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D&D 2

by Jenthura

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

After securing the room, our heroes crept down a long dark tunnel. Upon finding a fork in the tunnels, the adventurers took the right path, and soon found themselves in a storage room. An illusion pentagram was hidden under some crates, and Meizaphir was able to reconstruct it from memory. The pentagram, once activated, revealed a hidden doorway that led into yet another storage room.

Upon entering, Syllar peeked around the corner to discover two hooded figures talking about trying to find something. They appeared worried and hurried. Without wasting any time, the party blasted the surprised hooded men and killed one right away. Bolt electrocuted the other so they could interrogate him, but before they could get to that, two guards showed up! These two also were quickly dispatched, could nothing stop these fiends?!

After the battle, Bolt held the tunnel with two Mold Earth cantrips, while Meizaphir questioned their prisoners. Syllar rested in a trance to recover from his wounds. The first prisoner woke after an hour, but he proved to be resistant to torture. He spat in their faces, raved about his cult and how they would rule the world, was racist towards the warforged and eventually was buried in a pit to suffocate.

Their other prisoner was much more compliant, being a hired mercenary and not a brainwashed follower. His name was Javan, and he pleaded for his life with information about the enemy. He told them there were sometimes 50-60 cultists practising “weird, freaky blood magic”, but right now there were only about 6 or 7. The party decided that he would be a useful meat shield, so they healed him up and put him at the front of the column.

Down came the wall of earth and immediately three mercenaries began an assault, swiping right at Javan! Spears and arrows whistled down a narrow hallway, answered by magic missiles and lightning bolts. The fray broke out into the main room, where a ring of cultists were focusing on a massive, bloody pentagram.

Javan immediately ran for safety...straight into the pentagram. All of a sudden the cultists targeted him, blasting him with Sacred flame. The holy light slipped around him like oil, none of their hits were landing! One strike, two, three -dead. Javan was no more.

Now the head cultist in his black robe was distracted from their ritual. He turned on the party members with his spells. Two of the cultists in the ring went down. Their end was nigh. Without a word, one of the white-robed men walked into the center of the circle and a new ritual began. Amidst the confusion and blood they chanted eldritch words and committed his body to a higher being. His skin crackled and turned black, his eyes glowed red and horns grew from his head.

Now the party had a new enemy to contend with. A demon. Their souls shuddered in their skin. He commanded Meizaphir to fall to his knees, he struck Bolt with a wall of swords bursting from the ground. Syllar missiled him, but his body melted away into smoke at each strike. Meizaphir ran up to his face and struck him directly, but the demon grabbed him in a bear hug and squeezed his consciousness out.

In desperation, Bolt ran for an odd blade on a bloody table behind the head cultist. He struck at the demon, pierced his skin and wounded him for the first time. The demon turned on him suddenly and placed his palm on Bolt’s forehead. With a “pop!” Bolt was gone.

Meizaphir was still asleep in the demon's arms, Syllar was still blasting futilly.

Bolt found himself in a shadowy place. He could still see his friends and the demon, but everything was different...but still the same. He tried to hit the demon with the blade, but got it knocked from his hands. Again and again he tried, then he noticed that the wound he’d inflicted earlier was glowing. He struck at it and the demon’s eyes filled with fear and pain.

Back in the material plane, Meizaphir awoke and killed the cultists. Each one went down, their arms still palm down on the circle, burning off. Syllar joined and soon, the two had destroyed the demon’s cronies. Bolt struck one last time and it was all over. The demon exploded into an ash cloud, obscuring the summoning pentagram.

The party stood, breathing heavily in a room that was so recently filled with noise, blood and weapons. They had prevailed...narrowly.

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Sun May 31, 2020 7:08 pm
Tenyo wrote a review...

Hey Jenthura!

'Weird creepy blood magic.' I was kind of hoping this would be a nice hobbit hole, but that would have been too easy! If these adventurers have been travelling for a while, I imagine they're probably used to these close calls, but if not then that's a mega bonding exercise!

I feel kind of bad for Javen. It almost seemed like he would escape and be rescued.

For the writing itself, I think it would be good to vary the structure of the sentences more. They tend to follow a '[name] did this,' or 'after [name] did that' structure, which can get fairly monotonous. Variation in sentence lengths would be good too. It's a few little things that can make the writing much more interesting to read, and give more space for alternate descriptions.

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Sun May 31, 2020 1:42 am
JesseWrites wrote a review...


I haven't played D&D in a long time, nor have I read the previous one of these.

Is It A Good Campaign?

Yes, I'd say so. It seems like you put time into it and that matters above everything else. I like it and would play under it.

This is also a journal, so I'm just assuming from the information that you gave, which is a lot of info.


His skin crackled and turned black, his eyes glowed red and horns grew from his head.

I would say cracked instead as it just fits in better, but I guess both can work. Just be careful with some words as they mean other kinds of things. Crackled reminds me of a firework or something similar.

Also, I have to mention the personification of the main person. Bravo!

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