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The Daughter of War - Chapter 27: Bloodline

by Ley

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

Chapter 27: Bloodline

I could get used to this, Josephine thought to herself while sipping her hot moonstone tea on the extended deck of the guest house. She wanted to decorate it to her liking—add some portraits of people she looked up to: Aphrodite, Harmonia, and Pan; but she could save that for later. She wanted to do nothing more but paint the cream bricks an inviting green, or replace the wallpaper with one of her liking. Aphrodite’s taste was light, flattering colors—whereas Josephine preferred earthy shades like beige and azure.

She got news early that morning that Persephone was on her second stage of recovery. The healers, thank gods, were able to successfully remove all roots and growths from her brain, only leaving a few in Persephone’s lungs. According to Penelope, Persephone had an estimated recovery of 20 days remaining. Josephine contemplated going to visit her friend, but wasn’t at all prepared to tell her that they’d got nowhere with figuring out who caused the attack. She also wanted to speak to her father first; hearing his side of the story before making any rash decision seemed like the right thing to do.

Harmonia’s voice sounded from the side of the guest house, closer to the garden, “Find anything useful?” Her sister’s fiery red hair gleamed a shade of orange in the sun as she gracefully walked up the steps of the deck. Like always, the goddess of harmony looked stunning and smelled of heaven.

Josephine flashed a smile and took a sip from her mug, “Apparently father has something to do with it, but I’d like to hear it from him first before I make any assumptions.”

“Assumptions or facts?” Harmonia’s voice was warm and soothing mixed with hints of wildfire and harp.

Harmonia and Josephine were both biologically similar—being the only two offspring of Aphrodite and Ares. Josephine may have been the original forbidden child, but Harmonia came not long after. The gods refused to stop seeing each other—therefore birthing another daughter in which Ares was, once again, ashamed of.

“Both,” Josephine responded as Harmonia sat beside her, crossing one leg over the other. Her long, white dress drooped elegantly over her bottom-half, creating the illusion that she was curvier than she really was.

Josephine inherited the curves, cheekbones, and lips; Harmonia inherited the voice and grace. Harmonia was still beautiful in her own ways: the goddesses’ skin was as clear and soft as cotton; her eyes were bright blue with hints of purple as if they were crafted with sapphire. To Josephine, Harmonia was the most stunning goddess of them all, even more so than their mother.

Her sister studied her, pursing her lips lightly, “Father will do anything for power. He’s the god of war, for crying out loud. I wouldn’t be surprised if—”

“He wouldn’t.” Josephine interrupted, shaking her head. She didn’t notice her voice slightly cracked until Harmonia looked at her with a sympathetic gaze.

“Josephine… not everything is butterflies and rainbows. I’ve heard of the things they’ve done, the crimes they’ve committed, the treason is endless. Not just father, but every single god that reigns over Olympus. These things happen.”

“These things don’t just happen, sister,” Josephine’s voice grew agitated; a slight edge in her tone, “A beam of light the height of Forbidden Slopes doesn’t just happen. I’ve never seen anything like it before, Harmonia. I wish you were there; I wish…it was different, okay? It wasn’t normal. It doesn’t just happen.”

“Okay, okay,” Harmonia’s face turned worried, “Can you explain it to me? What’d you see?”

“It was a beam of light, so big that it could blind any mortal in an instant. It created a hole so large in the ground that… that…” Josephine’s eyes started to water, so she sucked it up and wiped her waterline with her sleeve, “people were dying. People were getting sucked in, and there was nothing we could do. Nothing could stop it. It didn’t seem real.”

“And…Apollo didn’t own up to it, I’m guessing?”


“He could be lying,” Harmonia shrugged and turned to overlook the garden, “Gods lie all the time.”

“I was thinking that, too,” Josephine sighed, playing with the mug’s handle.

“Speak to father, get more information, and then report back to me. Bring your little boy-toy too,” a look of realization swept over Harmonia’s face, causing her to stand abruptly, “I think I might know someone that could be of help.”

“He’s not my…” Josephine cringed, “boy-toy. But, I will bring him.

Harmonia winked, and Josephine watched with intrigue as her sister disappeared through the palace doors.


Josephine hadn’t been in her fathers quarters since before the Trials. Unlike Aphrodite’s home, Ares’ palace was the true definition of masculine, with numerous weaponry sheds located at different locations around the premises; armed, bulky members of Zeus’ army played poker and dice in the dining hall. It was a nostalgic feeling, being surrounded by men and only men, but she’d grown used to it all these years.

She somehow snuck through the massive courtyard and straight to Ares’ personal quarters before trying the handle, finding that the heavy metal lock clicked undone once she applied some pressure. The sounds of voices echoed through the large, sunless den. The stone statues glared at her as she walked through the doorway.

Her father’s voice faded into nothing when he saw Josephine.

“Leave us,” Are’s voice was strong as he gestured for his right-hand men to exit. All three of them nodded in unison—disappearing past Josephine and into the corridor. Josephine almost forgot how her father looked, those dangerous black eyes and intimidating body structure. The god stood at almost eight feet tall; he towered over the other gods with ease. Josephine approached him slowly, preparing herself for anything.

“Hello, father.”

Ares looked at her with intrigue, “Why are you here, Josephine? I know you didn’t come just to say hello.”

Straight to it, then.

Ares sat down on the black leather sofa, and Josephine sat across from him in the spare cushioned lounge chair, “As you probably know, I was injured along with my friend at the Grande Feast.”

Ares shifted in his seat. Josephine wanted to study him; she was around her father enough that she was able to tell when he was lying. As she suspected, he refrained from looking her in the eye, “I was… aware, yes.”

“It killed and hurt many people, father. I visited Apollo and he suggested that I confront you.”

Josephine had never been this open and confrontational with anybody, let alone her father. She had him sweating—he obviously knew of her rare gift—he knew, if he angered Josephine enough, she could burn him to a crisp. It felt strange for Josephine to be in control of a conversation with her father.

“Apollo is a fucking idiot,” Ares groaned, a concerned look on his aging face, “You will listen to Apollo’s words before coming to me?”

“I never suspected you would have anything to do with an attack on Olympus,” Josephine corrected him, “That’s why I never came to you. I assumed it was Apollo, but he quickly proved otherwise by throwing you under the bus. You still haven’t denied it, either.”

Ares hesitated, a slight crack in his voice, but he still held his ground like a war god would, “I wouldn’t do that, and if you believe I would, you’re not my child.”

Josephine didn’t react.

That wasn’t the first time she’d heard him not claim her as kin—she grew up around him throwing fits, lecturing her that Women like you don’t belong in my bloodline.

She decided to slap a smile on her face instead, ignoring the slight tingly burn in her arteries, “I stopped being your child the minute the Third Trial ended. You are my father by blood, but not by heart. We will never be family.”

Ares’ eyes raged, and he tossed the coffee table over to the side before rushing to Josephine’s space, “Watch who you’re talking to, girl.”

“Or what?” Josephine’s smile grew wider as the god grabbed her by the neck. It didn’t last long, as Josephine allowed her anger to fuel her gift; skin burning hot to the touch. Josephine could feel something, though, as his skin came in contact with hers. A gift of light and sun. Apollo’s gift. Ares’ screamed in agony before letting go.

“What is this? You think you can defeat your old man?” Ares smiled, a sinister grin forming across his now red face.

“No, actually, I will be leaving now. I got what I came here for,” Josephine stood and strode towards the door, glancing back behind her shoulder before she left her father’s presence. The God didn’t move, as if stuck in time, “And by the way, old man. Don’t ever touch me again, or I’ll kill you. Tell Apollo that I will see him shortly.”

Josephine felt powerful as she left her father’s quarters; the smile on her face never faded. 

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Sat Mar 02, 2024 11:57 pm
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RavenAkuma wrote a review...

Hello Again, My Friend!

I would like to continue my review with the next chapter in this great story! Let's dive in, shall we? Heh heh heh...

What The Black Eyes See...

This chapter was POWERFUL, and so was Josephine! Ares definitely had that guilty tone and body language, and the interaction escalated into a complete 180* from what it was, in the first couple of chapters. Let's get into the details though.

Where The Dagger Points...

No recommendations for content! Just two minor errors that I noticed, here:

Josephine hadn’t been in her fathers quarters since before the Trials.

"Father's" is missing an apostrophe.

“Leave us,” Are’s voice was strong as he gestured for his right-hand men to exit.

"Ares" is missing an "S" here.

That is all ~

Why The Grin Widened...

Oh, where to begin?! Once again, you've given me a problem, trying to pick my favorite part!

So, one thing I love has to do with Josephine's character, particularly in the way that -despite Harmonia's criticism- she was willing to give Ares the benefit of the doubt. Not only did it make sense on a technical level, as the light didn't make much sense, but it showed a great character trait of Josephine that contrasted with the power and confidence she shows in the following scene; that she is merciful and considerate, rather than just using that power to turn into a copy of Ares, her very rival.

That was summed up and easy to see here:

“I never suspected you would have anything to do with an attack on Olympus,” Josephine corrected him, “That’s why I never came to you. I assumed it was Apollo, but he quickly proved otherwise by throwing you under the bus. You still haven’t denied it, either.”

Staying calm and collected in the face of an enemy, making the point clear and not being accusatory without reason. Perfect. This showed infinite growth in her character, love it ~

This showed the point well too:

She decided to slap a smile on her face instead, ignoring the slight tingly burn in her arteries, “I stopped being your child the minute the Third Trial ended. You are my father by blood, but not by heart. We will never be family.”

Just smile, keep the anger under control, and speak the truth. Nailed it. And such a powerful line!

And just like that, my theory of Ares having a redemption moment is pretty much gone, haha.

Our Mad Thoughts...

Overall, this may be my new favorite chapter! If not because Josephine displayed her incredible growth as a character, both physically and in spirit. Awesome! :)


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Sat Feb 17, 2024 2:47 pm
Youbeaucupid wrote a review...

Cupid's Sweetheart Spotlights


SWOOSH! Greetings, lovely hearts! Cupid here, armed with my bow, arrow, and a sprinkle of stardust for an enchanting adventure. Today, I'm diving into the captivating world of reviews with my very own Cupid's Sweetheart Spotlight. It's like the incredible YWS S'more Method, but with a dash of cupid's magic! Let's get flying, shall we? :)

Fluttering Wings - Initial Impressions:

Girlie, from the moment Josephine takes that first sip of moonstone tea to the heart-stopping confrontation with Ares, this chapter had me hooked! You paint such a vivid picture of Josephine's world, and you can practically feel her internal struggle jumping off the page. It's like being wrapped in a cozy blanket of emotions, with just the right amount of divine drama to keep you on the edge of your seat! ^-^

Arrow Adjustments - Love Crafting Suggestions:

Now, let's chat about those arrows that could use a little love crafting! While this chapter is already hitting the mark like a seasoned archer, there's always room for a bit of polishing to make it shine even brighter. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

First off, diving deeper into the complexities of Josephine's relationships and the intricate dynamics of divine politics could add layers of depth to the narrative. Providing more insight into the motives and machinations of the characters, especially in moments of conflict or tension, would enrich the storytelling experience and keep readers hooked! ✨💫

Additionally, exploring the aftermath of Josephine's confrontation with Ares could provide a deeper exploration of her character development. Delving into her internal struggles, doubts, and fears in the wake of this pivotal moment would add emotional resonance and authenticity to her journey.

And hey, don't sweat the small stuff, but a keen eye for typos or inconsistencies could elevate the overall polish of the narrative. Remember, mistakes are a writer's best friend—they're like stepping stones on the path to improvement! So embrace them, learn from them, and keep on crafting those arrows of love and intrigue! :D

Golden Harp Strumming - Heavenly Highlights:

Honey, amidst all the divine drama, your writing shines like a beacon of storytelling brilliance! One of the standout moments is Josephine's contemplation of her father's involvement in the attack, showcasing her internal conflict and the complexity of her relationship with Ares. The author's ability to delve into Josephine's psyche and portray her emotions with such depth is truly commendable. :D

Another highlight is the interaction between Josephine and Harmonia. Their sisterly bond is beautifully portrayed, adding a layer of warmth and relatability to the story. Harmonia's words of wisdom and Josephine's fiery determination create a dynamic that is both endearing and captivating!

One of the most compelling aspects of this chapter is the vivid imagery and world-building. The descriptions of Olympus and its inhabitants transport you to a realm of divine beauty and intrigue. Whether it's the celestial glow of moonstone tea or the imposing presence of Ares' stronghold, each setting is crafted with such attention to detail that you can't help but feel like you're walking among the gods yourself.

Cherished Verses - Cupid's Favorite Lines:

"I stopped being your child the minute the Third Trial ended. You are my father by blood, but not by heart. We will never be family."

This line is pure fire! 🔥 It's Josephine laying down the law with Ares, and you can feel the intensity of her emotions. It's like a thunderbolt of truth striking Olympus, shaking the foundations of her relationship with her father. The raw honesty and determination in these words showcase Josephine's strength and resolve, setting the tone for her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's a defiant declaration of independence, a proclamation of her identity forged through adversity and struggle.

"And by the way, old man. Don’t ever touch me again, or I’ll kill you. Tell Apollo that I will see him shortly."

Josephine isn't holding back any punches here; she's serving up some serious sass with a side of divine power. You can practically hear the snap of her fingers as she shuts down Ares like a boss. It's a mic-drop moment that leaves you cheering for Josephine's unapologetic fierceness and determination to stand her ground. She's not just a goddess; she's a force to be reckoned with! 🩷

"It killed and hurt many people, father. I visited Apollo and he suggested that I confront you."

This line is the calm before the storm. Josephine is speaking her truth, confronting Ares with the gravity of his actions and the consequences they've wrought. There's a quiet strength in her words, a steely resolve tempered by the weight of responsibility. It's a pivotal moment that sets the stage for the confrontation to come, laying bare the complexities of Josephine's relationship with her father and the tangled web of divine politics that threatens to engulf them both.

Final Whispers - Closing Thoughts:

As this chapter sadly draws to a close, I'm left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Josephine's journey. Her story is a captivating blend of divine drama and mortal emotion, weaving a tapestry of intrigue that leaves readers spellbound. With each twist and turn, Josephine's resilience shines like a beacon, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, love and courage prevail. Here's to the adventures yet to come, and may Josephine's path be filled with triumph, love, and the unwavering strength of her heart.

Sending you all my love and heart-shaped arrows, Cupid! 💘

Ley says...

Thank you! I really love this chapter because it shows that Josephine is growing as a person, it's definitely a turning point! :D I appreciate all the reviews, and I love your reviewing format!

I love how we all band together to break things...
— Kelpies