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D&D 1

by Jenthura

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for violence and mature content.

Player names change as people leave or join the group.

All players to date are:





The adventurers investigated claims of missing animals that led to a local cave. Following a brief discussion on whether to talk to the goblin guards at the cave entrance, the party chose to slaughter them in rapid efficiency. Deeper in the cave, their goblin compatriots were quick to strike back. The following scuffle involved Bolt dragging a goblin through an acid puddle and Meizaphir causing another to self-detonate. Eventually the goblins were quickly dispatched, but with two of our heroes greatly wounded. Among the bodies were found a magic wand and a purple, pearlescent potion. After some inspection, Meizaphir determined the potion was not harmful, but didn't learn anything else.

After the melee, they retreated to the forest to heal. While resting, a new pack of goblins arrived and took in the scene of carnage. They quickly cleaned up and buried the bodies of their fallen brethren, and then sent one of their number off into the distance.

Something curious that Meiziphar noticed was the use of the word union by the goblins, spoken in Common.

After the goblins disappeared into the cave once more, the adventurers snuck in after them. The goblins were nowhere to be found, but in the room that still reeked of death, Tharok found an unpleasant surprise: the rock floor was made of thin air! As he fell to the bottom of the trapped pit, his Goliath reflexes snapped into action and he shattered the poison spikes waiting to impale him. The party quickly rescued him, and then leapt over the treacherous ground.

Egads! A 7-foot wolf-beast! And in the distance, two shadowy figures escaped. Syllar said his prayers as the claws descended upon him, sidestepping the terrible pain neatly. Tharok’s time had come, and he smote the beast terrifically. Blow after blow rained on the wolf beast, but it was a hardened creature, and could take far more than he could give. At last, the beast was slain.

Upon inspection of the room and fallen foe, Tharok found that the beast was missing some important family jewels, Meiziphar discovered and activated an illusion pentagram; revealing a shortcut to the cave entrance, and Syllar found three crates of white linen robes.

The next session begins in this room...

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Sun May 31, 2020 7:00 pm
Tenyo wrote a review...

Hey Jenthura!

I have to agree with Soundofmind that this feels a bit more like a journal entry. It might benefit from a few stylistic changes in order to make it more readable as a story.

Some additional setting information would be really useful. Whilst I can see a lot of action going on with the characters, for the most part it feels like they're kind of floating in a void without a sense of setting. The only setting that seems to come to light is the parts that the characters directly interact with. Slowing the pace would make it easier too, just so that it reads a little more like a story rather than a sequence of events.

An illusion pentagram and three crates of white linen robes sounds like some kind of cult or convent. The big question for me is whether that secret entrance is meant to protect those inside from danger, or to segregate them from the world outside.

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Sun May 31, 2020 2:07 pm
soundofmind wrote a review...

Hey Jenthura!

This a fun way to keep track of DND sessions, and it's cool to read everything that happened. I do wonder though - is this meant to be something like a journal entry? It sort of reads like one, just a little less personal. It would be cool to see you write these from the perspective of your character, or from different characters each time (since I see you have more than one)! Unless of course, you're the DM, in which case it would be cool if you filled in more details/gave more descriptions to fill in the gaps and help out the reader's imagination a bit.

Because here's the thing - it sounds like a lot of the stuff that happened was pretty fun and interesting, but it's a lot of telling and not a lot of showing what happened. Hence, why I asked if it was supposed to be formatted more after a journal entry - since journals/diaries are typically writing more to just record events down than paint a full picture of everything that went down.

The reason I'd like to see more descriptions and dialogue written out is that it would give me a lot better feel of your characters and what they're like! Right now, I just know all the fighting they're doing, but I don't really have a grasp of their personalities or how they all relate to one another. One of the great things about DND is developing a party's group dynamics - I'd like to see more of that teased out and shown!

That said, I love following all the different events and this is a really cool way to keep track of each session! Writing it all down is certainly helpful, but if you're posting it as a literary work for critique it'd be awesome to see you fill the story out more instead of just listing everything that happened.

Also! Just another random idea that might be fun and helpful - if you do want to write these more as reports or journal entries, it might be cool if you added in character descriptions (like their race, class, appearance) next to the names! And also I definitely stand by my suggestion to pick a POV for retelling these sessions. I think it could be interesting!

Anyhow, I think that's all I have to say! Thanks for sharing and keep writing!


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Sun May 31, 2020 5:23 am
myjaspercat says...

Totally not a review but a suggestion:

As someone who plays DnD myself I find this very interesting. In fact I've considered writing down my groups adventures. I like this idea and I think it would be really cool if you wrote these down like an actual story. Maybe you could record your sessions so you can get those details and dialogue you most likely wouldn't remember and use it to help you out.

Also I was wondering if you were a player or the DM.

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Tue May 26, 2020 3:27 pm
raesvaughn says...

This is really cool! I've been wanting to play D&D for a few years now, especially after I saw some playthroughs online. I love the imagery and creativity of your campaign. Your descriptions are well written, and I can tell you're having a lot of fun. Thank you for the inspiration!

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