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you're beautiful when you're genuine

by FireEyes

i like it when you're genuine, you're beautiful like that.

but you have these ideas about yourself,

and you won't let anyone in.

you are so far gone from who you used to be

because you run away and pretend to be

someone you clearly are not.


when you discredit any negative standing

pertaining to you,

all i can see is your blackened pores

growing in all your lies and pain you've caused.

the gaps in your teeth let the cruelty leave effortlessly.

the scars on your face are like acid

and the hunch on your back grows like a parasite.


you mean less to me than myself

when your "cool-guy" persona

is in the works.

apparently misogyny and beating around the bush is cool.

haughty and unempathetic are not one-size-fits-all

and it is absolutely not your color.


what's worse than false happiness

when you lie to yourself?

what changes when you dress down from a suit?

why do you care about what the world has to say?

you know better.


you're approachable when your dimple

becomes concave and mirrors my own.

but you never see it.

your actions are too deplorable

to smile about sometimes.


it bothers me when you slouch, sneer, and roll your eyes.

but when you joke around, laugh, and put the mask aside,

your slouch is a meek stature you were born into.

you think you're cool when you are a brash jerk,

and you think you're weak when you cry.

you're ugly when you're rude,

but you're beautiful when you're genuine.


i've seen how you quietly care about your friends

with outstretched arms and warm smiles.

hug your brothers in christ

because you deprive yourself from it on the regular.

i've seen how you initiate it and let

the happiness penetrate through your very being.


when you smile like the sun, nothing matters anymore.

i'd replace the moon with you; perfect in all it's glory.

i'd then be the stars; lightly supporting from the background.


your happiness is contagious

and like that you're the flu.

loving people is attractive

especially because i know you hide

how much you really care.


in human relations, there is no way to filter out

misunderstandings, anger, and grudges

because we are not dirt to be made into clay.

but, some sides are messy and it's our duty

to clean up after ourselves.


you’re beautiful when you’re genuine, and i like you like that.

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Mon Feb 27, 2023 3:29 am
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Abysalyounglord wrote a review...

"This poem delivers a powerful message about the importance of being true to oneself, and the negative impact that pretending and wearing a false persona can have on relationships and personal well-being. The imagery used throughout the poem is vivid and emotive, painting a clear picture of the speaker's feelings and observations. The contrast between the beauty of authenticity and the ugliness of deceit is particularly effective.

What I like most about the poem is the way it highlights the complexity of human relationships, and how we can both love and dislike someone at the same time. The speaker's frustration and disappointment with the subject of the poem is palpable, yet they also see glimpses of goodness and beauty in them.

One small change that could enhance the poem would be to vary the structure and rhythm a bit more. While the poem has a free-verse style, some of the stanzas follow a similar pattern of starting with an observation or critique, then moving towards a more positive assessment. Adding more variation in the structure and rhythm could help keep the reader engaged and add even more impact to the poem's message."

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Mon Feb 20, 2023 9:25 am
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4revgreen wrote a review...

hey there!

I really loved this poem, It had a really nice conversational tone which made it easy to ready and flow really well. It was written in free verse with no formal rhyme or meter. The language is simple and direct, with a lot moments of poetic imagery, such as "your blackened pores" and "your smile like the sun." The poem does a good job of capturing the conflicting emotions that arise in relationships, both positive and negative.

I really liked the first line, a lot. 'i like it when you're genuine, you're beautiful like that.' It's just something I really believe as well.

Sorry for such a short review :-)

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Sun Feb 19, 2023 10:35 pm
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dragonight9 wrote a review...

Great story. I really liked the message of this and it encouraged me.

If you want some advice about your writing and style then this is what I have to say:

Reading this didn't seem like poetry (at least not the rhyming kind I'm used to) although the breaks were definitely the right idea and made the sections stand out. The message and the way you separated your ideas were good, and I didn't notice any grammar or spelling mistakes which was great!

As for how I felt about the piece,

From the way you talked you sound Christian (and the fact you mentioned brothers in Christ). I am Christian too and it helped me relate to the pain felt in this story. The pain of watching someone you love trying to please the world and hurting both themselves and others by doing so. Perhaps watching them get rejected as well.
Yet you also talked about the good which is often left out of stories like this and I was both grateful for it and enjoyed the story a lot more because of it. It added a nice contrast and the fact you repeated the "You're beautiful when you're genuine" line throughout the story made it sound very poetic and reminded me (the reader) of the positive message/point of the story.

I really liked this piece and hope you continue to encourage others with your writing.

FireEyes says...

Thank you! I agree, it did not feel very poem-like, but this is the style I usually go for which is free verse. But your critique is kindly appreciated!

Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.
— Thomas Fuller