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An' When Our Wars Break Out With A Big Boom, Our Spring Flowers Will Still Bloom

by PEL

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Sat Jun 08, 2024 9:21 pm
EllieMae wrote a review...


Hi again, PEL!! I have never reviewed an art piece like this on YWS before, so please excuse my inexperience! Let me give this my best shot :D

Wow, the colors are really beautiful! I notice that you use a variety of reds, purples, oranges, and yellows. This gives a lot of variety to the painting. Your details and so well done. The darkness of some parts of the leaves and the light green stems. They really stand out and I just love it!

I see a painting of a fancy looking bench on a well kept floor. The are is clean and filled with hundreds of colorful flowers. The golden wall behind the bench is lovely. I can see all of the individual cracks and crevices!

I am not a great painter, nor do I have as much experience as you, but here is what I can offer from what I see. It looks so clean and well kept that it almost is not realistic. Perhaps adding some over grown grass, cracks in pavement, or making some parts a bit dirtier? That could add a higher feeling of realistic looking-ness to this lovely scene!

Anyway, I love looking at this! Hope to see you around more soon! Keep painting and writing!

Your friend,


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Sat Mar 30, 2024 3:11 am
farq4d wrote a review...

Hey there, just wanted to drop by to leave a comment about this artwork. First of all, wow! this is so pretty and cool! I love the frame that you put the piece in. I'm curious, what medium is it? I love all the different types of flowers you have in the piece and all the different colors. The way that you have the bench surrounded by a tile/brick/paver pattern, it breaks up the naturalistic pattern of the flowers. This makes the bench easily the focal point of the art piece. I find my eyes first drawn to the bench, then downwards, then following the art piece in a sort of counterclockwise motion that leads me back to the bench. I would love to know more about this piece!!

PEL says...

Hi Farq,
Thank you for your kind review. I wanted to include this painting with the song below "Keep On Keeping On" but I couldn't seem to manage it, so I posted them separately. As for the painting I used Acrylic paints. I think colour has a healing affect so I love to paint colour in different ways. Flowers and Nature are perfect subjects to express colour.
There is a nice contrast between the straight geometric lines created by humans in the path, the brickwork and the seat compared to the alive free flowing movement of the flowers. Human creations are often solid unmoving objects while Nature is a free flowing living creation. But they can go together in harmony. Why? Because is is nice to have a seat to sit on while enjoying the healing colours of nature. The seat is there for you to sit on. Enjoy. If you would like to see more of my art work you can go to my web page below. I should let you know, though that they are mixed in with my other poems and songs, which are Aquarian poems and songs not Piscean ones so you may find them challenging. Thank you. PEL. https://poemsbypel.tumblr.com.

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