most of all, what Carlisle's father will think. I mean, by the time I was finished reading this chapter, it seemed obvious to me that Carlisle's dead. End of discussion. :P

Honestly, though, Carlisle, think about it. Your father is doing right, and it's for the benefit of the kingdom (I'm assuming the father is the king, and the main character is the prince, taking over for his father). He's protecting the kingdom from the evil monsters of the world, so that the kingdom doesn't die out! And anyways, since humans, and anything with blood is a vampire's prey, so like, bro, it's fine. If it's for the protection of your kingdom, 'tis cool, man. ;)

Anyways! Continuing --> one thing that you need to make sure, is that you keep the entire story in one tense. You've been shifting from one to the other, so it sorta kept on throwing me off, but I got what you meant. Second thing that you need to make sure is that you work a bit on your grammar. Especially with spelling. Your spelling is fine, but just make sure that you don't simplify it, like: instead of "through", "thru". (:

I hope that makes sense! This is a very interesting story. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me whenever.

And as always...

Keep on writing!


Raelyn says...

Thanks lib. No there is no princes or kings he is a church dude.

Liberty says...

Ah, okay. My bad!

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Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:31 pm
LadyMysterio wrote a review...

Hey cool story, I don't usually read horror type stuff, but I'll give it a go.
I Like the descpritions in here, It creates a good word picture.

I found a few spelling mistake you might want to fix

That when I ran,
Listen clearly sun
hoping there the right drinking some water.
clearly drukne voice
Then bubbled with drunken laughed.
To pale like Icy porcelain

-The Lady of Mystery.

Raelyn says...

Thanks lol why do you think this is horror?

LadyMysterio says...

well by horror I meant, like vampires and monsters, yeah now spooky stuff.
I guess it isn't horror tho.

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37 Reviews

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Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:59 pm
Raelyn says...

here is a twilight prequel that once I finish I am going to go through heck to try and get permission to publish. So please read it, make feedback, and let me know if you like it:) The feedback can be honest

There is more to life than making fart noises, and then laughing about those fart noises.
— Waddles, Gravity Falls