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Help The Earth!

by PhoenixBird101


You should be surprised at what you eat today. The food that you think is clean and fresh is exactly the opposite. When people make your meat, they don’t even take the time to wash their own hands! And even worst they don’t put on plastic gloves! Now you know you don’t want people with their bare dirty hands touching the food that you have to put in your MOUTH. Even thinking about what they can do to the meat now a day makes me disgusted. We all know how people are supposedly inspecting the food to make sure everything is okay and ready to be shipped. Well it’s not what you think! The inspectors only inspect 20% of our DAILY shipped food or meat! That’s a lot of food that has NOT been inspected that we once again EAT. But that’s not the end to the problem. Meat can cause CANCER for women. Meat has this ONE certain ingredient that if women eat too much meat they can get breast cancer. This certain meat is usually chicken which causes the breast cancer for women. I think now that you know this do YOU still want to eat meat. I hope NOT.


You have heard this term a lot around places. You see kids and even adults walking outside with a lot of FAT on their body. Not insulting anybody but it looks disgusting. The cause of overweight is the fast food that many people constantly eat. When you drive or walk around and you see a chicken or any fast food place it’s PACKED. Like McDonalds, KFC, or Burger King, all you see is the longest lines and mostly fat people are in the lines! But it’s not rare to see many people fat these days because it’s what to except when you’re always going to fast food stores. Try eating something other than MEAT when you know you’re getting fat. You should see the fact that you are getting fatter but even though you SEE it you still chose to continue eating the fast food. Knowing full well that you are gaining some weight but you still eat more meat then you need. That’s a shame on haw people see it but still do the same thing. Overweight can really stop you from doing daily things you use to do. Like tying your shoe! Or putting on pants! It must be hard considering the fact that you are fat. People need to stop and think of the fact that you need to watch what you are eating and your health. It’s IMPORTANT.


Now you can be wondering what’s so wrong with plastic!?! Well it’s a lot of things that are wrong when it comes to plastic. Plastic can give you cancer too. Plastic has the SAME certain ingredient that meat has that can give out cancer. For example, let’s say you go to the store and buy a pack of water. The water has been sitting on the counter in the store for you don’t know how long but you think it’s OKAY. Well think again because you are totally WRONG. The water in the bottle is surrounded by plastic. The water has been sitting inside the plastic for so long that the chemical of that certain ingredient leaks INTO the water. This mixed with the water can cause cancer. You drink it and you never even took a thought about the water you were drinking. Everybody says that water is very healthy for the bodies; well okay it is but is it healthy to let plastic mess with the water. NO. That’s why sometimes when you drink water it tastes just like PLASTIC. Have you ever wondered why it had that AWFUL taste? Well you should start thinking about it. I think I know what you thinking right now. How are we supposed to drink water if we can’t drink from the bottle? It’s simple. Drink from the fountain in your kitchen! Put a purifier on the fountain so when your water runs out it PURE. It’s fresh and clean. It tastes like heaven! This helps without drinking the plastic of a bottle of water. Take my advice; you can be more careful and safer.


Have you ever noticed the smoke in the air when you’re walking or driving? I know I have. This sometimes can be fog but it sometimes is what we call pollution. Pollution is an element against nature. It has a stinky smell and sometimes can be poisonous to many things. It causes disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem. There are all types of pollution. Water or air pollution is common. Let’s talk about air pollution first. It’s what blocks the sky from showing off her beautiful stars. That’s why you can’t see many stars in the USA. It’s cause of air pollution. People have built so many factories that blow out all of that pollution that it’s ridiculous. The Earth is getting more and more ugly and dirty. This is Mother Earth that you people are destroying we need to start restoring it to its formal beauty. Not all people are harming Earth but it’s not many helping it either. If you start to actually think of Earth you can see that the water is getting polluted with oil and junk. Water pollution alone is the major global problem of all. It has been suggested that it is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases, and that it accounts for the deaths of more than 14,000 people daily. Nearly half the water on Earth is not safe to drink anymore. It takes a lot of work to get water clean and fresh like it was before it was pollinated. Think about what you are doing before you do it. Think about how one action can cause a bigger action to fall that can harm everyone and everything.

Help earth!!!!!

Everyone can make a difference. It’s going to take a long time but it will make the earth a better place. so don’t damage what every loves and needs. help it by making it a happier and more loving place. the ground can be cleaner. you wouldn’t see all the junk that people don’t bother to but in a trash can. make the water sparkle with delight. instead of all the dirt and junk that’s floating around. Let the skies show off their beautiful stars to the people who want to see them. people don’t want to see a sky full of fog and smoke. there’s nothing beautiful about that. instead of slaying animals for your own personal needs help them by letting them live. stop cutting down rain forsest for your needs. if you keep up at this rate the forests will be gone where will the animals live? how would you stop the animals from coming into your town or city when they have no other place to GO? when you know an animal is endangered of no longer exsiting let the animal live. no matter how little you make a change it still helps the earth. you can stop one person from loittering then that 1% change can help the earth. make small changes because small deeds create bigger ones. the earth is not here just to support us. we have to put some effort in trying to keep our earth right. just like it helps us live. help the earth live!!

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Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:35 am
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aulyasela3597 wrote a review...

Be aware of all the chemicals that are on the ingredient lists of the everyday household products you use. Avoid using products containing these chemicals. If something claims to be “organic” or “natural” read the ingredient list anyway.

You use these products in your home and you breathe in the air that contains them. But the products also leach chemicals into your landscape, they drain into the drainage system and into our streams and rivers. Think pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dish and laundry detergents.

Cleaning products are included on the list but there are many others. The chemicals are also in the clothing we wear, the furniture we sit and sleep on, the pots and pans we use (Teflon and other nonstick surfaces), plastic wrap, personal care products, cosmetics, etc. etc.

For every product you use that contains chemicals, there is a truly natural product that has no harmful synthetic chemicals.

The food you eat is also a culprit. Try to avoid meats and poultry that are factory raised. Buy local when you can to cut down on the damage caused by mass transportation.

You will be also be healthier by following a lifestyle that is closer to Mother Nature.

I had an online store that offered better products until a hacker destroyed in a few months ago. I still have a list of all the pure products I found to replace the harmful ones.

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Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:53 am
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Krzyh wrote a review...

Okay, lets start out with something that bugs most everyone and will keep this article from ever getting any sort of respect is THIS IS NOT HOW YOU EXPRESS ANGER! I don't know why people believe putting something is all caps will make the piece more impactful because in truth just from the first paragraph about meat all I could read was "MOUTH DAILY NOT EAT CANCER ONE YOU NOT". Instead if you wish to express great distress about a certain topic all you have to do is pick up a thesaurus and look up words that resonate in your mind. I well though of sentence can easily beat an all caps rant any day of the week. Second, with article which you are trying to persuade the reader into rethinking their action remember to have evidence. An example of how you would want evidence is here "Meat can cause CANCER for women.", well so can the sun does that mean we should all never step out into the daylight again? If you are going to make a statement do some research on the topic find a university or research at has found evidence that eating meat increases your risk of cancer then site where you found this information for other to look up and read.

Moving on to the next thing is the entire second paragraph, I'm not totally sure what you are trying to accomplish with striking the entire paragraph. All you did was make it difficult to read and to be honest I didn't care what you had to say in that part. The only thing I did make out was again you tried to scream at me via text.

The third paragraph hold many of the same problems as the first you try to convince the reader that plastics are bad that they are the end of the humanity are we speak. Unfortunately for all you accusations you again show no evidence of increase risk of cancer or other illnesses. At this point in your writing you seem like someone ranting how the corporations are poisoning all of us so we have to pay for medicine. If you haven't lost your audience by this point you are sure to lose them after this paragraph

All I can say is rethink how you want to approach this topic, maybe attack the meat section as an entirely separate piece then write one about plastics. Go to your local library start reading up on your science then go to some teachers and ask them. You will need a strong grip on biology, chemistry, and ecology to really pull this idea together. I wish you the best of luck and hope my suggestions help you open people's eyes.

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