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The True Story of the Ugly Duckling

by Horisun

Once upon a time...

"Ruining Fairy tails, again, I see."

Ah, Evil Queen, I thought you had stopped coming for tea.

"Yeah, well Evil Queens can change their minds."

"I knew you liked me! You're just in time for The True Story of the Ugly Duckling, too! Sit your royal bum down, and hush."


Once upon a time, in a swamp, far, far away...

There lived a very... Um... Narcistic Duck. His name was Billy. But he insisted everyone called him King Ugly Duck.

"Wait, didn't the Ugly Duckling want to be pretty?"

Oh, yeah. I always assumed he was your reincarnation. But then I met you, so he simply Couldn't be you. So I may or may not have played with his personality a bit.

"You can't do that!"

I can do anything. I'm the narrator! 


Anyway, King Ugly Duck spent his days shouting,


I think it's obvious that he didn't make many friends that way.

One morning, he woke up to find that he was turning BEAUTIFUL!

"No!" The ugly duck shouted, "This cannot be!"

And you know what he did?


He went to talk to the wise old owl, and asked, "Wise old owl, wise old owl, up there in the tree. How can I make myself the ugliest a naked eye can see?"

"Huh, I wonder which fairy tale you took that from."

Yeah, I wondered that, too.

The owl answered, "Pretty Duck, your situation must suck. To become the ugliest in the land, you must travel across all five seas, and acers, too. You must travel to Kansas, and go to KFC, and get a golden egg, hatch it, and inside will be a parakeet. Then play chess against it, and don't cheat!"

"That hardly rhymed!"

I know, I can't copy the magic mirror completely.


Shut up, you big ugly Pufferfish, who has the niceness of a hungry hippo, as well as the size. You have the intelligence of Malifacent!

"What was that?"

You have the intel-

"Shut up!"

Chill, I can take a hint.

"Take Mother Goose, Dumbo, and Puss with you, they might help." The Wise Old Owl said. King Ugly Duck groaned.

"But those losers aren't ugly at all!" He said. But the wise old owl wouldn't change his mind. Besides, it was his only hope to become ugly again!

"Don't forget to get me something from KFC!" The wise old owl shouted as they left.


I'ma going to pretend I didn't hear that.

It was a long, and horrible journey. They traveled for miles, and miles. And King Ugly Duck complained the whole way.

"''Oh, my feet are sore, and my head hurts, boo hoo.'"

No, he actually was complaining that his coffee was to hot. Though, your imitation of the Ugly Duckling is really good.

"First of all, he had coffee, second of all, how was he even drinking it WHILE flying?"

Oh, he wasn't flying. He was riding Dumbo.

They finally made it to KFC. It was like, uh... It was like you finally seeing Snow White dead, Evil Queen.

"How could getting to KFC compare to complete and utter revenge?"

It did to them.

They pulled up to the drive through.

"I want sprite!" Cried King Ugly Duck. Puss coughed.

"Oh, and a golden egg, too."

The human inside nodded and gave him his order. King Ugly Duck lifted the egg in victory-

Before dropping it.

"Haha, um... Can we get another one?" King Ugly Duck asked.

"Do you have ten thousand dollars?"

King Ugly Duck gasped,

"Money?" He cried in dismay.

The cashier nodded. "Golden eggs aren't cheap, you know. If you don't want to buy another one, you still need to pay us five thousand dollars.

"And what did he do?"

Not what he did, what Mother Goose did! After a groan, a Golden egg popped into view.

Everyone stared at it, shocked. "What the QUACK?" Said King Ugly Duck. "We did all that for nothing?"

Mother Goose shook her head, "Nah, we needed a golden egg from KFC. At least we can pay, now." Mother Goose gave the cashier the golden egg, and flew off, followed by everyone else. Distantly, they heard the cashier cry out;


Everyone thought they saw Mother Goose smile.

When they returned home, poor wise old owl was so disappointed when he found out they didn't get him KFC, Puss was annoyed he wasted his time, Mother Goose was now on the run for robbery, and King Ugly Duck, well, he was the saddest of all.

When they returned home, he began to glow. His feathers disappeared, revealing pearly white feathers, his short and stout neck grew long and thin. His stubby little wings grew long, and powerful. When he saw himself, he-

"Cursed the narrator for ruining the story?"





NO, he said, 


The End.

"Yeah, sure, that's a great way to end a fairy tale."

I'm glad you think so. I put a lot of effort into it.

"You do realize I was being sarcastic?"

You do realize I was too, right?


You know, I was thinking we invite the Evil Stepmother next time. You know, for the true story of Cinderella.


AAAANNND send. It's over, it's done. The Evil Stepmother is coming.

"You foolish mortal."

Authors Note

Shout out to my Bestest friends in the whole world who acted out The True Story of The Ugly Duckling with me. It was fun to WING a story with you guys! : D

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107 Reviews

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Reviews: 107

Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:41 am
manilla says...

I love this series!!!

Horisun says...


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236 Reviews

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Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:31 am
Liberty wrote a review...

I. Love. This. Too. Much! Do more, do more, do more! Please, please, please! I'm acting like such a baby. Anyways...


Hi Horisun! I saw a few things that didn't sound/look right, so I thought I'd point them out for you... So... Liberty500 is here to drop off a review for you! Onto the review.

1. In this line: "Ruining Fairy tails, again, I see." You didn't have to capitalize 'Fairy' and for 'tails' you probably meant 'tales'.

2. "But then I met you, so he simply Couldn't be you." The word 'Couldn't' does not need to be capitalized.

3. "Shut up, you big ugly Pufferfish, who has the niceness of a hungry hippo, as well as the size. You have the intelligence of Malifacent!" The word 'Pufferfish' doesn't need to be capitalized. Also, you spelt 'Malifacent' incorrectly, it is supposed to be like: 'Maleficent'. :)

4. ""Take Mother Goose, Dumbo, and Puss with you, they might help." The Wise Old Owl said. King Ugly Duck groaned." Okay, so over here, you capitalized 'The Wise Old Owl' but in all the other ones you kept it lower cased so you might wanna check that out.

5. Over in this sentence: "The cashier nodded. "Golden eggs aren't cheap, you know. If you don't want to buy another one, you still need to pay us five thousand dollars." You forgot to add the quotation marks at the end of "dollars" so you might wanna add that there.

If you think I was harsh over something, please forgive me. If you thing that something didn't make sense, please ask me.

That was it! Everything else was perfectly fine! And... I absolutely LOVE this story! I can't wait for the Cinderella one! EEK! Please tell me when you've posted the story, okay? Please keep me in mind! Please! (That was a lot of please's. XD) :D

Keep on writing!


Horisun says...

Thanks for the review! I'm grinning from ear to ear right now! :D

Liberty says...


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Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:28 am
Gnomish wrote a review...


Very funny! I liked the plot twist, and of the course the evil queen made things more humorous. I didn't actually get the owl being the magic mirror thing until later, nor did I get the rhyming. I don't think it was a problem, my brain is just a tad fried. I also liked that you hinted at the next story coming, it's like at the back of books it says all the other books in the series. I still don't get the part about him wanting to be ugly and being a reincarnation of the Evil queen, but maybe that's just me.

That's all,

Horisun says...

Thanks for the review!

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop Spring from coming.
— Pablo Neruda