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Letters 2 Our Heros

by Holysocks

A.N:  This is for school!  Don't bother pointing out grammar errors in this piece, because I meant to put them in...  AKA this is supposed to be a letter replying to a solder around 1813.  I've noticed that old letters often have many grammar mistakes and are worded quite differently then how we'd word something these days, also they can be rather confusing.  I tried to write in a way that would be a little confusing, so sorry! 


My beloved Richard,

I nearly lost my head when I received your letter at last. I was so happy the girls helped become less hysterical and keep me from wetting my underclothes. It saddens me to hear that you are lacking warm wools and trousers for the chilling fall ahead and I can not imagine being wet so often like you mentioned everyday. Wouldn't I love to pour some chicken leg broth in you and warm your feet by the fire in the hut while Mary bothered the hound. I find my mind worrying over you each waking hour and I make myself pray while I busy myself with the daily tasks. When I pray, I can almost be useful to everyone and it comforts me in a small sense though folks here are making their way well enough, I can not understand how the world keeps pace with our beloved fighting for home.

On a brighter note the cousins are sewing a quilt with Nina hoovering about and snapping at them if a stitch isn't so. Despite Nina's keen eye and constant berating on the darlings, the quilt is coming along well. It's their first quilt after all. The shock in Mary's eyes when I told her the quilt was going to be wide enough for her Nina's bed almost killed me laughing. I wish that you were here to help me tease the cousins it's the only thing I wake up for... that and your letters. 

I heard that the enemy had you all on your toes for a bit there by the river and I'm hoping that you're alright, but there was word that many men perished in that battle. With that in mind, do write as soon as you're able so I may have one nights sleep at the very least. I can't bare the thought of you hurt and unable to reach aid while the enemy is so close even. We're otherwise faring well enough here, though I'm concerned of how the winter will treat the animals and the waring patches on the roof. Mary and I will go up there tomorrow and see what we can't do to ensure a dryer winter. It would be helpful to have some men around, then us women would leave it to you, but we must figure it out on our own if we are to see another spring. I worry of the of the cousins and their lack of wools for when they must go to school. As you know it's a rather [freaking] difficult walk to the school house, and the one of the sled horses has managed to ruin it's leg in something. We're not sure what, Nina swear the bloody thing must have tried to jump the fence when the other beast had found a hole to escape through, though I think it may have been a wild cat of some sorts, as the wounds are quite infected, and I thought I heard some spat and other noises that could only be from a wild cat. Which makes another thing to worry over. Perhaps I'll get some experience with the rifle, or the axe. Maybe I can bribe our neighbours with raspberry pie, to kill it... we had a good crop of raspberries, and you mentioned that you found some wild blueberries near your camp. That's lovely. Everyone else seemed to do terrible with berries, so me and the cousins have been finding ways to give the neighbours berries without them feeling like it's charity. Some friendly bribing is always good. But then I wonder how you fare for food, and I wish there was someway to send you a proper meal... however, I am going to send some biscuits to you, once they've cooled down enough. I hope that they will take the edge off the hunger, and fill you with hope from home.

I suppose that is all, my love. I should get started on the evening chores, and try to bleed the cow of any milk... she's been drying up lately, and I'm hoping that she will last 'til the spring at least, 'til she calves, but that seems to be a foolish dream as of late. Don't worry about us, we'll make it work, everything will work itself out some way. I love you, and I'll be continuing to pray for you everyday that you are away from us, from me. I miss you so much it hurts deep in my soul and I'd do anything to have you home safe, and out of the way of the winter's wrath. I will see you soon, and I'll make you a dinner you won't soon forget, and then maybe we will finally be wedded.

                                                                                          Be careful my dear, and finish this war.

                                                                                                                         Yours most lovingly,



A.N:  I put the '[freaking]' in there for fun!  XP  I probably will take it out when I submit it for school.

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Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:46 pm
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DrFeelGood wrote a review...

Hi there Holysocks, DrFeelGood here to review your impressive story.

Honestly, I have no idea why this is a script. To be fair, I can't even tell you what this exactly is. If I were you, I'll classify this as a short story, because it has a lots of description and a neat flow in the narrative.

I have some issues with your piece though. The first one is, your unique idea begins to look stretched and uneasy for me after a point of time. Yes, intentional uneven formatting to get the feel of the past is a terrific idea. But the problem (at least for me) is, there are moments where I laughed out loud because the sentence structuring and writing was unintentionally funny. I don't want to be mean or rude in anyway so please don't misunderstand me, but this problem begins right at the beginning of your letter.

I was so happy the girls helped become less hysterical and keep me from wetting my underclothes. It saddens me to hear that you are lacking warm wools and trousers for the chilling fall ahead and I can not imagine being wet so often like you mentioned everyday.

These two sentences I hope weren't intended to be funny. But words like underclothes cracked me up. The unique idea actually backfired for me. If this was meant to be a funny rehash of past, then you ought to change the genre from realistic to humor because I am totally confused about the aim of this piece.

I'm very sorry if this review upsets you, but even the italics didn't work out for me. The biggest complain is, while your writing itself is engaging, the intentional mistakes and uneven formatting make this quite difficult to read. But I appreciate you for trying something new. And if this was written for school, then hats off to you. When I was in school I used to write tiresome monologue kinda letters. You're far more creative. Keep writing! Hoping to see more experimental works!

Holysocks says...

Thanks so much! XD Yeah, it was very hard to intentionally skew the grammar and all... I understand that that would also be a huge pain to read! It was for school, yeah, and they gave me these old letters to read, and they had a LOT of mistakes and they sounded really odd the way the sentences were constructed... so that's what I tried to do! >.<

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Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:35 pm
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PickledChrissy wrote a review...

Heya, Chrissy here for review.

I just want to say that you seem to have better luck with school assignment's than I do. I wrote one on the French revolution and it ended up being about some girl in present day America. But your's actually went where you wanted it to go. I had a few things I wanted to point out.

and keep me from wetting my underclothes.

Um, this doesn't really fit. Much as I like the idea, I'm not sure someone from that time would say that, and it isn't very serious. She appears to be worried about him and that makes her sound kinda like she isn't.

We're not sure what, Nina swear the

It seems like this should be in two sentences. Or maybe you did that on purpose?

one of the sled horses has managed to ruin it's leg in something.

How bad was the leg? Was it ruined to the point of having to put the horse down? Wouldn't she say?

Perhaps I'll get some experience with the rifle, or the axe.

Women around that time always could use a gun. It was either that or die in some cases. Haven't you heard the saying there's a gun behind every blade of grass? ;)

and then maybe we will finally be wedded.

She's talking like they're already married. I mean, talking about the house, which sounded like it was his home as well, and say she's going to cook a dinner and everything. I thought they were already married. Might want to work on that.

Well, that's it! I don't know what to say, really. I'm still new at reviewing, and am not very good at it. But, I really liked it. Anna was fun, and seemed to be trying to lift Richard's spirits.

You messed up on grammar enough to let us know that she wasn't very good, but not so much that you distracted us from the letter, and what was going on.

I'm looking forward to your next work. Keep writing!

Holysocks says...

Thanks Chrissy! That was a very helpful review. :-D

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Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:19 am
EscaSkye says...

Hey, Holy! Did you italicize the letter to imitate how the handwriting is slanted? Because if not, why did you?

Holysocks says...

Erm, yeah... I wrote it with it in a more hand-written font... but of course that didn't transfer to YWS, sadly. :/

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