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Words With Friends (2) Bots

by Horisun

My friends have forsaken me
For I've bested them once again
I could go easy, but in Scrabble
I always play to win

They have conceded the crown to me
But there's a frown on my face
For without other players to beat
What even is first place?

Luckily, I can match with strangers
Like a more wholesome Tinder
Now I play with people like
Holly R. Helena P. and another

But alas, it quickly is apparent
My newfound friends are apparitions
For these robots make their plays
With zero apprehensions

Holly R. was my first new friend
I really liked playing with her
'till I realized what she was
Too quick and too clever

Helena P. was pretty bad
But not for the right reasons
She avoided double word scores
As though points were treason

There were many others too
All with top baby names
All with too pretty smiles
And all puppets in my petty games

I wish my friends were better
Or even that I was worse
For though I play to win
These bots are a curse

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Fri Jun 24, 2022 1:51 pm
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PaigeFantasy wrote a review...

hi, so i found this fun to read! quite entertaining, and wonderful rhyming.
i have not played Words With Friends, but i feel like this relates to other games in a way. the rage of having an (similar to the review below me) unworthy opponent. having a worthy opponent is a great feeling. an unworthy one is a negative feeling.
this poem was creative, i really haven’t read any like it! great job. :)

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Mon Jun 13, 2022 3:00 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

The curse of not finding worthy opponents! Never being able to earn a win day in and day out.The same thing.Will there ever be a time the challenge is done fair? Who knows? This seems like the player wants a worthy opponent.Would any opponent be the match? Or will there always be robots and never humans? I hope you have a nice day/night.

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Mon Jun 13, 2022 2:08 am
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penngreen4776 wrote a review...

hiya, i'm penn, and I think this is the first poem here that lets me rhyme in my head.

well, first poem on here that I myself have read. there's probably others like it on this site that i haven't seen. and it's great too! it really gets into the head of the speaker, lets you know that they don't care what happens as long as they win. but we also get to see what happens when they lose, not even to people, but to bots with different difficulties attached to them.

they call Holly R. their first new friend, and then lost because she was too quick and clever, meaning we get more characterization from the speaker that they think themselves good enough at the game to take on Hard Mode. then Helena P. is bad at the game, and the speaker wins so easily because she was the Easy Mode. it becomes less that the speaker wants to win every time, and more that they want to earn that win through challenge.

but hey, I never played Scrabble, so who knows? not me. i give this two thumbs up!

Horisun says...

Thank you for the review! Though not necessarily what I intended, I appreciate your interpretation! (It might mean I have to go back and clarify a few things within the poem itself though, lol)

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