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The bravest thing man could do

by Leys

What is the bravest action man could take upon himself? Society calls it "a selfless act". Though, why selfless? Does a selfless man see more in others? Or does a selfish person only see himself? A man selfless is just as brainless as a selfish person is arrogant. One must find a balance. See, it's easy to get caught up in the wind of society. Do not act out of line and you may live your life as you wish, be respected even. Does that make an arrogant person different and brave? To think only of others is humble indeed, but to cost of thyself, is it really worth it?

See, people who sold their souls for the merit of the public aren't seen as humble. Whereas people who hold on to their own ideas and never substitutes are seen as solid.

Does the bravest thing man could do, mean radicality? Left becomes right, up is down and selfless people start acting selfish, vice versa.

It is perhaps the balance that we seek that is so hard to reach. Society is a library. Man can select any book he likes, by any author, about any theme, in any genre. Think about any shelf, aisle, section and library that man could choose from. Every book alike with it's neighbour, though never the same. It is the middle of the library that is unattractive. The very point of one's own wisdom, surrounded by attractions, distractions.

Perhaps the most unattractive thing man finds is the bravest thing man could choose.

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Sat Jun 01, 2024 6:32 pm
DreamyAlice wrote a review...

Hey there! I am here for a short review.

This was a short but a sharp piece of work where you structured your thoughts and grey opinions on society in a very elegant manner with extremely fitting metaphors. The bravest thing a man could do can also be easily labeled as the stupidiest thing the man did, like selfless acts. My opinions may differ but in the end I too believe in a balance which in most situations works the best.

I loved the library metaphor use. It was really well done.

I would suggest you can deffinitely try to take this thought and express it in many other forms maybe poetry, or anything or you could write it longer. Grey themes are always interesting to write and read so maybe you can go further and write longer.

It was a short review. Looking forward to reading your other futuew works.

Keep Writing👍

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 4:37 pm
Valkyria wrote a review...

Hi Leys,

I normally don't review essays, but this looked like an interesting read-- and it was! The essay is short, but it's poignant. The message is meaningful, and it represents society in a gray light.

I noticed that there are a couple of things that can be improved on.

...but to cost of thyself, is it really worth it?

I think because "thyself" an archaic word, and we only see it in historical literature, the word looks out of place. If this was written in the perspective of a historical figure (well-known or not) it wouldn't look so noticeable. Also, the word "you" is used way more in the essay, making "thyself" feel unnecessary.

The point being made with unattractiveness can be elaborated on a little more. It doesn't feel like there's enough substance to argue or show why the unattractive thing is the bravest thing man could do.

I think the essay has a great voice! It feels very elegant yet lively. The juxtaposition of selfishness vs. selflessness is presented well, and you bring up some good points.

Do you read a lot of 19th or 20th century literature? I can see some inspiration in your writing style :D

Good job on this!

Leys says...

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll try and incorporate it in future works. And yes! I feel inspired by books such as: "The picture of Dorian Gray" and any works of Kafka.
Thanks again, friend!

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Fri Jan 12, 2024 8:09 am
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WendyDarling says...

This cut deep, ngl. The metaphors in it are great, and the overall message is too. A very accurate respersentation of society. Great voice, too.

Leys says...

Thank you so much! I appreciate it <3

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