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Hunger Games

by HappyDays

Okay, I'm not sure if anyone has created a Hunger Games one yet but... I'm sure that one is flooded with loving readers already. Plus, they're making the movie! And whenever they make movies about books... I feel the need to rant and talk. :wink: Anyways... shall I start? :smt004 :smt003

Peeta or Gale? I was Peeta all the way... and someone help me. I'm confused, why does Snow cough up blood? I don't get it! A tiny thing I'm peeved about... they just let Gale go! They didn't elaborate on him at all! I would've appreciated that! Sure the mention him in the epilogue, but on TV! Not really about his love life or family, you know. And did they have to kill Finnick? He just got married! *sigh* poor Annie! :(

Does anybody know who's playing who in the movie? All I know is that Jennifer Lawrence is playing Katniss... not sure I feel about this seeing as that she's blonde and all. But I'm sure that they can fix that with makeup and what not. :smt004

Anyways, I'm basically done! Your turn to rant! :mrgreen: :wink:


HappyDays :D

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Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:00 am
Alexwriter wrote a review...

I LOVED this series. However i thought it ended so happily and tidily that it was too different to the sombre atmosphere created for the entire series. I also thought it bizarre that Gale just drops Katniss and never speaks to her again. I honestly think Katniss is too strong a character to ler herself be dropped like that. I was dissappointed by that and though I know that Finnick's death made sense, I still mourn the loss of a great character

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Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:58 pm
RedBird wrote a review...

The whole blood thing is due to a story that was explained in Mockingjay...that Snow would poison his opponents and, to gain trust, drink the poisoned cup himself, then quickly take the antidote. Still, the poison affected him...and so he coughs up blood.

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Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:43 pm
narniafreak12 wrote a review...

Josh Hutcherson [Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth, etc.] is playing Peeta. And Liam Hemsworth [The Last Song] is playing Gale. That's all they have so far for the movie besides Katniss. I think they will give her a wig so she has brown hair. But I don't think it matters as much as I thought it would for the "looks". It's more about, can these actors/actresses act the part and make it be believable?

I think Suzanne Collins killed off Finnick to show that their are consequences to every action we make, and that the Capitol didn't care how many people they killed, just that they stayed in control. At least, they said Annie and Finnick had a child, so it wasn't a total loss. His family name is continued. I don't understand Snow coughing up blood. Maybe just to make him creepy... unless he was sick or something...

You aren't the only one mad about Gale. My friends and I all think it's dumb that he just left and never talks to Katniss anymore.

I was Peeta in the first two books. Then I was Finnick... haha. Not for Katniss, but he became my favorite character. He was the only one that wasn't acting stupid in Mockingjay. Peeta wasn't either, but the tracker-jacker thing was just crazy and horrible. I still wanted Katniss with Peeta. Gale was a great character too, it's just he was too much. He was too much like Katniss. It would never had worked.

If you have any questions just ask and I can see if I can clear them up. :)


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