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Letters Have Letters

by Holysocks

And so it was, when darkness fell, the entire wood would fall silent due to the unscathed form of understandability. In a sense, it was as if the world was meant to sing together, a morning, for the days to come.

There was also something to do with pachysandra, though everyone ignored that anyway. To say the truth, I was super infatuated with the invisible man to such an extent that no one being would ever look at me the same again. I think that it was for sure the Nargles... Come to think of it, things had been disappearing rather spontaneously. It was almost as if Herald had gotten a hair cut for nothing.

We would find out shortly, as time took its toll. Maybe someone had eaten a dinosaur? I might never know.

One thing that was for certain...

Every tree in the world, was about to fall down.

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Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:02 am
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cupcakenx wrote a review...

This story is described in great detail, and is nice, but...

This story is worded very strangely. It seems to have strange wording to appear intelligent (no offense at all, sorry). For example:

To say the truth, I was super infatuated with the invisible man to such an extent that no one being would ever look at me the same again.

You can reword that to say, "To be honest, I was so infatuated with that invisible man to such an extent that no being would ever look at me the same way again." to make it simpler, but still with a hint of eloquence.

It also hops to a new idea very quickly. In the beginning, it was talking about a wood that, when at night, it would appear to "sing" a morning together for the next days.

Then it suddenly starts talking about pachysandra being ignored for some reason, then it starts talking about some infatuation with an invisible man (as talked about above). Then it goes on about things disappearing a strange rate. Oh, and some guys haircut.

Now, for some reason, every tree in the world is going to fall down? What does that have to do with disappearances and pachysandra? There was no build up, no suspense for a shocking realization. Just some bomb thrown at the end of the story.

Am I supposed to be a Harry Potter fan to understand this? I looked up the word Nargles, and I got a Harry Potter reference, so sorry if I just don't get it. T__T

Is this supposed to have just random sentences thrown out? If so, excellent piece. Maybe I'm weird, sorry. I always read and watch completely organized stories and anime, respectively. "Letters Have Letters"... maybe that means something. My brain is confused.

Well, there's my review. @.@

Holysocks says...

Oh dear, I'm sorry I confused you! :-P

The only reason I ever wrote this, was because I was testing my hand writing! I thought it was odd and a bit funny, so I posted it. :-D

This was never meant to be taken too seriously, but I'm really thankful for the review.

( I didn't know that Nargles were a Harry Potter thing XD Oh well )

Thank you kindly, for your review!

cupcakenx says...

Oooohhh. Haha, sorry.

Holysocks says...

Don't be sorry, it was an awesome review! :-P

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Wed Dec 25, 2013 7:06 pm
rikkidas says...

OK, nice piece.
Quickly skimmed through it like

Keep writing.


Holysocks says...

Cool, thanks!

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Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:32 pm
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Renard wrote a review...

I like random sentences.
And they weren't as random as I thought they were going to be, they were actually quite organised.
'understandability' is this a word? XD
I don't mind that you've made it up, it shows ingenuity.
'pachysandra' I should probably look this up in the dictionary, because I have no idea what this word means. XD
Nargles, now I know what Nargles are. :)

This turned out to be a really difficult piece to review.
And I think my opinion has changed as I've gone on, it has become random. :D
But that is a very good thing.
Write more like this, my mind is racing. :)

Holysocks says...

Haha, thanks! Pachysandra is some sort of plant, I needed a big confusing word! :P

And the cool thing is, understandability doesn't show up on my computer as wrong... so I was like WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO new favorite word! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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