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The Rick End of Morty (Ending to Rick and Morty?)

by Lionhero333

Ok so, I had just been thinking a little about this show. We can all agree that it has been something amazing. It's storytelling its raw-ness and unapologetic way of story telling is near South Park God Level. Although some say its dying down with the long breaks and Incest Baby (which I see nothing wrong because I know what Im getting when I watch this show) people thinking its dumbing down to meet an audience standard. I mean, most of the science stuff is fake and theoretical soo if you thought you were smart when Rick says Gasorp sorp you might need to look in the mirror.

With this show anything is possible as we can see with Season 5 ep 2 Mortyplicity and Rick's constant lectures about nothing mattering because of multiple universes and all. Everything matters and doesn't everything is and isn't. This show destroys universes and galaxies and hell, Rick could have gotten another Bird Person instead of keeping his same one which, if Rick and Morty is from another universe he ruined (showed in S3 I believe) then why does he care about- ok never mind back to what I was saying....

There are three things that we have NOT seen yet that I think can explain this world and how it will all end... Possibly... In my opinion.

1. Time is never fucked with.

Yes, Rick and Morty move through alternate realities and return to their 2nd home as if nothing happened (also real quick when Rick and Morty go to Atlantis could have been a really good tie-in with Rick's nemesis Andre) but their mostly they return things to normal no matter what.

Examples: in Rickmancing The Stone; when they go to the Apocalypse world during their parents separation. They fix the world restoring a former order, BUT out of greed Rick steals the green rock. Whether on purpose or on accident, the world is restored back to its former.

Also, Rick loves family number 2; he always seems to find a way to make sure they are safe and the status quo is returned.

Morty's place saving belt. Rick was proving a point to Morty in the most asshole way possible, BUT once again time and its flow is restored.

There has yet to be a Rick with his wife alive; not all is possible and if certain things are changed then that could mean no Rick and Morty


We've seen the Citadel of Ricks we've seen "Evil Morty", whom I call Good Morty. There is no aging going on, in fact, Rick does as much healing as he does drinking and smoking alien drugs.

Hell, they have the same president.

Also, when they froze time so they could clean the house back in S1-2 they made sure not to do anything else and even nearly died trying to merge worlds when they were lost in uncertainty.

It can be argued that they never fixed their world and their OG family. They killed the weird alien king that tried to rape Morty, and they destroyed the Citadel of Ricks and an Alien planet, though, none if those truly mattered in the spectrum of Rick AND Morty, and one was just a planet.

Rick and Morty have never done anything truly so fucked up with time that it caused them to not exist which brings me to my next conclusion on the duo and their family.

Rick and Morty and their entire family is an anomaly

Beth and Jerry go on a couples therapy planet and have it destroyed because their imaginary views on each other were still co-dependent.

Summer coming on adventures.

Two Beths One Universe.

Jerry surviving anything.

And Rick's god level intelligence.

In the infinity that is Time, there is none like any other than the Sanchez/Smith family.

Beths are adored. Jerrys are hated. Mortys are abused. Summers are neglected. And Ricks are the centerpiece. This family literally balances out the universe.


these past seasons we have seen theme mock their longevity (to the point where it almost ruined it) and Rick nearly dying with Morty in the process. We have also seen Morty try to be more open to others and more involved in dating and making friends. Its no news Morty wants out... Sort've. At least there is some sort of breaking point.

No doubt Morty will eventually tire of life as a sidekick and wish to grow up. I feel "Evil Morty", is merely breaking the tip of the iceberg and true freedom comes when all Mortys Ricks are dead and unable to claim them or portal to another universe which helps continue the cycle of Rick and Morty and keeps infinite amounts of anomalies just as the Citadel and the Evil Ricks plan of torturing Mortys to mask himself. Evil Morty is out to be possibly the only Morty or at least have power a Morty has never had in a , "If you cant beat'em join'em", way.

But yes thats what I see for end of Rick and Morty. Morty has to kill Rick and it has to happen in all universes snd timelines for thr cycle to end. OR all of Beth's Mothers have to live or Beth has to be born a boy but that is out of the question fully because of the cycle that all Ricks need a Kid Morty to survive. Morty is the key to ending the tyrant Rick and peace would be restored as well as time.

(I hope somebody reads this and engages in conversation. I literally have nobody to talk to about this. But it was just a thought I had🤔🤔🤔✌🤓)

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