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The words blur, beneath my eyes, tears falling like raindrops.

Ink mixing with the page, like night and day.

Like a flood spreading and devouring anything left.

The ink leaching out onto the pages, like a war that can never be won.

Flooding the pages with my tears, all throughout the years.

Changing the pages into something horrid.

Drowning the words, just like my sorrows.

I can taste the saltiness, like a sea breeze hitting the air.

The pages are my life, written out in front of me, damaged and destroyed, just like me.

I am nothing, a nobody

Always second, since the first breath.

I am the wasted expendable girl, that nobody knows.

I do not exist as far as anyone concerned.

I am the extra breath you have to take.

The extra strands on a string.

Like the words on a page, like a book that’s never finished.

Because I am never good enough.

Stuck in a life I shouldn’t have.

Why am I alive?

Why am I here?

What am I?

Nobody knows.

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Wed Dec 09, 2020 5:52 pm
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hannah0528 wrote a review...

Hi! Hannah here for a quick review. First of all, I think that this poem had a lot of thought and heart put into it which is the definition of a good poem. Second, this is what people who feel like nobody's feel. Second of all, this was descriptive, there was good vocabulary and there was no spelling/grammar/capitalization/punctuation issues. I have no critiques. This was a good strong poem organized well. I hope to hear more from you, keep writing, have a good day, and merry Christmas!



Thanks for the review!

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Wed Oct 28, 2020 1:31 am
AyumiGosu17 wrote a review...

Thank you for this poem, Luna. You speak a lot of words that a many others also feel. Just a couple things for you - "bored," not "board" (a piece of wood), and "leeching," not "leaching." You have a lot of similes, too. Maybe thin some of them out? Let the words speak for themselves. Try and read some Emily Dickinson for some ideas and examples. Your poetry reminds me a lot about hers.


Thanks, I will.

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