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It's not who you have to be

by Lucian

Warning: This work has been rated 16+.

The scars that adorn my body aren’t me, they don’t define you, some of those scars are on the inside some of them haven’t closed and are still bleeding their pain

All day most everyday, just a little nudge reminds you that the pain is still there, and the only way to help it is to stop what’s causing the pain. It may not be easy, it seldom is, cause things worth that much are often hard to get back or find again.

The time that people spend hiding what they should share is immense, at the very moment you read this someone stopped themselves from leaving, and 2 others did leave.

They left because they either would speak or others couldn’t listen, people forgot me. Those people are none the wiser as to what could have happened. They likely will never know how close I was, but I found something. Not a purpose for that I’m still searching, but a promise and friend.

Most would stop reading here thinking I had already finished saying what was important. But no, that friend that I mentioned was someone greater who cares, sometimes it doesn’t feel like he’s listening but he is. Any time you speak to him, he’ll respond, you just might not hear it right away. Someday though your clogged ears will be opened and you will hear a whisper that may someday grow into a shout.

That day will be the one where you find the fullness of that friend. If you listen they will never lead you astray, the only thing they will lead you to, is a better place. But that place will come in time for the entrance is in that friend's hands.

So for all those who live adorned with scars, inside and out, the ones marked physically and mentally, those stuck with addiction and fear and sadness and the feeling of being lost. For those people, there is a friend who will help and listen, one who doesn’t care how you look. They will always be there for you. That friend is God. He listens and helps, no problem is too small or too big, and everything can be brought to him without fear.

So find him, search for him, because he is looking for you too. He is not going to stop trying to help even if it’s just listening. There is nothing anyone can do that God cannot forgive, he loves everyone. So you should try talking with him for a little while and see how it feels to have a friend who cares for you like no other. Good luck and don’t give up quite yet, go and talk with someone who will listen.

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Sat Jun 08, 2024 10:59 pm
Coffeewriter wrote a review...

Heyyy, this is Coffee here to offer you a short yet heartfelt review! Grab a snack and sit down to read!! Don’t be shy!~^^~

To begin with, I love how emotional this piece is yet it’s very straightforward and rather blunt too! Straight to the point! I agree with the message very much, that not all scars are visible and many people have different ways of coping withe their own baggage and pain that they must endure. My favourite line is this one because it’s so simple yet feels like a sharp poke in the ribs, amazing!

“ The scars that adorn my body aren’t me, they don’t define you, some of those scars are on the inside some of them haven’t closed and are still bleeding their pain”

I love how deep it is, it’s so very touching yet… almost defensive? It proves that the scars and pain we are forced to go through aren’t our fault, are not meant to define us or they don’t purely exist to be YOU. I love that message, it’s great. ^^
It also says that it’s totally ok that sometimes wounds don’t heal completely at all and even physically they sometimes leave a life-long scab or scar and that’s totally fine!! People are all different some find it the easiest to move on and accept hard facts whilst others are left grabbing at the dust left behind, just completely blank-unsure what to do! Overall, this work is very detailed and great!! The context and whole structure is very impressive and mature but I feel it would have more of an impact if you included some more ‘fancy’ words? Like ‘Most of you would go away or stop reading because you think I’m done rambling about issues that everyone has and the essential information is already conveyed…’ See? I think it makes it just a littlleeee bit of a difference but it’s your decision!
Thank you very much for reading and as usual have a really great day/night! I need to sleep so sweet dreams!<3

Lucian says...

Thank you for reviewing my work, I will take your insight to hear.

Coffeewriter says...


“I am not worried, Harry," said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. "I am with you.”
— Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince