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by Parfasha1, none

"What these women teach our women who are already divorced?"

"Why all these Morning Show hosts are divorced?"

"How these women ride fighter planes when  get scared of a thunder storm?"

"Girls should not be elegant as in uniform"

These are common questions raised by men in all societies, it is not only limited to a particular society. It comes into a behavioural disease in men, Misogyny.

Misogyny is a psychotic disorder in men highly inspired by hate for woman, this hate begins from hurting emotionally, mentally and physically. It may be making severe fun of to resulting to her death.

Misogyny comes from Misogunia, Greek word which means "women haters", this term was used for gays. Well being GBT (Gays Bisexual Transgender) is another psychotic disorder in man, the attraction of man in another man.

I read a saying of sociology scientist (scientist of society) Allan G. Johnson, according to him "Misogyny is a cultural attitude of hatred for females because they are females".

To me it is more a psychotic disease than the culture as psychology makes the culture and culture re-makes the psychology though culture contain this impact but all our thoughts are impacted by our behaviours and manners which forms the society.

The matter of discussion is the misogynists. They consider treating women harshly as symbol of their pride and honour, all the women or most of them. Before going into further details I would love to mention a clause of religion Islam which my Islamic Studies teacher Mam Nargis Tariq had taught once in First Year of College, she said "woman was created from the bone of man near heart, so she is meant to be treated softly, politely otherwise force applied will break her as bones are broken. 

Misogyny is all about hate, jealousy, discrimination and violence against the beautiful creature of God Almighty. 

This hatred disease takes hold in all ancient and growing human societies, from the orthodox Asia to the modern West. Let us see certain examples of Misogyny in our society. When passengers come to know that their flight is about to be ridden by a female aviator, they begin to panic and confusion is observed while some scums make fun of them by making insulting remarks upon them, both in East and West. I have a question, why these misogynists always doubt female ridden flights? None of the woman aviator ever came across with a plane crash, all of them were men. Here I remember a private Mashaq crash in Model Town Lahore near CM House in 2011. A female instructor was riding the plane and it got crashed due to engine failure, the CCPO put the whole responsibility on the instructor by saying "because she was a woman". All the previous air crashes in history were not done by women, all of them were men. Well they can say all those pilots or Captains were given birth by women!

Another tremendous precedent of misogyny in our society is the dressing of women. In past there was a fashion of short shirts so girls preferred short shirts so every good and black put fatwa on this fashion by determining it indelicate or vice. It is also disordered psychology of man to criticize new dress of his wife. Now it's fashion of long and very long shirts, you know what long and very long shirts are also issued fatwas by claiming it extra use of cloth which is not religious. I am put this fatwa so that is why sharing it and I am put this fatwa for several times. Shorts shirts are not acceptable, long shirts are not acceptable.Are you really thinking of something in the midst of short and long? They even do not like this, fatwa is again put why didn't you sew long? That is pure events of Misogyny. Misogynistic approach won't be ending.

Men also order their women not to wear tight shirts, rather loose but loose traditional frocks and shirts are common so they are ordered to wear less loose clothes, I have these experiences! As it is wastage of fabric and wealth, Fatwa!.

I seriously do not know what should I name this approach, everything is wrong, not acceptable. Long, short and normal lenghted shirts all are put fatwas, loose and tight shirts are issued FIR. What I have concluded, misogynists will hate everything in which a woman looks adorable, pleasant and feels happy. 

Islamic Ideological Council even declared womem garments harram having flowers and colours printed, now this Council in the hatred of woman has put clauses to parliament to take back the Qur'anic right of "Khula' " or divorce from her. Does all it make little sense? 

If embroidery and colourful garments are not for girls then please bring them to our beloved misogynists! They will look gorgeous. By the way I had seen a male model wearing red, pink and yellow dress having multi colour flower broach on front.

By the way another interesting fact is if a girl carries dupatta she is asked to have chadder, then she is asked to wear abbaya and if she wears Niqab, she is put fatwa of "Kia Malum Niqab Kar Ke Kahan Jati He"

O Dear Misogynists!

I love to wear beautiful chadders.

And all these so called fatwas are nothing to do with our religion!

Coming to job thing!

I remember in 2006 when first batch of Pakistan Air Force's lady pilots was being trained, I read an article in Sunday Mag about the I'll health of women to ride a plane giving ill scientific and even religious logics. Even that misogynist writer must be knowing the role of Muslim women in wars.

Few days back I heard girls must not join military as all the young officers keep on starring them. What some young officers, all the bad men stare at girls in college, university, office etc doesn't mean girls should not touch their dreams and goals. I also heard girls shouldn't be in military even as doctors and nurses. Very nice, all the girls should definitely resign as they are diverting the concentration of our young officers. Military's medical core girls! write your resignations and yes Dear Officers then please appoint other young male officers for the check ups of your wives because our girls are diverting you.

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Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:49 am
kartikdevpura wrote a review...

It was quite interesting. While the topic was not unfamiliar, the way you presented your ideas was not only new but also quite imaginative. Giving examples of clothes and job opportunities to help guide your point home was a good idea too.

There were a few grammar errors and some spelling mistakes which I'm sure could be corrected if reread once or twice.
The title could be made more attractive.

This is a short review. Keep writing and well done!

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Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:58 pm

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Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:56 pm

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Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:58 am
Eldritch wrote a review...

Oh hello there! Interesting topic and quite familiar too. I never knew Misogyny was the psychological term for all those rubbish thinking few people tend to think. It's good to know a new thing!
Now, you've explained your thought, your opinions pretty nicely with some examples too. That's a good thing, when you're trying to say something about such burning issues, examples play vital role.
Well, i think it's really turning into a social disease these days, especially in the sub continent. Most of our societies are male-dominated. Except for few tribal ones.
I think, we can't get rid of this heinous thinking style overnight. It requires time. Most importantly it requires HONEST ATTEMPT. One can't change the way they think that easily even if they want. Because, we develop it from a very young age (the way we think i mean) and from various people and the environment. I think, we people should teach our kids from today to respect their friends who are girls, their sisters, maids working in their house and all that. By that they'll gradually tend to have the habit of respecting women.

We can't change people and why should we? We can surely try though. So, let us all give it a try.

Here as you've mentioned the term psychology, i expected few more psychological details. Though, it's fine. If you revise it, you'll find few grammatical errors you've made.

I better go now. *jumps outside*


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Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:07 am
Aileen wrote a review...

Hi, I am Aileen. Newbie here. These are my views-

You started out in a neutral tone but ended up in a pretty personal voice, that's how I felt. In your whole essay you have discussed what misogyny is and explained the concept with examples but what I found missing was the cause and effect. I really wanted to see possible explanations for why men (or women, which is quite possible) would resort to misogyny, like for example one reason can be the ultimate thirst of control. (I have reasons lined up but will share that as comment :-))

Not everybody would know what a fatwa is, you can explain the term before using since it has been used many times.

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Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:22 pm
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Madshein says...

welcome to young writers society
good read hope to read more in the future from you
sorry for short review i dont really do this so often and is really new to writing in general
and hope you like it on the site i know i love it
can i ask do you have taken a writing class before and if you have were ?
you don't have to answer am just curious
puls: sorry for bad english as it's not my first languages

[ Edit ]

Parfasha1 says...

Nice to see you!!

And coming to your question thing, Nope I didn't take any writing class, I guess literature of Sub Continent (by Muslims poets, writers, politicians) from history is that much strong to make you a writer just by stydying them%uD83D%uDE1C%uD83D%uDE0A

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Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:22 pm
Madshein wrote a review...

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Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:34 pm
Parfasha1 says...

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
— William James