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Beginnings, Endings and History: An Insight into a confused future

by HopelessRealist

Well where do we begin? "At the start" a rather cynical and profoundly irritating voice shouts out at me. Well where else would I begin? Certainly not at the end! That sort of malarky is left for amateur theatre where the end is the start and the start is the end; it's perfectly confusing and sumptuously predictable. Nevertheless we must press on with our first entry, one that shall grace this under noticed and poorly represented website with some quick wit, some unforgivable tangents and other general malaise forgiven only by those declared mentally insane. 

Indeed we begin at the beginning where all good stories should start, I would strive to dive into my history but if there was ever a text book entry for my life it would contain two things; a blurry picture of me looking dreadfully bored and an introductory conclusion stating, "He has less history than the dust in the corner of the room." Indeed I have no history, besides I am only 17 years old, a teenager with 'history' would be dreadfully worrying as I would assume they would have to be vastly intelligent or killed mid way through their teenage life. I am glad I have no history, for in fact I despise History, both the subject and the concept. 

Source questions in school lead to my disapproval of its existence in the classroom and its sensational importance lead to my despise of it as a concept. History is often looked back on and is recalled to be the simple most important factor in shaping the world we live in today. Of course there is no argument against it, history is the foundation of society, politics and culture today, but the philosophical element was the basis of my rejection of its necessity. "What if Hitler had won World War 2? Would we all be speaking German?" The fact is he didn't, what happened in history happened. People dwell on the idea of a small change in history effecting everything we see today (not that World War 2 was a 'small thing'), well I'm sure it would change everything, but the cold fact is, it didn't. It did not happen. Read your textbooks, flick through the frivolous nonsense that is 'BBC Bitesize' and draw from that what you can, but please do not look back on it with philosophical hindsight with questions starting with 'What if...'. What happened in the past, happened, don't strain your socially deprived little minds over something that never was. 

I am dreadfully bored of this individual entry and so I'm going to gracefully drift off too its conclusion now. Looking back I realise this was more of a rant than a blog style post but who cares anyway? It is effectively history now at this point and looking back and wondering if I could change it would only make me a hypocrite. I hope you enjoyed this completely useless and frankly poor first piece of work and I hope (not for your sake) that more will follow. I shall endeavour to stick more to solid topics in the future but where is the fun in that?

I bid you farewell young aspiring writers. If you have made it this far you truly are bored and should probably find a psychiatrist to help you. If you skim-read the majority of this post, we're on the same page. Any spelling errors or grammatical inconstancies can be placed carefully in a place where the sun doesn't shine. 

Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, до свидания, goodbye... 

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Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:35 pm
haru says...

Your writing style is superb

I fail to understand why you choose to write with this smug and somewhat arrogant attitude.

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Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:05 am
Sampson wrote a review...

This was certainly interesting. Your wording was... again interesting. I like the points you made and the whole "what if's are invalid" was brilliant. There's just one thing that gets to me. This sounds incredibly ignorant. Do you not think history is important? Does what could have happen not scare you or at least make you more conscious for the future? The whole who cares anyway attitude really gets to me because most of my peers are like that and it makes me want to ring their necks.

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Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:54 am
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EmeraldEyes wrote a review...

So this a "beginning work" kind of like another Genesis story that you've created.
It's interesting that you chose to write about this. :)
I like the use of the French, German and Russian at the end of the work:

Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, до свидания, goodbye...
I think it just makes the narrator look more intelligent, as opposed to being relevant to the "story" though. XD

I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to think about this work by the time I got to the end of it, the bit just before the end put me off:

I bid you farewell young aspiring writers. If you have made it this far you truly are bored and should probably find a psychiatrist to help you.

Personally, I don't want to see a psyche. I think the tone of this piece is to be ironic and sarcastic? I don't know. Somehow, the narrator doesn't like the reader. Interesting.

Take from it what you will, in the words of Oscar Wilde, "Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming." I would not like to label you corrupt, that would be far too generous of me, but irresponsible, that sounds perfectly correct.

EmeraldEyes says...

I'm confused. You're calling me irresponsible, why?

There are many questions my dear friend that have no answers, this I am afraid, is one of them. I admire your willingness to learn of your faults, but no one is perfect. Many great people have walked and graced this planet but none are perfect. I may not be perfect, but I am so close it scares me.

EmeraldEyes says...

I'm not going to rise your bait. :P
I know this is a character, the same one that wrote that piece of yours. Just... be careful what you say to people, someone might not be as gracious if they take what you say the wrong way. ;)

The wrong way could be the right way... One can only find out by travelling both and no one has the time to do that.

(But I do understand what you are saying and secretly thank you for your humorous approach. Some, as you say, are not as friendly to that sort of thing!)

EmeraldEyes says...

;) I see. :P
Well at least now I know. XD

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Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:09 am
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Fizz wrote a review...

'Any spelling errors or grammatical inconstancies can be placed carefully in a place where the sun doesn't shine'
Do you mind if I start using that in my own posts? Brilliant. Not sure if your dodgy use of ' inconstancies' was deliberately ironic or not. But it clearly does not matter.

I think you way over did the extended vocabulary here. I felt like I was reading an Arthur Conan Doyle novel (bless his soul) that he had written whilst being as high as Sherlock Holmes. You are, as you said, 17 years old, and I'm not suggesting that you are too young to use your vocabulary as you did, I'm just saying that you sound...(please don't be offended, none of this is meant to be insulting) smug, and arrogant.

Your opinion is well delivered, and well written. You articulate yourself with a lot of confidence, and that's fantastic. You really are a clever dude. Your deliberate disregard for your own writing sounds like a projection of insecurity, and trust me, sometimes being shamelessly responsible and committed to your writing is a greater way to progress.

I felt as though the frank, and humorous nature of your writing deserved a frank response. I sincerely hope you aren't offended, but can see that I appreciate that you have a talent, and a real way with words, but that it makes you very inaccessible. Nevertheless, I'm positive that you are an interesting person (fellow actually feels more fitting), and I would not be surprised to find you sitting in your home library smoking a pipe. Carry on, dude. Greater things lie ahead, or something.

It has always been a little game of mine to take on this arrogant, cynical and ruthlessly unapologetic persona when writing my blogs/ works. I can gratefully assure you that this does not reflect my own opinions or personality at all for I am perfectly boring and so 'Hopeless Realist' allows me to go horribly wild with opinions and writing.

I gratefully accept all the comments and constructive points made in your review, but I'm afraid HR has never been one for self reflection and improvement. He's a devil with language, he really is.

— alliyah