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Wild Fire

by Living77

At times, I can recall that certain feeling. The feeling of fear slowly seeping its way into the pores of my skin, like water into the dry desert dirt. My soul was quickly being consumed as I waited to experience something of the unknown. On November 10, 2011 at 8:00a.m., a naive eleven-year old boy swiftly floated into oblivion, and had to trust that science would guide him back. Science, is the man who stood over me with a scalpel, the woman who held the anesthesia mask to my face, and the belief that with every problem there is some type of solution. I remain immensely grateful for a smooth process, but even more so for the personal growth that stemmed afterwards as well. Little did I know, that such an event would create a concrete foundation for my future interests and achievements.

In the beginning my interest was all but unattended. My youthful mind fluttered with questions and curiosity as I laid on bed rest. “Why was I having a little trouble ‘waking up’? Why did I need that gas to fall asleep?” These simple questions soon evolved into much more complicated and sophisticated ones, allowing myself to dive deeper into the vast ocean of science. It was during these long weeks of recovery that I unearthed a burning sensation that could only be satisfied by the pursuit of something greater. Within a few weeks of researching and talking to those who visited me, I came to realize the true significance of science within the medical field. It was then, that I embarked on my journey in hopes of one day contributing to the medical field. As of now, I strive to become a family medicine physician.

Acknowledging the drastic effects that an experience can bring, I vowed to use all the resources at my disposal. For this reason, I applied to ********* High School, where I’m on track to graduating with a distinguished achievement diploma and associate’s degree in science. Attending such a well-rounded and rigorous school has opened many doors of opportunities. In fact, during my freshman year I took the challenge of participating in the school science fair, in which I advanced to district and placed third. I also participated in the Science and Engineering Fair of ******, where my ability to communicate played a vital role. Through my experiment on the effects of microorganism on food spoilage, I acquired a taste of how the scientific process functions; I was also able to gain a greater perspective on the engineering process through the Science Research and Design course. Moreover, a growing desire to witness the versatility of science, I enrolled in an AP environmental science course and submitted artwork to ****. For my upcoming junior year, I am genuinely thrilled in having received the opportunity along with two other of my peers, to participate in the NASA ExMass project. In this national standards-based lunar/ asteroid research program, I will delve into a world that will allow me to explore what I would have hardly ever imagined.

Furthermore, the hands-on internship offered at ***** of Medicine will undoubtedly enhance my skills and provide a set of tools that simply cannot be acquired through the flip of a page. Throughout my academic career, I have come to understand that personal growth comes most from first-hand exposure. It is not until one greets failure head on, that the true feeling of productivity and progress becomes familiar. With this mindset and thirst for productivity, I remain motivated to further propel myself toward my overall goal of putting forth an impactful contribution to the medical field.

To conclude, an unforgettable experience has left a lasting impression that I will forever cherish. My surgery unconsciously kindled an untamable wild fire of passion that will undoubtedly fuel my never-ending pursuit of knowledge. It is with immense optimism, that I hope to part partake in the summer research program.

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Sat May 06, 2017 3:41 pm
Thisislegacy wrote a review...

Legacy here for a review.

The title of this essay works well because you are trying to make the point that your curiousity of medical science is like a wildfire (correct me if I am wrong). Your use of vocabulary was immense and you seem to know the jargon of the field that you want to enter. The whole paper was very professional while still hitting a few heartstrings with the personal story at the beginning. That will make you look better because you made yourself memorable and professional.

Only thing I would recommend is running this through an online grammar check and grade level site such as or Overall good paper, just would use an online checker to make sure.

The best of luck for the internship. Legacy.

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Sat May 06, 2017 3:37 pm
DragonNoir wrote a review...

Hello! DragonNoir here for a review!

What can I say? This is a very inspiring and effective piece of writing. You show how the main character is determined to answer the questions introduced by a surgery, but what was the actual surgury? Was it some kind of transplant or something like that? Either way, I don't think there is anything you could improve on here! Just keep doing what you do! I hope this review helped in some way! :)

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