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Holy Heresy and Where Is Heaven?

by FlamingHomosexual, God

Holy Heresy-

You preach hollow words, then turn around and piss on the love of God.

How can a heart full of hatred bleed the blood of Jesus?

A false priest will see a true believer crawling to the gates of Heaven and slam the doors in their face.

All the while, they'd welcome the devil himself if he arrived in a limousine.

There are no abominations but those who frame another person as such. They are the true evil in this world.

God is the holiest heretic, and so are his true followers. May the broken be risen up and the mighty brought to their knees.



Where is heaven? -

A kingdom that never slumbers.

A light that never goes out.

The reason for hope in what is beyond our perception.

It’s not some far away land, closed off for only the holiest people. It’s not a mystical concept that takes a genius to comprehend. Heaven is inside of you.

You don’t need to die to go there, but to look inward. Venture into your soul and find eternity. From God is God.

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Thu Feb 04, 2021 1:29 am
aooborromeo wrote a review...

Hello FlamingHomosexual (by the way love the username), I'm here to leave a little review. I actually really liked these pieces.

Honestly, you can format this in a way to make it one cohesive piece, since they have similar themes.

Poem 1: Normally, I don't particularly care for the broken and choppy format that this work has, but it strangely works for the nature of the poem. I can feel the frustration and the anger from the firm format. It serves it very well. Although this poem, in my opinion, can flow a bit better, the words all serve a purpose and there isn't anything here that I think is unnecessary or just filler. Kudos to you for that! I am very in love with themes and messages like this one regarding religious controversy and hypocrisy. I loved every single line, for they all served the message well.

Poem 2: The broken format, doesn't work as well in this case, but you can keep it for the rhythm also strangely works with the message. The line "heaven is inside you" is hitting home for me since I am a humanist - you can look that up if you desire.

There really aren't any grammatical errors I can spot, my only problems were the choppy formatting, but if you choose to edit it to make it flow better, just be careful not to cloud your lines and message with unnecessary words. If not, this works well as well.

Great job! I loved them both! Keep going!

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Wed Feb 03, 2021 12:57 pm
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lillianna wrote a review...

hello there! lillianna here to leave a little review. i hope you find this helpful and insightful for future writing. alright, lets jump right into it...

poem one: i love the broken format and how it still flows quite nicely. even though there isn’t really a rhyming pattern, the words don’t come off as awkward or unnecessary. all the words here have a purpose and aren’t just place fillers, which is really great. as for the actual subject, i think you approached it quite nicely. the words are strong but much needed. i appreciate how you didn’t sugarcoat it. i like this poem a lot, well done!

poem two: again, the flow is there despite the the broken format and zero rhyme pattern. i love the line “beyond our perception”. for some reason, it gives me a sense of personal connection to Heaven because it seems so out of our reach but it’s really just beyond our imagination or thoughts. this is another wonderful poem.

these are two beautiful poems! you obviously have a talent, so keep using it. i hope to see more works from you in the future. :) have a lovely day!

FlamingHomosexual says...

Wow thank you

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