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Festival Thoughts

by NewYork30

Warning: This work has been rated 16+.

When I left at dusk I knew that I would never be the same once I returned

I looked at my face in the mirror and had the realization that I would never look at it the same again

That what these eyes were about to see was unlike anything I had ever dreamed of

That what these ears would hear would echo in my head forever like our howls into the night

Out there in the forest, my body and mind became my own

And that first night when the sun went down I knew that there was no other life that I wanted to live than this one

I remembered everything I once loved, and let it all go

I set fire to my soul and watched the ashes burn under the stars

The next morning I woke up with a new set of eyes that shined brighter than any of the lasers or stars that had surrounded us

I woke with thoughts that invaded places they never had

My whole life I had been searching to belong, to find my people

I never could have imagine that I would’ve find the answer to life in a crowd of thousands of people screaming into the night sky in the middle of fucking no where

All of us here to make memories with these beautiful people in this beautiful place that we would never forget

I found my voice amongst these strangers who empowered me to find it

These amazing people with their unique stories, pendants, pins, and tapestries, captured my heart

These savages who, just like me, came all this way, put work, family, and school behind

Put their entire life behind to stay up for days getting as much as we can out of life before its gone

Its crazy to me how these strangers will be imprinted in my soul forever

That I will forget that man who came up to me after Griz’s set out of no where with a blow up saxophone and handed it to me saying that he got this just for me and then disappeared into the night

Or Will’s kind soul whose hand I crushed in the car door without even realizing, he looked up at me saying “Sweetheart, you just closed my hand in the door” as kind as could be

Tyler, who took me to silent disco at 2 am and let me confide in him secrets I had never told anyone

The group of people at 5 am as the sun was rising on the beach who asked me to join their “cuddle puddle” on the last morning of the festival, and we all shared our best memories from the weekend

All of the people I met out there impacted my life in one way or another, I can still feel their spirits floating with mine 

I met my festival family while I was being guided by Lucy, she led me right to them

They had beautiful tapestries, lights, and music at their campsite

And Lucy gave me the confidence to walk right up to them and tell them I wanted to sit right in the middle of their entire set up to take it all in

They told me to go right ahead, and it started everything

All of the sudden I had people to share this lifestyle with, who I related to on a whole other level

Who, even when we went home, I could call and talk to about how blessed we are to have each other and those experiences

People who know the real me, inside and out, who have seen me at 4 am wild beneath the night sky exposing my soul for anybody and everybody to see

And even if I never saw them again, even if I never went to another festival again, I have memories and experiences that could last me an entire lifetime

These moments are the core to my entire being, and no one can take them from me

So when people ask me when I am happiest

I tell them that I am happiest when all I can feel is the bass and breathe smoke and am surrounded by thousands of people losing their minds to this beautiful music in this beautiful place

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Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:47 pm
lukekazey wrote a review...

Hey, Luke here for an apparently long overdue review!

So, overall I really enjoyed this poem. It had a kind of Lana del Rey, opening monologue of "Ride" vibe to it (which I highly recommend listening to if you havent already, by the way). It was really entracing and your description is divine. I love really metaphorical imagery about self and soul, and this was full of it, so brava!

There were only a couple of issues I picked up on, actually. The first was that tbere was a severe lack of periods in your work. Maybe it was intentional, but because there are still comma, it's not appealing to the reader in any way and can actually be a little jarring.

Secondly, I'd struggle to call this a poem. It reads more as prose to me, which is great. So I just feel that if you reorganised the text into prose it would make it even stronger. On the whole though, a beautiful piece, and I'm sorry that it's been in the Green Room for so long.

Keep writing,

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Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:12 pm
LittleLee wrote a review...

Hey, Little's here for a review!! I haven't done this in ages, so forgive me if I blunder a bit!

Starting off, I really like the topic that you chose. Festivities are entrancing for all of us, but few ever pen these thoughts down. I appreciate that you did.
I absolutely adore your descriptive writing! It feels like I'm the narrator, and looking at these things through my own two eyes.
Just a question; are the people you're talking about real? Are these all incidents that happened to you?

I found barely any grammatical errors or anything of the sort. I'm pretty sure they were accidents, but you should be careful.
As there is a complete lack of punctuation, the poem is somewhat hard to read... It gets slightly annoying trying to figure out where one sentence ends and the other begins.
"All of the sudden" doesn't quite roll off the tongue. I think "All of A sudden" would settle in better.

I love how you have ended the poem! Normally, repeating a word twice in a sentence (in this case, beautiful) doesn't work out quite well, but here it actually enhances the words and draws up a vivid image of how you feel.
All in all, I really liked the poem. It artfully describes the euphoria and madness of festivities, and those who participate in them. Hats off to you!

I don't do time.
— Liberty