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by MasterGrieves

Leave me for the dogs.
Leave me be.
Leave me for the ghosts.

Babies and their dads.
Babies cry.
Babies and their mums.

Me and my problems.
Me and you.
Me and my conflict.

Reveal my weakness.
Reveal all.
Reveal my heartbreak.

Use me for my sex.
Use me now.
Use me for the thrill.

Be a hyprocite.
Be a star.
Be a "role model".

Your presence is here.
Your feeling.
You presence remains.

You know what I mean.
You know it.
You know what I think.

Someone must die.
Something breaks.
Someone must die.

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Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:05 pm
demib says...

I like this poem, Adam i really do. It has a nice flow to it, keeps going leading to other things to lead to the last stanza i think it is (i forgot)
"Someone must die."
Its kind of creepy, but its is a good kind of creepy. Keep writing, Adam, for i cant wait to read more!

The moral of Snow White is never eat apples.
— Lemony Snicket