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Her Name was Ecstasy... she died

by Holysocks

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for mature content.

A.N:  This is not me, nor anyone I know...  so don't get worried or anything.  This is another drug thing for school...  and I may have taken it a bit further.  Sorry if this is not pleasant...  but it happens.

She was on the sofa, her hands shaking, her mind racing. The buttons on her jean's back pockets wore the holes in the couches material, widening them. The sound of the phone ringing, drown out by the bitter thoughts rolling about her brain.

They didn't care. Nobody cared. The world didn't even like her. She was stupid, so stupid.

But now she didn't even care anymore. Not even about what she thought they thought. A feeling of absolute numbness filled her stomach. She had no desire to do anything anymore. She used to be outgoing, they said, she used to be smart, happy, and pretty... but that was all gone now, because they hated her, they hated her for reasons she didn't even know... for reasons they didn't even know.

What she only vaguely knew was that they didn't hate her- nobody did. She wasn't going to listen to herself though.

The phone was still ringing.

She gingerly grasped the bottle of vodka, and watched the liquid splash into her mug. She thought, for a moment, that it certainly could pretend to be water, if it weren't for it's burning flavour. Then she spied the Barbie-size, clear bag on the coffee table. Her fingers found the edges, and brought it closer, tipping it up, and tapping the bottom with her index finger until a chalky pill rolled out onto her palm.

She stared at the white against her matching shade of skin for awhile, zoning out. Then she popped it into her mouth, and gulped down some vodka. It burnt on the way to her stomach, but it felt good not to be numb anymore. But then something started to change, her lungs felt like they were compressed. Her rib cage tingled.

The phone went to voice mail.

“Hi honey, I'm a little worried about you...”

A little. She thought, it felt like someone was hitting her over the head with a hammer, repeatedly.

“Jordan said you weren't eating again...”

She slumped over on the couch, and screamed when her arm made contact with the cushion. Her entire body felt bruised. Like internal bleeding- maybe she was bleeding out into her own body.

“Just try to get out, do something with your friends... your brother would be happy to spend some time with you...”

She couldn't catch her breath, and she was terrified that she never would...

“I just wanted to call to say that we love you...”

Damn it, why...

“Bye sweetie...”

There was a click, and she was gone.

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79 Reviews

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Reviews: 79

Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:31 pm
CateRose17 wrote a review...

Your titles are on point.... bruh, you keep surprising me and this is just the second thing that I have read that you have written. It goes at a really nice pace, and it was full of reality. Some people don't want to know about things that happen like this, but it is definitely reality and more people need to be aware. You brought out this in a professional, abstract, heartfelt, and artistic way. It pulled at my heartstrings so much. All I can say is thank you for writing and showing you work to the world. Because we need to see your talent.

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110 Reviews

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Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:34 am
TahaT11n wrote a review...


Dude, do you know what "sugoi" means? I think you means awesome...and I am gonna make it awwwweeeeesome......

Can't get enough of's well written..plot's moving at the exactly right speed....the lines are not many in number ...but the readers get to connect with the character...

Shows a lot of reality....if felt deeply, it says more than it's supposed to...

I have just seen here that how you really don't see what is not before our eyes...when the message was going on, the messenger couldn't even know what was happening to the girl..

Sometimes, even in the midst of all, we realize how lonely we are....but the world doesn't seem to feel or realize it at all...the inside is never seen....that's what I get from reading this story...

I loooooovvvved the Bangla, golpo ta ami onek valobeshechi....

I want more...I want more of your stories....

One thing more...the name , it just grabs the reader...

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43 Reviews

Points: 259
Reviews: 43

Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:33 pm
EmeraldLinks wrote a review...

I'm sorry but... the feels bro...

Well, where do I start, I guess I can first say that your into this whole drug awareness thing, aren't you? I'm glad that there are people out there that care about others. At the end of this when her mother said that they love her, I could just feel a tear coming out of my eye. You sure know ways to get the feels in your story's. Anyways I think this story is great just like your others and I cant wait to see another work of art from you! Oh, and also, I didn't find any nitpicks, and if there are, still don't want to point them out just in case I hurt someones feelings. :3

(PS: If I could follow twice, this story would make me :3)

Holysocks says...

You're such a darling! Thanks for your lovely comments. :-P Don't be afraid to point out things that a writer needs to improve, we've got our writers armour on. ;) Make sure you invest in some before you post any works yourself. <3

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7 Reviews

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Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:32 pm
cavalin wrote a review...

Hello !

This was great. Short stories are my favourites because they unleash a whole lot of thoughts swirling in the reader's mind, million different approaches of what could have happened et cetera.
Just like a fellow writer said, even I can connect to this plot. In fact, I understand it, love it, live it and learn from it.

So thank you for posting this work of yours. I thoroughly cherished every bit of it.

-Cavalin :)

Holysocks says...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Cavalin! :-D

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86 Reviews

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Reviews: 86

Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:03 pm
WaltzingDreams wrote a review...

Hello :) Just dropped by...

I really really really liked this! It wasn't depressing at all, for me. I can somehow relate...(not that I'm druggy or anything) because we all sometimes get that feeling of insecurity to whole new level and, sometimes those pills are just too convincing :) I liked how it was all realistic to the exact gloom that lost people feel. The end was also nice because of somehow, she got to know of the love...

I would just suggest that you develop this. It was really good and it got me really curious on the other details or the back story of it. Oh, if I had THIS kind of talent! I'm not used to write things these short and yet still full of spirit! I admire you greatly for that, by the way :) .

Keep it and develop it... Cuz I'm telling you, not all writers can make good short stories ;)

Thanks so much for the good read! I really liked it :D

-Sybil (WaltzingDreams)

Holysocks says...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll consider building onto it, indeed. :-D

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53 Reviews

Points: 258
Reviews: 53

Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:10 am
TheSybarite wrote a review...

Hello again!
I just read another one of your works & I have to say, you're good. I really loved this one too, especially the line about hitting like hammer. There is feeling, raw emotion in this. I can relate and I can feel the character's pain. It is quite a feat considering that this is a short story, where there is so little room for development and elaboration. So as a writer, bravo! You accomplished a hard task. This is a kind of thing you read and remember. I don't think I'd be forgetting about it anytime soon.
Good work and keep writing!

Holysocks says...

Thanks again! :-P

That, sir, is the most frightening battlefield in the world: the blank page.
— Larry McMurtry, Comanche Moon