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i kissed your lips and tasted jack daniels, you told me you didnt drink so

by LadyBug

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Tue Jan 16, 2024 3:55 am
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Omni says...

hi this isn't a review whatsover, i was just imagining this being a suddenly gay story from the title >.>

LadyBug says...

fruity wine and folklore cardigans for a reason my love <3

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Tue Jan 16, 2024 12:04 am
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TheCornDogEnthusiast wrote a review...


Wow, what a poem.
It's slightly gritty, heartfelt, and somber all at once. And in such a short poem too. Short poems that convey a big message are some of my favorite ones. The grammatical errors add a sense of rush. But I see them as thoughts. We people think so fast that we don't think twice about pronouncing things correctly, especially when we've had too much to drink.
The twist in behavior starting with the line, "i kissed your lips and tasted jack daniels, you told me you didnt drink so i let you drive me home," and then going straight to, "i trust you with everything in my soul." is something that is quite strange. I'd like to think this confusion leads to the narrator talking about studying psychology, maybe to understand more on why we do these things as humans. Very well done and put together. The addition of the red and blue squiggly lines is very similar to how I think people think in a rush.

Approved by the Corn Dog Enthusiast Association (CDEA)

LadyBug says...

hi! thank you so much, the line right after jack daniels was supposed to be a reference to "you told me you didnt drink" even tho the person did and also driving the narrator home while under the influence :)

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Wed Jan 03, 2024 10:10 pm
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EllieMae wrote a review...

Time for a Black Cat Review!!

MEOW! Hello, friend! My name is Ellie and today I will be reviewing using my very own Black Cat Review Method! It is very similar to the incredible YWS S'more Method but I have Halloween-ified it and made it spooky! My little black cat friend, Vladimir, wants to offer his opinion on your amazing literary piece:

Mystical Witch Hat - What I See, Observe, and Interpret

lets get right into breaking dow this beautiful poem :D

This was a very beautiful and raw poem! i absolutely love the style and layout that you used. this conveys the message that it is pure and right from the heart, probably typed up to express how someone was feeling when they felt inpsired to do so, in their phone.

i love the narrative of being at a party, and drinking too much fruity wine. i love the descriptions of the lipstick and fingerprints on the glass.

the stand-out line in the poem is this one:

but instead i kissed your lips and tasted jack daniels, you told me you didnt drink so i let you drive me home,
i trust you with everything in my soul.

this is absolutely beautiful writing. i love how this poem flows between different thoughts so fast, but so well. it doesnt feel like it is bad in any way, instead it feels like we are drifting through a pattern of thought- a very poetic and beautiful pattern of thought.

Vladimir’s Advice - Suggestions for Improvement

i wonder what the selection of the name of this poem was inspired by? the line it is named after is definetly my favourite part of the poem, but it still seems a little long. that is just one silly, not important thing i thought i would mention, hehe! this is lovely <33

Jack O’Lanterns - My Favourite Parts and Praises

as i mentioned before, this flows so well and it is incredible beautiful! i love your freestyle poetry so very much. it feels relatable, but also so specific to the writers life. i love the descriptive details you add and the emotions that you are able to convey in such simple statements!

Black Cat Cuddles - Concluding Ideas and Thoughts

thanks so much for sharing this! i really enjoyed and loved the style. i love your voice. hope you share more soon!!

your friend,

I hope you have a spook-tastical day, filled with black cat mischief!

LadyBug says...

thank you!

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Fri Dec 29, 2023 1:20 am
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emilia9ludenberg says...

Neat Swift reference, and I like the alcohol imagery, though I can't quite understand what you were trying to say. I appreciate that, since generally people write either too simplistic or too generic- so hats off to you for being creative :)

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Wed Dec 27, 2023 9:07 pm
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herbalhour wrote a review...

hello <3 tea here to write a short review on this lovely poem :D

firstly, I loved the mention of the folklore cardigan. taylor swift who >.>? But in all seriousness, i loved this poem. The underlines and the like mouse thing... i forgot what it's called, but anyway. very unique and fun! I loved the line "the christmas lights they begged me to" as if the lights are peer pressuring you or something along those lines.

secondly, this was a great poem! I can't nitpick it because this is amazing :3 also i love the title for no apparent reason except how it ended in so i dont really know why

hmmm i should read more of your poetry <333

woah this was a short review,

LadyBug says...

thank you :)

It's a dramatic situation almost every time you answer the phone—if you answer the phone.
— Matthew Weiner