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A Wedding after all

by Raelyn

Overall idea: Aileen, princess of Elbright has come of age and must marry a prince making the new king and Queen of her beloved kingdom. Aileen grew up with all the princes in the neighboring kingdoms and they are all arrogant ruffians, she wouldn’t trust any of them to rule by her side in her kingdom that she loves. The pressing fact is her father is fading and if she doesn’t marry, a duke could take their kingdom forever. Aileen is the oldest of three sisters so she is the heir to the throne. If she was one year younger she would have been able to marry a man with any title, but as queen she must choose a royal to take her hands. Her father forces her to go to the ball at prince Malaki’s palace, this marriage would be an obvious benefit Elbright. When Aileen meets malaki at the dance she gather not much has changed since the last year she met them. Malaki attempt to woo contains many assaults to Aileen. At this point Aileen claims that she is tired, Malakai ask his captain of the guard Luken spinks to escort her to his guest room. Luken is quite a gentleman even when Aileen take her anger from Malaki out on him. She apologizes and she ask what she could do to make it up to him. He says let me escort you to the gardens unless you are truly tired. She agrees, Aileen and Luken enjoy each other company of course.

Aileen is in the garden confessing her love to luken, of course luken listen and think she talks of the prince So Luken tells the prince, the prince sends him to King raizen asking him to accept his hand in marriage and he agrees. The Aileen finds out she is to wed, feeling betrayed by luken and broken hearted she tells her father. She forfeits the crown. Princess levian her sister weds Malaki instead. Luken goes to aileen, she is mad at him of course and he explains himself and they wed instead.

King Raidyn- The father to the three princesses and king of Elbright.

Princess Aileen- The main protagonist. She has a dream to make an equal society that gives opportunity for all of her people and the people in all kingdoms.

Princess Lavinia- Very bold and flirty. Corina is the typical princess, she loves her beauty and finds joy in dressing up. Corinna can be vain and selfish at times, but she is very clothes with her sister.

Princess pipa- The youngest of the three sisters. Pippa is known for being the kindness. She is quiet at shy at first, but once she starts to talk she doesn’t stop.

Prince Malaki- Aileen calls his an arrogant ruffin. Very entitled, but maybe he just needs a person in his life to push him into a change of heart.

Luken Spinks- Prince Malaki’s captain of the guard. He is an orphanage that made his way up to his position. So very kind, yet withered from his childhood and hardships he overcame.

Ensemble: People for the balls, village, wedding, servants, body guards

Scene 1

In the pocket set up a place for Aileen to sit, looking out the window.

(Pokes head in the door) Servant: Princess Aileen, your father called for you to meet him in the throne room.

Aileen: Yes, of course. Tell him I am on my way (to herself). It better not be about that ridiculous ball.

Shut pocket curtain, Light on the front stage curtains are still clothes , king malaki and servant are already on stage, center. A servant stands by his side.

King Raidyn: Aileen needs to go to this ball, my time is running out and if she doesn’t…

Aileen: Father you call’d for me.

King Raidyn: Yes. The carriages leave in half an hour to Malaki’s ball. He will be expecting your presence.

Aileen: Father! (Exclaims in a singing voice)

King Raidyn: Daughter (In same tone as Aileen)

Princess Aileen: I don’t really see why I need a husband

A solider doesn’t need a wife to lead his army

So I can rule this kingdom

All. By. Myself

Must I go to this ball there is no gurantee I will fall in love

I know you want me to give him a chance

Be he hans’t change since the last dance

It just doesn’t make sense


Must I go to this ball there is no guranttee I will fall in love

Is it such a crime

For me to speak mind

I know there isn’t much time

But I don’t want to marry a man


Scene 2:

Behind the curtain on the stage, people are already standing up with a dance partners.

Dance for three minutes. Malaki is with luken by his side.

Malaki: Luken. (pats him on the back) Tonight’s the night I get me a wife, aye.

Luken: If there’s anyone to woo King Raidyn’s daughter, it’s you. (sarcastically says)

Malaki: I know. You know what they say: “The best of prince get the prettiest of the princess.”

Luken: Right…

Aileen enters.

Malakai: There she is, how do I look?

Luken: Like…

Malakai: Amazing you say, well I agree!

Walks over to Aileen

Malaki: Aileen! Well who knew you were going to be here tonight…

Aileen: You. Considering you insisted on my presence. (arms crossed)

Malaki: Me? No, I must say it is a pleasure to see you though.

Aileen: I wish I could say the same.

Malaki: Look at you I must say time has made you look… well.

Aileen: And time has not changed you a bit. (walks away)

(Malaki rushes to stop her.)

Malaki: Well that's a good thing, right? (Laughs nervously)

Aileen: Tell me something Malaki, When a fair lady catches your eye, do you look at their heart and mind before trying to woo her?

Malaki: Why does it matter what’s within, when I only see my ladies skin.

(Ensemble women gasp)

Aileen: But when she becomes grey and old, all that’s left is her heart so cold…

Malaki: Then I’ll give her a scarf to warm her heart.

(Ensemble laughs, men and women separate to two sides of the stage)

When Aileen sings, women echo and harmonize, When Malaki sings the men harmonize with them

Aileen: Malaki, there so much more to a lady,(So much more to a lady) then her beauty, then the value of her clothes. If her status has you hesitating, then you don’t know that there is so much more to lady

Malaki: Aileen, there so much more to me(so much more to him) then you can see (then you can see) I am gifted with a rifle, when I am hunting (he is the best hunter in all of the lands)

There is so much more to me

Aileen: Malaki you are not the man for me!

Malaki: Who are you searching for, because I am the only man for you on this dance floor.

Aileen: I am looking for a man that is kind, that will let me speak my mind, my plan

Is to find a gentleman.

Ensemble: Her plans to find a gentlemen, A gentleman, a gentle-men

(Aileen starts to exit)

Malaki: Wait!

(Aileen ignores him)

Malaki turns to Luken

Malaki: Well what are you waiting for? Go after her!

Luken: Yes my lord.

Scene change, curtains clothes, garden scene. In front of curtain lights on Aileen is walking down the hall. Luken enters seconds later

Luken: Princess Aileen?

Aileen: If you come to get me to come back to the ball with that arrogant, slimy, stupid…

Luken: I have come to escort you to the guest room if you are tired.

Aileen: How do you work for such a terrible man?

Luken: Well he’s not as bad… He could be worse.

Aileen: Have you looked into his eyes

They hold no kindness

Just arrogant blindness

Luken: My lord may be child, his politeness is mild at best. But he is better than his father, who didn’t even bother to teach him how to treat a lady…

Aileen: So what are you saying?

Luken: You could be his change of heart, you could give him a fresh start.

Aileen: Soldier you seem loyal, but I am running out of time. You see if I was one year younger, I wouldn’t have to bother with marrying a prince for financial benefits.

Luken: I will say when a marriage is arranged, then you don’t have to feel the pain.

Aileen: I am sorry, what?

Luken: Nothing, let me escort you to your room if you really are that tired.

Aileen: I am really not tired .

Luken: I could show you the palace garden.

Aileen: I would love that, actually.

(Luken offers his arm, Aileen takes it.)

Goes into garden, music plays I can’t help falling in love, elvis presely. Fake talking and laughing without actually saying any words.

Scene 3


Male: Captain luken what's the problem

I am tired of watching you sulking around

Luken: The problem good man well..

I Wasn't watching where I was going

So I tripped and fell in love

Male: Oh?

Male: Its that a good thing

It’s about time our dove

Found some love

Male: I didn’t know luken even

Knew what that was?


It’s just complicated

It’s not me hesitating

It it were easy I’d be calling her my sweetie


It always complicated

One thing is simple

You only got ...

One heart one mind one one life

So are you gonna live

Luken you right I am gonna go tell her.

Scene 4.

Aileen is in the garden. Luken runs in and hides behind a tree.

Aileen: Is it really such a crime to feel what I feel. For a man I promise to never love. To fall in love with him so easily.

Luken: She is in love with the Prince Malaki. I can’t believe this. I thought…

Aileen: I will never tell a soul no matter how bad I want to. It is so dramatic but it is true if they ever now…

Luken: It okay ailee I will tell them for you.

Luken Exit.

AIleen: but just once I’d like it to leave my lips. I love you luken.

Scene 5:

In pocket.

King Raidyn at his desk humming to himself doing papers.

Knock, Luken knocks on the door

Kind Raidyn: Come in

Luken come in..

Luken: Sire I am sorry to disturb you

King Raidyn: what brings you here?

Luken: Your daughter

King Raidyn: What about her captain

Luken: She is in love with malikai, but she swore in the garden she’d never say because she is ashamed.

King Raidyn: I see

Luken: My prince has sent me to give you an offer for Aileen to take his hand

King Raidyn: I accept, let the ceremony be tomorrow, here in the kingdom of Elbright

Luken: Yes sir I will go give the good news.

Luken exist…

Clock ticking to signify time has passed.

Knocking at the door

King raidyn: come in

(Aileen burst it)

Aileen: How could you

King Raidyn: My daughter you should be in bed. Tomorrow you are to be wed

Aileen: That why I can not sleep

King Raidyn:You marrying the man or your dreams

Aileen: But there something stuck inside

King Raidyn:What do you have to hide

Aileen: My one confession is

I never loved the prince

King Raidyn:What?

Aileen: I don’t even know who is

King Raidyn:All the time you spent in his palace

Aileen: It wasn’t with him

It was never him

King Raidyn:Who my daughter is it?

Aileen: Oh father, how I miss him

He we smart he kind

He was a gentlemen

But he was never mine

King Raidyn:He sounds enchanting

Aileen: Oh he was

Please don’t fall apart

But he prince x’s captain of guard

King Raidyn:No, how can this be

Aileen: No, Loveless marriage for me

How can I rule by his side

With man who heart is not meant mine

For the better of my kingdom

For the better are people

For the better of this palace

I can’t take his hand

King Raidyn:Daughter this kingdom needs a king and a queen

Aileen: If I must marry not for love

The crown is not for me

Exist closing the door.

Scene 5:

On main stage lights come one.

Luken stands stage left

Luken: A girl with a smile

As bright as the sun

Voice like an Angel

But I know better than to call her one

What am I feeling

How long will it last

Never have I felt like this

Valleys and oceans

They never do

I don't love them I am in love with you

(Luken spot light turn off)

(Aileen’s spot light turns on)

Aileen: A boy with a wicked grin

But his beauty is within

I have never seen a man with such a heart

I never want to be apart

What am I feeling

How long will it last

Never have I felt like this

Valleys and oceans

They never do

I don't love them I am in love with you

Both spotlights on

Luken: What am I feeling

Aileen: How long will it last

Both: Never have I felt like this

Aileen: Valleys and oceans

Luken: They never do

Both: I don't love them I am in love with you

Both exit

AIleen in her room in the pocket with a ton of papers.

Aileen: Oh my gosh, he is the missing duke. He can take the crown. I must tell him.

Runs out of door.

Luken sitting on stage on bench in garden.

AIleen runs on

Aileen: Luken!

Luken: Princess?

Aileen: Luken what is your parentage

Luken: I am not sure the only family I had was the orphanage

AIleenL No, luken charles winkenlen was your father.

Luken: That duke that died in a house fire

Aileen: They had a son luken, his body was never found. Look here the resemblance is undeniable

Luken: If I am his son Luken Winkenlen

AIleen: Yes do you know what that means?

Luken: My parents didn’t abandon me after all

Aileen: You are eligible to take the kingdom

Luken: But you are marrying malaki tomorrow

Aileen: No I am not

Luken: Are you crazy you love him?!

AIleen: Are you crazy? Isn’t it obvious?

Luken: No


Luken: No that impossible in the garden you said

AIleen: In the garden! How do you know… I was talking about you, not malaki

Luken: Oh. But you’d have to refuse the crown.

Aileen: Yes, I know.

Luken: the wedding!

Aileen: I have a plan

Luken: Why do you look like your going to burn down Malaki’s palace? Planning on tell me this plan

Aileen: Not a chance


Scene 6

All cast is on stage for wedding

Music playing here comes the bride

Malaki: So this day has come for me to take a bride. Luken tell me I look amazing

Luken: You look…

Malaki: I know I look dashing, amazing, hot… By god I need a dictionary

Luken: here she comes

Aileen walks on in verry not wedding clothes

Malaki shrieks

Malaki: WHat is she wearing?

Aileen: A new beginning, Malakai I will not marry you

Gasp shock massive ensemble movement

Princess Lavinia:Aileen you must marry him

Princess pippa: Don’t leave are kingdom at the hands of some random duke, come one aileen just marry him

Aileen: Don;t worry Lavinia Pipa I will not leave it at the hands of some random duke, but the most eligible duke in all the land Duke Luken Winkelen

Malaki: You kept your parentage from me, and stole my bride you bastard

Luken: Actually Ailleen discovered my parentage, and let’s be honest I had your bride from the start

Malaki: I'm gonna I gonna hit you. Fight fight for the women. No your under my command I command you not to take this kingdom to deny her and your parentage

Luken: I quite, I am Luken Winkelen duke of Elbright

King Raidyn: And do you accept my offer to make you king of Elbright?

Luken: With great honor

King Raidyn places his crown on lukens head

King Raidyn: Then it done, and malaki if you try to lay a hand on the new king you will be thrown in elbright prison

Ensemble woman: Well I came for a wedding so will there be one or not?

Luken: What do you say princess will there

Aileen: I guess

Step to alter

Priest:Do you Luken Winkenlen Take Princess Aillen to be your queen

Luken: I do

Priest: And do you Princess aileen take Luken Winkelen to be your king

Aileen: I do

Luken and aileen kiss, and all cheer, Party music starts 

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142 Reviews

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Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:20 pm
looseleaf wrote a review...

Hello! I really enjoyed this script! It was a very good plot, I could tell you put time into that. My only issue was the spelling and grammar. There were many mistakes and it seemed like you relied on auto-correct a lot. The twists and plots twists are great, I wouldn't have expected him to tell (but I read the description). Keep on writing and Merry (early) Christmas!

Raelyn says...

Thank you! Yes I am a terrible editor I am working on that

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218 Reviews

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Reviews: 218

Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:52 pm
WinnyWriter wrote a review...

Hey, there! This is really cool! Good work, and amazing plot.

There are of lot of spelling and grammar errors. It looks like it was either heavily autocorrected or translated with Google translate or something. Going through and fixing that up would polish it up a lot.

The way this story climaxes is very captivating. I like the idea and the plot twist and everything. However, I either missed it or you have no time period mentioned. Is it modern or medieval, or what? The thing is, if it is supposed to be medieval, it uses some modern language expressions here and there that take away the feeling of the proper time period.

Well, that's all for now. Keep writing!

Raelyn says...

It is modern language but medieval concepts.

WinnyWriter says...

Ok. That's cool too.

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37 Reviews

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Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:36 am
Raelyn says...

Okay here is my first one act... um so feel free to criticize and give feedback. Hope you enjoy

i exist in a constant state of confusion so its ok
— veeren