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by LuckyPanda2301

Live Laugh Love

LIVE. Live every moment. Live your life because you only have one. Live it like you only have one. Don’t dwell on the past, or dream of the future, but live in the present. Live like there’s no tomorrow.

LAUGH. Laugh every day. Laugh like you mean it and laugh with a smile. Laugh to be happy and laugh to make the world happy. Laugh when you cry and laugh when you are hurting. Laugh at the things that don’t matter because it brings joy to you and those around you, so be happy and laugh.

LOVE. Love beyond words. Love with all you have because there will always be someone who needs it. Love because when you give it, you get it. Love when you can’t forgive, and love without regret. Spread the love. Let the world embrace your love and feel the love yourself. Be happy and love with all your heart.

Remember, you only live once so

Smile :)

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Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:11 pm
Maybeileen wrote a review...

Hello LuckyPanda2301! Judging from this passage I gather you are probably a very loving and free-spirited person!

I really enjoyed the simplicity in this, the simple truth was refreshing. A lot of things you read on this site (and I am guilty of this) are about not being happy. That may because writers find it easy to write out their despair or wanting more.

This piece is special because it focuses on what we do have; the ability to live our lives and laugh at ourselves and love one another.

I kind of wonder how this would work formatted as a poem, the way you right makes me think you either are or can be a great poet. Anyway, I'm definitely a fan! Thanks so much for sharing. :)


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Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:10 pm
PhoenixXander wrote a review...

I like what this is about, what message you are trying to send, it's a very good message.

I feel like this is a message that we see everyday, and some people like to put it on things, and say they live by it, then turn around and go against some of the morals behind it.

There's more to it then what the words say, and you should pull that out. Dig deeper to find the hidden message inside these words that seem so innocent.

Your sentences are kind of generic.

"Live every moment.", talk about a moment! Something big! Or go into detail about living in the moment, talk about picking up every little thing that happens. Talk about remembering every detail, no matter how big or small! Talk about picking up on fragrances, pictures, places, sounds, all the little things that make a memory complete.

"Laugh every day.", explain what that means to you! Explain the feeling of a laugh, how it hurts when you laugh a lot in one short period of time, but how good that hurt is. Talk about the unique tone in everyone's laugh. You could even discuss that laughing makes you live longer,or makes you feel more youthful. Talk about how a good laugh could cure any bad day, how it could cheer up a friend and brighten their week.

"Love beyond words.", tell me what you mean by that. Explain what loving does to a person, in a positive way. Tell the readers about what love can mean. You can love anyone and anything, so tell what you mean. Maybe you want to get across that you can love anyone, in anyway. I want to know what you mean. What does love mean to you?

Make the readers know what it means to live, laugh, love.

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Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:11 am
Dracula wrote a review...

I love this! And I laugh it and live it.;)

It really makes me consider how the world is so messed up nowadays and how we all just need to calm down and live, laugh, love.

I suggest you turn this into a poem, I think it would be really cool!

One nitpick: "Live your life because you only have one. Live it like you only have one." The second sentence contradicts the first.

Thanks for writing this awesome piece!

"Death is cheap, and so is life, but a reputation is not easily recovered."
— SirenCymbaline the Kiwi