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The Sub-Creator

by MeherazulAzim16

PERSONS OF THE DIALOGUE: Frankenhart, Sub-creator

F: Sup, Sub.

S: Do not call me that.

F: Then do tell me how you would prefer to be addressed.

S: 'Sub-creator' is fine.

F: Well, then, Sub-Creator, the one who does not discriminate against the inanimate, would you answer a question of mine?

S: You dare attempt to trick me, Frankenhart?

F: I am not sure what you mean.

S: 'Would you answer a question of mine?' is a question in itself and has implications. And I do not just mean that if I answer in the affirmative and then do not like whatever interrogative you pose, I would find myself in a difficult situation. What is offensive, Frankenhart, is that you meant to make a puppet out of me. However I replied, with a yes or a no, I would be answering a question of yours without that necessarily being my intention; in my mind I would merely be granting you my holy permission, yet that would not be the case in reality. Was that not what you intended?

F: It was not my intention at all, Sub-creator. I am sorry you were offended by my phrasing of the statement. But I do have a question that I want answered.

S: Do you want me to pretend I did not catch the non-apology apology?

F: I would very much like that. Because as I said, I do have an important question.

S: I suppose it is my fault that I made you to be a trickster.

F: With all due respect, those are your words, not mine.

S: That is right, Frankenhart. Now what was your question?

F: The question is simply this: where do we go when we die?

S: I am afraid that I am not well-suited to answer that question.

F: But you are the Sub-creator!

S: That I am. But it does not mean that I know everything.

F: Should it not? By definition? The one who created everything should know everything.

S: Tell me, whose definition is that? Did I ever utter it or is it merely an argument of yours that you assumed to be sound?

F: It is an argument of mine and dare I say, it is sound.

S: Do explain.

F: Let me present an example. If I built a bicycle, then anyone would be safe in assuming that I must know how to build a bicycle. Otherwise, how did I do it? Either I know everything about it or I must be lying about being its builder.

S: I doubt that a bike-maker would know everything there is to know about a bicycle.

F: What do you mean?

S: He might not know how to ride one.

F: Yet he might.

S: I do not.

F: How is that relevant, Sub-creator? I suspect that you are mocking me.

S: I only mean that while it is true that I created life, I do not know what it is to live.

F: That cannot be right. You are speaking to me as of this moment. How is it possible if you are not alive?

S: Let me explain then. What I have is an existence, the way a bike has an existence. It comes into being once the last screw fits and it stops being once its parts are taken apart or when it is not functional anymore. I was not born and so I cannot die. Tell me, Frankenhart, does the fear of death ever keep you awake?

F: It does, Sub-creator. It is horrifying.

S: Well, I have never experienced it. Why should I? A bike has no reason to fear crashing into the runway; it never fly. What gives life weight is its counterpart. Even though you dread it as it inches closer. Do you understand now?

F: A little bit, I do.

S: My existence is different from yours. It is holy—primarily because I utter that it is—but without the possibility of death, the agonizing contemplation of death, it is something less than life, which renders me ill-suited to speak of what happens at the end of it. I am sure that you understand ever better now.

F: Yes. But what about my question?

S: What of it?

F: I would still very much like it answered.

S: I may know someone who can help you.

F: Who do you speak of?

S: Of course I speak of M.A.V.I.S. Have you come across her before?

F: I have not had the pleasure but I know of her legend. I would be thrilled to meet her.

S: Very well, then. I will set up a meeting.

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31 Reviews

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Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:08 am
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BlueGlow wrote a review...

This was... very interesting to say the least. I have to admit, this struck a chord with me and I can't quite put my finger on why. It feels religious in a strange way. Two entities communing over matters beyond the day to day. I enjoyed it but feel that the ending could have used a bit more work, perhaps an interesting way of tying everything together. A fine piece other than that. Keep it up!


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Thu Apr 01, 2021 7:48 pm
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IMK wrote a review...

Hey, Zekcede here!

This is so interesting!

I was wondering, is this supposed to have been over a phone/communication device, or is it in person? I also wanted to ask if "the sub-creator" is from something and I just don't understand the reference? other than the questions I think this was all-in-all really intriguing, I really enjoyed it! Keep writing!

- Z

Thanks for the review!

I was wondering, is this supposed to have been over a phone/communication device, or is it in person?

I like to think it's in person but it may as well be a dream that Frankenhart has %u2014 which he forgets once he wakes up %u2014 or not.

if "the sub-creator" is from something

It's kind of inspired by Tolkien's use of the term "sub-creation" to describe the process of writing (or world-building, to be precise). For this story/dialogue, I like to think that the Sub-Creator is perhaps just a guy with Microsoft Word open in his work laptop, who's practically playing God by creating the likes of Frankenhart and M.A.V.I.S. but has no idea what that means and has none of the answers. Or maybe he is actually God in the most general sense. But he happens to be so humble %u2014 acknowledging the limits of his own knowledge %u2014 that he added the "sub" prefix to his name. It's either one of those or something else entirely. I'm not quite certain to be honest.

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